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  1. Thank you. I wish I had a rifle like that. The pic is the customer.
  2. Yeah it is very dark but looked a little better after finish was applied. I used it straight from the bottle.
  3. Appreciate it. I have a scrap ton of flower designs I've collected over the past few years. Glad you like em but I have to confess they are not "mine".
  4. Dye will go thru just about anything so it doesn't really matter the order as long as the paste is last.
  5. Thanks. When I do small stuff I don't cut quite so deep. Also steep revelers are your friend. Sometimes less really is more.
  6. Thanks Doc. You'll get there. Heck, I'm still working on mine.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. It's actually a basket weave and a a very old (like it's owner) border tool. I saw this combination somewhere and remembered I had the old tool in me ever expanding plethora of stamps. I liked it so we'll I made some coasters using the same pattern and colors.
  8. Oooooooooh, ok. You are absolutely right. There are many ways to build the butt wrap. I had no pattern so I just cut a piece of cardboard and started building the pieces. Never even occurred to me about the grommets. Good catch.
  9. The Tandy kit comes pre-punched for screw posts. Out of curiosity, how would you put it together and it still be removable?
  10. Sorry, not me in the photo, that's the customer. I do have one just like it though from putting up some siding on my house. LOL!
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