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  1. Tooling probably is what they are mostly used for. I use mine for tooling, setting rivets, punching stitching holes. With think leather between of course. crushing ice… you name it they come in handy.
  2. Paying for an online pattern. but it has no printable instruction,,,only a youtube video. A video that leaves out some of the steps in critical stitching instructions.
  3. Hummmm, didn’t back stitching the whole length leave you with the same dilemma? of, Where, and how, to end the stitch?
  4. I really like the ostrich . It looks very classy and very western. is the ostrich all one piece?
  5. Thank you everyone. they aren’t perfect, but it keeps me active. I only have four more to go until my herd is complete. Yesterday, some found new homes already.
  6. I making these as pre Christmas gifts. They can hang on a tree or sit and rock by themselves. I’ll be giving them out on Thanksgiving to loved ones.
  7. Those are very nice! Replicating the same item many times, and having them all look the same, is quite the skill! Joel
  8. Nice job! I wonder who defaced the handgrips.
  9. Very nice! I'm terrible at carving. Even after all these years of leather working. I really like the backpack. It looks very girly classy. ya got more pictures of it?
  10. It looks pretty nice to me. I always like bead work belts. Your friend will love it, I’ll bet. my brother was good at beading.. I don’t have the dexterity for it. nor the patience . Joel
  11. On a re-visit to this post I would like to add. I noticed that the grips and holster colors match almost perfectly ! a very nice detail touch! Joel
  12. Pretty nice job on the sheath. not being a knife person, will you explain what the design of the knife is for? I have not seen one like that before. thanks Joel
  13. Probably your asking about antiquing. this is from a current post by another member.
  14. No need for more pictures. Thanks. I can see it now. Your explanation is prefect. thanks Joel
  15. So am I understanding your design. The holster is held in place,,,by pressure from the strap with a John Brown button, that is attached to the belt? And, the holster can be removed by loosening the belt, and pushing the button? have I got this correct? Joel
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