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  1. Very nice. I am going to have to try one of these soon. I really like the clean look and design you chose. Beautiful!
  2. +1 on dilution and using pro dye. I get the best results from dip dyeing my pieces rather than daubing on the dye with a wool dauber. As others have said, keep up the practice. You may want to add a few "cut" lines to the petals as well with your swivel knife to give it a little more depth. Nice job!!!!
  3. Most of mine are no larger than 2" and I am using a Harbor Freight arbor press, the small one (1 ton)
  4. You are so right. I don't know how I could forget it. This one is a great option.
  5. Here are some options. Some may suit you better than others... 1. Sell on Etsy (as you mentioned, they are now cracking down on the business side of things) They take their percentage and you compete with everyone else on the WWW. 2. FB marketplace. As you mentioned you have not had much luck on there. People are really looking for deals on stuff and doesn't lend itself well for fine leatherwork. I have put items there on the lower end of pricing and have actually gotten some custom requests doing that. Not a huge fan. 3. Setup your own website - pricey. Then you have to drive traffic to it and that can get pricey too. 4. Word of mouth. It would be cheaper to make some items and give them away to friends and family so the neighbors can see your fine work. Takes a while, but you could always hang out a shingle near the road by your house. 5. Setting up at trade / craft shows like a Ren-Faire or motorcycle show, etc. The booths, etc can get quite expensive and it is a time-hog. You have to be there the entire time. 6. Find a local shop that will either buy your items or allows for consignment in their shops. I have 2 local shops where I sell my wares. Each of these could use some elaboration and there are many threads on each one of these types on the forum.
  6. Love that US stamp. Much better than my first one.
  7. PastorBob

    New holster.

    Great job! well done.
  8. Stunning. are you using a sewing machine or stitching by hand?
  9. Nice work. Love the croc!
  10. Beautiful!!!! What size is the embossed image in diameter? What are you using to press it?
  11. Very nice. Can't go wrong with following John Wayne!
  12. mine is the 362 (second ebay link above)
  13. I am currently writing articles for the International Leather Club (https://www.internationalleatherclub.com/). I may be interested, but would like more information. Please email me at PastorBobLeather at gmail. I can give you my number for a quick call.
  14. @Campleathergoods may be able to help. I believe he did a gofundme campaign. I am also in the process of having a shop built. Hope to be in it by mid-December. It will be 15' x 40' (600 sq.ft.). Am playing with the layout now. I haven't decided to use the under portion of a 4' x 8' table for flat storage of leather sides, keep it rolled up in PVC pipe sleeves, or hang it from hangers in a closet type system. @Brokenolmarine has some great ideas for tool storage and there are plenty ideas on the internet to look up. Do you have the ability to fabricate your own wood stands/ storage?
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