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  1. Chux

    Woven bags

    Before I even say thank you, let me be up front and apologize for coming off as snarky as I did, it was not justified at all. I just re-read what I wrote and did not intend for it to sound that way at all, consider it the text version of "verbal diarrhea". You asked a simple question and I took it the wrong way. I'm sorry. Thank you for the compliment and encouragement!! From here on I will try to "think" and not assume how a question is meant. Thank you, and once again I apologize
  2. Chux

    Woven bags

    Thanks. I honestly had to look up what nubuck leather was, and I have to say after having done so, I think it may be. I ordered a "close out" lot of leather and all it said was various colors and thickness so I can't say that it definitely is. Unfortunately there isn't any kind of stiffener, I really have no clue what I'm doing and just try to make things that look decent and that I'm not embarrassed to say I made. I worked for a pet crematory for 28 years, and we were partnering up with some other companies and things were going to be BIG!! Better pay, better benefits, better EVERYTHING!!! turns out the company was sold and I got laid off...(sad trombone noise) So I'm trying to take something that I enjoyed as a hobby and keep a roof over my head. With all the crazy going on lately rent has gone up 400.00 a month and I'm just trying to keep on keeping on. I'm not looking to screw anyone with "low quality" I'm just doing my best with what I "know" and hoping to keep learning and getting better and making things to the best of my ability. Ok, sorry, rants over. Here is a couple more pics ..
  3. Chux

    Woven bags

    Thank you, I'm actually pretty happy with the way they came out myself, for a change
  4. Chux

    Woven bags

    Thank you very much!
  5. Chux

    Woven bags

    To which I say thank you!
  6. Chux

    Woven bags

    Just finished these up and figured I'd post them here and see what you guys have to say.
  7. Ooooooooh!!! Halloween project???
  8. Just curious but have you or anyone else for that matter made wallets that weren't vegtan? Every time I've searched making one they are all vegtan and to me they seem way too thick. I've tried with chrome tanned leather that I have a fair bit of that I bought by the pound and can't seem to make one that I'm not only "happy" with but not embarrassed by...
  9. Chux

    Braided belt

    I've never heard of "mule tape" before so I'll have to look into that, but that, I believe, is the kind of belt she is talking about. Can you tell me more about the one you made? How many strands, how much "shrinkage" and all that kind of fun stuff??
  10. Chux

    Braided belt

    I never even considered making a belt like that!! I've done the bracelets but never thought to just make it longer!! I actually have that book I guess I'm gonna have to get to studying! Thanks for the reminder
  11. My daughter asked me to make her a new belt for Christmas, but wants one of the braided kinds that dosent have holes for the buckle prong to go through. Would anyone have an idea HOW to make a braided belt? I've done some lacing as well as your standard 3 strand flat and 4 strand round braids but no clue how to make a belt like that. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!
  12. I like it, but it looks like it rides way high
  13. Chux

    Air pods case

    Thank you. Yep, should have done that....didn't even think about that tbh but you're 100 % right. It's the simple things like that that I overlook...damn. anyway the thinner thread helped.
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