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  1. Tippmann seems to have had some issues in their shipping department. I ordered some thread back in August, no confirmation of order. Contacted them after about a week, asked about the order status. Don't know who responded, not sure if it was the Chelsea mentioned above, but might have been. Was told they were out of stock on the color I ordered, but would be there soon, and I would be contacted about it and the item would be shipped. Sat tight for almost 6 weeks, and the order showed up at my door, never having been contacted and told the item was in stock and would be shipped. Checked their website, logged in, and it showed my order was "awaiting shipment"". This was in October, and I placed my order on August 21. I just checked again after reading these posts, and, oddly enough, my order is STILL "awaiting shipment", even though it was shipped and received in October. Either some software/system problems, or whoever manages orders and shipping is a total moron, or doesn't care much about the business.
  2. Been using a Boss for about 5 years. Normal wear and tear, had to replace a couple of springs, upgraded the bobbin holder. Does its job, can't complain.
  3. My wife does machine embroidery, has 2 six needle machines and 1 10 needle machine. Lots and lots of fabric. Takes up a lot more room than my woodwork, leather work, and reloading.
  4. Charley1


    All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs...
  5. Charley1


    Also can apply to entomologists...like me (retired!)
  6. IIn order to sell, you have to look at your potential market. What it wants, what it needs, and so on. Price is always a factor as well. Basic and less expensive usually., in my experience, sells better than artsy and more expensive. Remember, Sam Walton became a multimillionaire (big money back then!) by selling stuff for 5 cents cheaper than the competition down the street. My sales are basically simple holsters, cartridge belt slides, and similar items. I net about $1200-$1500 per month. Not great, but decent for an old retired guy.
  7. Almost all my sales are for concealed carry holsters. All are plain, smooth leather. Nobody is supposed to see them anyway. Why pay more for tooling that nobody will see? My customers pretty much agree.
  8. Nice looking holster, nice, simple design. I make and sell a fair number of similar design. Folks seem to like keeping things simple.
  9. I make molds for trigger guard mounted laser sights that same way, I just use tape to attach them. Works fine for me.
  10. I make cartridge belt slides using the same basic technique. For small cartridges like the 22 LR and 22 Mag, I use lighter leather, about 3-4 ounce.
  11. Long time handloader and bullet caster. Some good information, some not quite correct. Melting point of lead is just over 620 F, vaporization/volatilization temperature is over 1000 F. Don't overheat it, and very little potential hazard. If still concerned with inhalation, set up a fan behind you, with lead in front of you, blows anything coming off the melt away from you, reducing possible inhalation hazard considerably. One possibility for you is to mix small lead shot (#6 or smaller) with an epoxy that requires 30 minutes to an hour to cure. Plenty of time to work it, and will flow pretty much where you want it.
  12. Hope the market works for the founders. Might sign up myself at some point.
  13. Nice holster for a nice handgun. Good to see an IWB holster with no carving or stamping. It's concealed, nobody is supposed to see it!
  14. I make and sell 35-45 cartridge belt slides a month, and use the same method shown...punch the oval holes, then thread the strap through the holes, using cartridges as the forms for the wet leather strap. As mentioned, fired brass can cause problems, unless resized to factory spec. Cowboy action shooters seem to like them..
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