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  1. You might try looking up specific model sewing machines on youtube and they may have bits of instruction you could piece together. Do you already have a machine? What types of items will you be making? That may help with your question.
  2. thank goodness for cardboard patterns. They sure do save some leather. Great write up on your thought process. Keep us posted. Enjoy watching your work come alive! Praying for your daughter and service dog!
  3. Nicely done. The couple with have those forever.
  4. PastorBob

    Loop Irons

    Never knew a thing like this existed. I have always used a piece of leather cut to the width of the strap / belt to size loops / openings. What is the benefit or other uses of such a tool?
  5. nice looking rig. I do like the color combo. Great job.
  6. Normally with a press, you don't need to case / wet the leather. With a stamp, you will want to get the leather wet first so it holds the stamped image.
  7. Thanks for the quick follow up. Was thinking velcro may be a good option, but then it may rub/snag on the other pant leg when walking.
  8. Welcome to the Forum...never hurts to have 2 Dwights on here. Especially when they turn out such nice items. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  9. Love the design. I noticed there were 2 straps on the holster to go around the leg. How are those fastened?
  10. I sand, then burnish either with gum or tokonole using the burnisher, then rub with a small piece of canvas as needed. No edge coating otherwise.
  11. That looks really good. Lots of progress from the prototype to the finished one. If I used that style of wallet, I would gladly carry it. Are the words stamped on the panel all foiled? Maybe it's the camera angle, but it appears that some are not. Care to share what is stamped under the photo area? Burnishing really sets off the edges for sure. One thing I added to my burnishing steps is to sand the edges down flush so you can no longer distinguish between the layers of leather so when it is burnished it looks like 1 piece of leather instead of multiple. Here is an example of a layered leather holster I did...
  12. For those who like a little history on leather crafting, there was a recent article in the International Leather Club Journal where Jim Linnell was interviewed. In addition, included (at the bottom of the journal) is a previously unpublished floral pattern created by Jim. It is available for free download if you are interested. Enjoy. https://www.internationalleatherclub.com/international-leather-journal-volume-1-issue-3/ DISCLAIMER: I am one of the writers for this journal, but thought you guys may enjoy the article(s).
  13. Nothing like having a cold drink handy after a little riding, especially in the summer. What do you ride? My riding has ended. Sold off the Indian Roadmaster.
  14. I love the creativity of stitching in the WRX logo. Nicely done. I have never used those types of belt clips either. Were they pretty easy to work with?
  15. Coming along nicely. Your friend will indeed enjoy it. Not sure if the finished design will have the basket weave or not. Just a reminder when you do a lot of heavy stamping to put tape on the flesh side of the leather project before stamping so it doesn't stretch out so bad. Keep us posted on the progress.
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