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  1. alpha2

    Sealing (Not Burnishing) Chromexcel Edges

    thanks for the info. Jeff
  2. alpha2

    Sealing (Not Burnishing) Chromexcel Edges

    I haven't tried to glue anything to cxl yet, how do you think it will last? Horween advertises some "glue-able" leathers, but I would think with all the waxes and oils and such, it might not hold well. Edges do look good, though. Jeff
  3. alpha2

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Looks excellent!
  4. alpha2

    New Artwork

    Right! And, I wouldn't have said that to Yosemite Sam, either!
  5. alpha2

    Gary’s Casino

    Always like to see your work! Great belt. Jeff
  6. alpha2

    New Artwork

    Very nice! Wonder about the case still on the bullets in the second one... I really liked that tank bib, too.
  7. alpha2

    Sealing (Not Burnishing) Chromexcel Edges

    I do rub some beeswax on my cxl belts, and burnish it in. That softens the wax a bit for better penetration. It doesn't "burnish" as we usually mean it, but it does seal it a bit and improves the look. I wouldn't use a paint, and not just for adhesion issues, but because cxl stretches, and I imagine that would be an issue, especially over the length of a belt. The Natural cxl looks fine without an edge burnish, but the brown I just started using has a much lighter edge than the front surface, so the wax burnish darkens it a bit. Jeff
  8. alpha2


    I fight that same battle every day. You give them seven ways to accurately size a belt, over two or three emails, and they come back with something totally off the wall. I really do try to make it simple, but the the ability to reason and follow simple directions escapes many people. Jeff
  9. alpha2

    New Projects

    S&W 3913? Nice work, too! Jeff
  10. alpha2


    You SAY you shun the camera's eye, but then I look at your avatar! Oh, wait, maybe that's a drawing. I see. My sister-in-lay in Chicagoland just told me she's lost 14lbs since the first of the year, so now that she's shamed me, I have to get busy too. Need to lose 22lbs to get back to where I was a year ago. It's retirement, I'm telling you, it's not my fault. Jeff
  11. alpha2

    Hardware Name?

    Ohio Travel Bag would be a likely place. What you're looking for is a long rectangular grommet, essentially. I've never used one, but imagine it would indeed require a setter. I just checked, Ohio Travel Bag does have them. Search for eyelets and grommets. Jeff
  12. alpha2

    Problems with access to

    If only we could convince Russia that Ukraine isn't Russia.
  13. alpha2

    Photos with my new light box

    The secret is to have a white paper of whatever, and gradually bend it up in the back. No folds, creases, or other artifacts.
  14. alpha2

    Workshop build

    I had to look up Jaffa Cakes. Looks yummy! I'd set aside some space if it was my shop!
  15. alpha2

    Tandy Australia Closing

    I'm in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is between Denver and Cheyenne, Wyoming. I'm actually heading up to Cheyenne Tandy today. It's only about 40 minutes away, and it gets me out of the house for a couple of hours. Denver has at least three Tandy stores, but I don't go there since I retired. Cheyenne doesn't have the selection that the Denver stores have, but they have everything I need right now. If I had to order online, I wouldn't be ordering from Tandy. So, Tandy seems to be doing okay in the US. But I think it's mostly local people, and those that haven't priced other online outlets, or those that don't know what good leather looks like. Jeff