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  1. I completely agree with you on BS policies. I also don't want to have a lot of inventory sitting around either (which I feel would be needed with a site due to the "fast food" mentality of some consumers.)
  2. Well....guess it's time to invest in some YT videos on this new endeavor. Thanks for your responses!
  3. Do you have a site or is your sales just word of mouth? IF you have a site, I wouldn't mind taking a look at it. Thanks
  4. HF is right around the corner. May have to spring for $30 or so to pick one up. How is the clean up of the gun, etc. Don't really have a "shop" sink. Would have to use the bathroom or kitchen sink. Mama would not be happy with that if it stained the sinks. :-)
  5. nice looking site. Also noticed you have items listed on Etsy. which of the two avenues are providing you with the most sales? just curious. Been kicking the idea around of a website. For the number of items I am currently able to make, I don't know if it justifies the monthly expense of my own shopify site. I would be curious to hear your response.
  6. Also, check out one of our sponsors. Leatherstamptools.com. Sergey makes some really classy stamps. I am not affiliated, other than buying a few from him. You can also order them from Springfield Leather.
  7. Very nice. Did you use a backing for the shark or is it applied straight to the holster? What did you use to edge burnish the shark?
  8. pics please, especially of the cigar cutter cases. I have a couple of cutters that could use covers.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I will have to check into it. Watch some Youtube vids. I have a compressor already. I will do some investigating. Thanks!
  10. Nice work. Never looked into a airbrush system. I have converted a bedroom in our house into my shop. Would I have to airbrush in another area? What does a system cost to do that?
  11. Clean looking site. And thank you for your service. I know sites are a work in progress. One thing I noticed when looking at the item details....those items with bullet lists...make them left justified instead of centered with the rest of the description of the product. That way it looks more like a list of features, etc. than a wiley list of text. (The one I looked at was the guitar strap) Great look though. Congrats!
  12. Thanks for your input, guys. I agree. I think I will wait. I am eyeing a Cobra (leaning toward a model 26) from Springfield Leather. If I run across a good used one, that would do the trick too.
  13. I know this is an old post, but ran across a 96-10 that has a roller foot installed. examples of the stitching look nice. They are asking $565 for it and includes table. Not sure what they are worth. I would normally be stitching two 5-6 oz. pieces together. I am currently saving for a machine now, but can't afford a $2k machine at this time. Would it be better to wait until I can afford a walking foot machine? Thanks for your help!
  14. amazing how a post, started 7 years ago by someone as their only post, is still alive. I wonder if they became an expert yet (by fredk's definition).
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