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  1. Thanks Jaxx! I really wish I was able to help you out with a better answer than I pretty much just wing it as I go along. Probably not the answer you were looking for but that's pretty much how I've done everything I've posted here. I usually see pictures on the web myself, or get an idea in my head and even if I try making patterns it usually turns into what I've come to call "snip and stich"...
  2. Trust me, I have way more "scrap projects" than I'm willing to admit to having. I'm not worried about "perfect" per se, I just don't want to put inferior projects out into the world lol. Wanna know a secret?? That is just some embossed leather that I picked up on the cheap and dyed it black so it looked fancy
  3. Thank you so much!! I am absolutely terrible at wallets,lol, so needless to say I don't make them. That being said, telling someone I don't make wallets because I suck at it, when they ask for wallets doesn't bode well when trying to keep a roof over my head doing leather work....so I'm trying to make some that I'm not completely embarrassed by. Thank you again
  4. Thanks, I agree, I just really really suck at skiving and probably ruined enough leather to make three or four more of these just getting those 12 completed
  5. I finished this up today and for once I think itd not too half bad. I've tried a couple of wallets in the past and *phew* they never came out very good. I came across a short YouTube video of somebody making a similar wallet so I decided to try this kind. I can never make a decent bifold to save my life. I made my own pattern, this is the second version, the first one i made the card slots were WAY too wide so i readjusted and this is what i came up with. Thoughts? Comments?
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. It's funny how you find out about different kinds of sewing machines after you buy one... I'll get it eventually, I'm sure but it's damn frustrating!! Grrrrrrrrr
  7. This is what I'm trying to learn how to use. I bought two different kinds of guides, one is magnetic and the other attaches with screws. The magnetic one seems to slide on me when I attempted to use it (once, lol) and I haven't attempted sewing with the other one yet, I bought both directly from sailrite, if that matters at all. Having to adjust the tension while sewing different thickness makes total sense, but to be honest...that never even occurred to me. I think alot of my issues with it is ME. I'll intend to stop stitching and inadvertently go full bore and the thing takes off. That's me being an idiot and pressing the pedal in the wrong direction. Can't blame the machine for my lack of coordination.
  8. Thank you. I'm just plodding along trying to figure out what I'm doing.
  9. I posted the first one I made in my previous post about trying my hand at a tote bag, but didn't want to "pollute" that post. Anyhow here's my second attempt at a bucket bag. I tried taking some of the suggestions I had received in the original post and making use of them on this one. It's slow going trying to teach myself how to use a machine but I'll keep plugging along Thanks for looking
  10. Chux

    Leather tote bag

    I didnt think this deserves a separate post so I'm just throwing in with my other bag. I tried taking some suggestions of folding my edges and making it look more "finished". That being said, it's still practice, teaching myself how to machine sew. Lots of room for improvement, but this was pretty much a snip and stich as I went project.
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