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  1. williaty

    Buckleguy.com ... and shipping

    I would if I could remember which order this week it was ! I'm pretty sure it was Rocky Mountain Leather Supply but truthfully with the week I've just had I'd actually have to go back through receipts to make sure. I was overloaded and must have placed 30 orders with vendors (not all leather stuff).
  2. williaty

    Buckleguy.com ... and shipping

    I had the same problem with BuckleGuy recently and it resulted in me ordering from elsewhere. They have thread sampler cards for $7, which I thought was a fair price for making them up. I then tried to check out and was hit with $15 in shipping for a thread sampler card. Figuring the website had to be broken, I contacted them only to be told they would only ship the sampler cards in a medium flat rate box. Upon hearing that stupidity, I ordered the same sampler card from one of their competitors who promptly stuck it in an envelope and charged me about a dollar for shipping. Guess which one I'll be checking out first in the future?
  3. Thanks for the help. I had no idea that the whole 211 line was similar enough to be covered by one manual nor that the U vs G just was country of origin.
  4. I'm going to go look at a Singer 211G566 and I would like to know how to thread it and operate it so that I can confirm it sews before I buy it. However, I can't find a manual for it anywhere online. Does anyone have a copy of the manual they could email me? Thanks!
  5. williaty

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    I didn't realize they'd changed leadership. That does explain the sudden tanking of the platform. I have repeatedly looked at Etsy and thought "How on earth would I compete with all the stores selling "hand made" products that are actually coming out of Malaysian sweat shops?".