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    Knife Sheaths, axe masks, belts, belt pouches, Bible covers,
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  1. Fonzarellis

    Craftool Stamp Lot with Vintage and Rare for BK Tools or Sell

    I know this post is old, but I'm interested in the 8322 desert prickly pear cactus 3D stamp.
  2. Fonzarellis

    Discontinued 3D stamps

    Been there, done that. Checked every listing and he doesn't have either one of these. Thanks for the reference.
  3. Fonzarellis

    Discontinued 3D stamps

    I saw that listing as well but it's listed as SOLD.
  4. Fonzarellis

    Border Stamp Identification

    I bought one from the Czech republic but you can also find it here...
  5. Fonzarellis

    Discontinued 3D stamps

    I've been scouring the internet trying to find these two old Tandy 3D stamps. By any chance, does anyone have these and be willing to part with them or perhaps point me to where I might find them?
  6. Fonzarellis

    Who makes/made this stamp?

    I've looked at all the JW stamps for sale at Weaver Supply and I have a sheet showing 196 different stamps by Wayne J. Nothing comes close. Barry King makes a diamond shape very similar but not this four point star. This is bugging me to death. I would really like to get my hands on one of these for some reason.
  7. Fonzarellis

    Who makes/made this stamp?

    I ran across this while surfing and thought it was a Barry King tool. I didn't find it on the website but it may be one that has been discontinued. Anyone have a clue?
  8. Fonzarellis

    show saddle

    WOW! That's it....just WOW!
  9. Fonzarellis

    stamps as suggestion

  10. Fonzarellis

    Rifle Scabbard

    Very nice! I like the multi-tool designs you came up with. May have to steal the big one for some coasters.
  11. Made it for a friend at church.
  12. Fonzarellis

    Recent projects3

    This was a very small Bible so I just used 4-5 oz. Thanks everyone for the kind words.
  13. Even after resizing the pics it's kicking 'em back so I'll probably end up with 4 or 5 posts. Here's the belt.
  14. Haven't been real regular of late but here's a few things I've been fooling with. My wife complained long enough about my water bottle wrapped in Reflectix, so I was force to create a custom bottle holder. A friend gave me a wetterlings forest axe so once again I custom fitted it with a new mask. the others are self explanitory. Lotta pics so may hafta bust this up into a couple of posts.