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  1. I second Nigel Armitage videos. Saved me from giving up hand stitching altogether. And JLS is right, there are MANY videos that have no business being on youtube. Like the ones that have the stitchers hands blocking what is going on, most of the time.
  2. After making both of mine, I can see the benefit of one piece, folded!
  3. Ah, neighbor! RE: Wyoming, in the Southeast corner, the stretch between Cheyenne and Laramie is actually fantastic! Whenever I could, (had extra time), I'd get off I-80 and take the route to the North, beautiful.
  4. First attempt. The backside of the body stitching got a little wonky. Learning experience! The main difference between this one, and the second, is the dimensions. Couple of other details.
  5. This is the second one, let me see if I can get a couple pics of the first one.
  6. I've made two for my wife, at her request. (Actually, she requested one, then she said, "you know what you can change?") She loves them for when we're traveling and she just needs her ID, maybe keys a few bucks and credit card, and her LCP and spare mag. I made an insert for the back pocket to keep the cash and cards contained. I can send you some pics of what I did if you're interested. Jeff
  7. Welcome! Where in Colorado? I'm in Ft. Collins.
  8. And, when I say recently...I'm old, so that could have been as much as a year ago!
  9. It may have been a one-off sale. The only time I'd seen water buffalo, probably why I jumped on it.
  10. I had to return a number of belt blanks to Buckleguy recently. Worst pieces of leather I'd seen, was supposedly water buffalo. The surface looked like plastic (it wasn't, just the way they finished it). I made one belt, just to see if it was salvageable, it wasn't. This was one order, of one type of leather, can't speak to their other offerings.
  11. You keep up with the bad puns, and we'll give you the boot!
  12. Outstanding! I'm slowly working up to doing some scabbards. I've got a few lever actions that could use one. I've got an old book that shows how to do the pattern. What did you line it with? Jeff
  13. Mine is the Weaver one, without the name. Probably got it from brand T. Be careful of those L-shaped pieces with the screws. Mine were just a hair long, and before I figured that out, left full length marks on the leather being cut from. I ground them down so they didn't protrude from the wood, and beveled the wood a bit too. If you angle the tool at all, that edge rides on the leather.
  14. Hey, Rocky, no need to describe how you broke a needle, it's enough to know you do that, too!
  15. You aren't kidding! I have a later version of Milwaukee's hole shooter, still called that. The trigger is almost the entire length of the grip, you CAN'T LET GO! I finally just stopped using it, one experience on a ladder did the trick.
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