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  1. I've had an aluminum Boss for almost 6 years now, no problems with it. It has paid for itself many times over.
  2. Might copy your design. Currently use just a platform to lay out the leather goods, and use a fan set about 4 feet away. Works relatively fast, just a couple of hours.
  3. Classic example of the business rule 10/100. Treat your customers/clients well, and they tell 10 people. Treat them badly (like hanging up on them) and they tell 100 people.
  4. I admit, I've never bothered with the plug, I just make the extension from wood or plastic, and tape it on. Has worked so far.-
  5. I lay the items out on a shelf, then position a small fan a couple of feet away to blow air on them. Speeds drying time considerably, and doesn't affect the leather.
  6. Thye first is always the toughest to do.
  7. I used to add a business card, but response was a very low percentage. Now it is simply a packing slip with order information, contact information, and a thank you message.
  8. Make my holster patterns from card stock, wanting the flexibility to insure fit. Then I trace to pattern onto sheet plastic and cut it out with an Exacto knife to make a long term template. Most available and least expensive sheet plastic I've found is used for the cheap "for sale" or "for rent" signs found at big box hardware stores or Target/Walmart.
  9. I make a lot of blocks for holding/storing reloading equipment and tools. I use 3/4 inch red oak, laminated to the thickness I need. Layout the holes, drill them on my drill press using a fence I made. Follow with using a roundover router bit on the edges, then finish with polyurethane. They sell pretty well. Here's a block made for some RCBS Little Dandy powder measure rotors, and a block for die/turret storage for a Lee Classic Turret Press. I've made blocks for leather stamps and tools in the past, guess I need to start making them again.
  10. I make cartridge belt slides. My 38/357 slides are 9/16 inches between slots, and the cartridge loops are 4-5 ounce. I don't rivet until formed up. I cut the strap, 90 degrees at the back end, and cut a V shape on the end that I run thru the slots. Makes things a lot easier. Wet the strap until softened, maybe 30-40 seconds. Square end goes in the first slot, fold tightly onto the slide, and hold in place with a spring clip. As long as the slide itself is dry, a properly tensioned clip won't mark it. Push the V end back thru the slot, leaving a loop. Insert the cartridge, and pull it tight. Be sure the strap is flat against the backside of the slide, and insert the V into the next slot, and repeat. On the last slot, pull the strap tight, and cut to proper length. Apply another spring clip to hold it in place, and let dry for 10-15 minutes, and remove the cartridges. Remove the spring clips and rivet the strap ends in place. I find it easier to have the rivet holes punched before hand, when I punch the slots. Then just punch thru the existing holes into the strapping when you are ready to rivet them in place.
  11. Was checking local Craigslist for leather, meant to open the "arts and crafts" category. Opened the category above it, "appliances", by accident. Entered "leather", and it brought up a Tandy Outlaw for sale...at $500. Description was it was almost unused. Listed back at the end of November, but seller might still have it. Don't need it, but you never know.
  12. Agree completely. Make a copy to use, keep the original untouched, even given its condition.
  13. You need to see if she can make the Robot Devil, from the "Fairness in Hell" Act of 2275. He and Bender would be a great pair.
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