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  1. She doesn't carry the D&B's anymore, she still uses mine. She specifically asked for something small she could put just a few essentials in trips when she didn't need or want to carry a big one. Brown is first attempt, based on that one, she made some requests for the second, blue one. They were a learning experience. Not something I would want to do a lot of. In fact, I believe two was enough. I believe I hand stitched the first one, machine stitched the second one.
  2. SShhhh! Don't tell my wife I can repair her Dooney & Bourke purses!
  3. Ah, you have discovered the secret, grasshopper!
  4. Me too, I thought, "I didn't know Dwight ever left!" You know...a rod/flag case is just a really long dice cup!
  5. alpha2

    I made a hat

    Well done! Looks comfy. I like the turquoise highlights.
  6. Good video, thanks! I don't have that machine or guide, but I can find a way to set up my CB4500 with some minor changes to my guide. I've had to feed my leather at an angle, as indicated by your ruler, to get it to sew without wandering away from the guide. I certainly cant do it without hands!
  7. Rocky, Yes, it's counting up when the power is on. On the airplanes, there always a tach meter that counted when RPMs rose above above a certain point, but the rentals liked to have the timer start when the master switch was turned on, and off when shut down. Got to bill for taxi and run-up time, not just flight time.
  8. Sorry, but I'm a big fan of contrasting stitching. Western or otherwise. The exception being a black died edge on a lighter holster, but I've done them both ways and been totally satisfied with the results. There are some threads around here about a needle plate for the 4500 machines with a narrow slot. Solves the issue with the wider thicknesses angling a bit and losing the stitch line. The welt can almost disappear towards the barrel end with a proper pattern. Keeping in mind that the front sight needs to have a place to go if the welt isn't there when the gun is drawn. Personally, I don't thing you have too much background. It's a personal preference, that can and will change with different holsters. Some flower patterns get too busy.
  9. You're going to need some of these! I made them for my Browning B92 and Marlin 39A Original Golden.
  10. You're right! That really works!
  11. I see this as a victory over El Diablo!
  12. Those are top notch work for sure. It looks like a slight breeze could lift that leaf right off the background! If y'all haven't checked out his link to his Bear Mauls, you're missing out on some real leathertool porn! If my old hands could still do tooling, I'd be all over that Coast Guard pair of mauls.
  13. No means to light an alarm at a given hour reached, but it can be located in a visible location to check daily. The price on this piece is suspiciously low. The brand we used in trainer aircraft and rentals was Hobbs, and it was commonly called...the Hobbs meter.
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