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  1. Works for me! I haven't delved into the tiny toons bit yet, I should do better with the larger scale stuff first! Looks good, work in progress.
  2. alpha2

    BWC Area

    Well, there's tapered, and then there's Ranger Belt. Not in the same ballpark as far as pricing! You sure get the winners, Jeff. Jeff
  3. If printing is an issue, you can do this...
  4. alpha2

    Repair hat brim help

    It does look EXACTLY like the Cessnock hat! Same braided band and snap loop. I'd think that if worn regularly, the rest of the hat will wear in to look just like that spot. We like to call it "character". I think that's Latin for "worn".
  5. I've had this happen to me twice now. Buyer orders item, needs to provide info on style/size, never answers e-mails/convos. Both times, it was a Western Hatband, requiring hat circumference and tooling style choice. I finally refunded the first one. This one I have sent messages to the buyer, (already paid!), requesting the info so I can get started on the hatband. No replies, no complaints that it hasn't been shipped, nuthin'. The buyer this time, has been a member of Etsy since 2016, but has no favorite shops, no favorites on items, no purchases. Nothing except this order since 2016. Weird. I've been sitting back and waiting to see if they ever even show that they ordered something that never arrived. I don't like this tack, since it shows as way overdue on my delivery time. I'd suspect a scam, except that I've been paid!!! Anyone else seen this? Jeff
  6. OP update... Finally heard from the client. Her brother hooked her up with a hatband, so she wanted to cancel the order. I gave her the refund, gladly. She actually said my service was "stellar", and she'd keep me in mind in the future. I'm thinking of changing my address and email. Jeff
  7. Alpha2leatherworks. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Update by the OP...FINALLY heard from the customer. I explained that I hadn't heard from her in quite some time, no answers to the questions about sizing, tooling. I get a convo back with the size, but no info on tooling. So, I replied again, nothing heard in 4 days. Finally called the number included in her latest response. Voicemail. Days go by... Nada. I do believe it's refund time. Get this, it's for her 94 year old mother. She doesn't realize there's a clock ticking here? I did once have a friend order a sheath for his dad, who passed away after I shipped it. (Dad, not the friend.) Jeff
  9. alpha2

    Finished a wallet with my creasing tool

    What tugadude said. Not everyone wants the whole set. I had no trouble reading the ad. There are two different heating units shown, obviously someone could mix the less expensive unit with a couple tips to get started, then buy individual ones later. If it were possible to buy all of the tips as a set, I wouldn't expect to pay $15.00 for them!
  10. Excellent! That is a LOT of handstitching! Jeff
  11. alpha2

    Workshop build

    What are you going to with all your free time when you finish this project? Oh, yeah! Leatherwork! Jeff
  12. That's where I am on this one. I can sure is mysterious, though. I have to assume that the "buyer" really loves my work and wants to make a donation. Thanks, Pal!!! Jeff
  13. Probably thinking back to when they bought a "Pair of pants", and only got one item. Life is hard for some.
  14. Well, technically, you've already "advised", right there in the listing. Heck, that even beats "asap"! Jeff
  15. Silver Forge, that's what I was thinking, but that is usually for far less money. $35 a pop to test card numbers would get expensive in a hurry! Mark, that's a thought, I might try that. It has been the hatband each time. Thanks, Jeff
  16. alpha2

    Cutting leather.

    Good info, thanks! Jeff
  17. alpha2

    Cutting leather.

    Bikermutt, I looked for the lapping film at Taylor Tools, not there, it's at Taylor Toolworks, Can't wait to get some film! What grit do you recommend? Jeff
  18. alpha2

    New airbrush station.

    Nice. Wish I had room for one of those. Jeff
  19. alpha2

    Stamps For Sale

    Sheilajeanne, I'm your Huckleberry! (Sorry, movie reference). I'll take the lot for 80 US, plus shipping and anything else you think is fair. I'm sure will be some duplicates, but I can handle that. Shipping to 80525 zip code, Fort Collins, Colorado. Jeff I'll PM you with info.
  20. alpha2

    Anyone got any idea what this is?

    Well, darn it! I was going to say shrimp de-veiner. But I guess those are curved. Way to go, Harry!
  21. alpha2


    Nice catch!
  22. Rocko, there's a broken pic link just above the pic of the pouches, I clicked on that and there is a pic of a combo hatchet/knife sheath/scabbard. Worked for me anyway. Jeff
  23. I'm about 40 minutes from "Western Boulder, Colorado", but I've never seen one of those. Nice idea, though, I might make one. You might try searching under the name "scabbard" as well as "sheath". Or any combination of those, referring to Knife and Hatchet or Ax. Jeff
  24. alpha2

    Leather belt protection

    Jazzbass, I figured that out recently, (yesterday) when I tried Fiebings edge paint applicator. It was a paint, not a dye, and when it foamed during application, it flowed over some contrasting stitching. Well, that became a black belt with black stitching, that started out as a black belt with light tan stitching, when I had to make another one for the client. Hey, now I have a black/black stitched belt I didn't know I needed. Jeff
  25. alpha2

    Learning the Head epiphany!

    "What's your favorite tool?" That's easy, the next one! Jeff