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  1. Contact Glenn ,Shoepatcher, here in the tread. He will fix Jan
  2. Great. How can I order ? Do you have a company ? The machine has a a very heavy stand unlike what I have from before with the Adler and Singer machines.I think I will change to a Servo or a DC motor with gear (as I normally do with the industrial machines), but it is a amazing "super quiet" clutch motor so I will give it a chance...One of the pictures shows the difference between an Adler 30-1 bobbin and a 30 size Claes 9345 bobbin.
  3. Thank you. Good to hear. What is the different between 9345 and 8345 ? Is it the same ? I also have an Adler Treadle 30-1. And "of course" a Singer 28 K71. An amazing small, handy and beauty machine.
  4. Oh, thank you Glenn. Great. I think leather point as big as the machine can handle. I don't know anything about the Claes Machine, but it looks great and the 3-phase motor works well and the stitches are long and fine. I´m also interested in a couple of #30 bobbins. Jan
  5. Wow. I'm looking for this system if you have.
  6. Hi there. I just bought a old patcher - Metro Special, 9346, with 30 size bobbin and need advise about the right needle. It is marked 88, but where can I buy the right needle. Little bit confused of all the differences in name. I'm looking for a 150-160 nm size regards Jan
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