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  1. Welcome to the forum from SW Missouri. Enjoy the craft!
  2. That is definitely an easy pattern, Chuck. Thanks for posting the photo
  3. This is the type of case I make. No hardware. Slips on the belt. Got the idea from Chuck Dorset on Weaver YT videos.
  4. Very nice. I had thought about making some. Still some tools I would need to buy, but wow, 4 hours?? That's a lot of time. I really like the tan one. Great job.
  5. Thanks for that feedback. Humidity is better since move to Missouri, compared to Atlanta for sure. How long are you guys soaking your holsters? May be why I struggle to get really good exterior molding...I am not soaking it long enough.
  6. Looks like a fun project and I am sure he will thoroughly enjoy that. Probably get a frog and some marbles in there too. I did a quick search for dinosaur backpacks and nothing cool really popped up. Good luck with your project and make sure to post pics.
  7. How long does it take to dry? I dip mine for about 10 seconds and it seems to take a couple of days for it to dry out.
  8. PastorBob

    My Hat

    Wow! what a difference a year makes. much improved.
  9. I just checked the site. It's not listed anymore. Must have bought the last one.
  10. This is from the original post, created by Mark. I just saved and reposted. Hopefully you can access this one. Welders Arm Guard by Mark Condit 2020.pdf
  11. Years ago, I purchased a leather holster from an artisan at the local gun show (before I started playing with leather). The cant is about the same as the one above. His main point behind that angle of cant was so you could draw it easily from a seated position, say in a vehicle. He was right. worked very well. Even when not seated, it wasn't bad to draw. The other advantage is that it also makes it hard for someone to come up behind you and grab it. It just won't come out that way. Nicely done for the first of many holsters, I am sure. I do agree with maybe extending the holster a bit so that the end doesn't stick out when you have the thread cover on it.
  12. 3 things I definitely want to add to my shop. Just need a bigger shop. I love that curly maple handle.
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