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  1. The original piece bolts on under the upper piece of chrome and the leather seat. I used his original piece as a pattern. The edges are from a discarded couch faux brown leather (vinyl I guess)I cut a 1 1/2" strip for each side, doubled it over and double stitched to make it look "puffy" around the edges A real pain to stitch with my old eyes and fat fingers.
  2. Angelus acrylics. Thanks !
  3. Gorgeousness! The lift master at work.
  4. beautiful work! How did you source the buckle set? I can't seem to find ones with the two belt keepers.
  5. Thank you. I wish I had a rifle like that. The pic is the customer.
  6. Yeah it is very dark but looked a little better after finish was applied. I used it straight from the bottle.
  7. Appreciate it. I have a scrap ton of flower designs I've collected over the past few years. Glad you like em but I have to confess they are not "mine".
  8. Dye will go thru just about anything so it doesn't really matter the order as long as the paste is last.
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