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  1. Dwight skiving the edges of the formed piece helps the forming. the outside was just glued and sewn. Around the formed piece. it was easier and less time consuming than it is to write about or to try and explain. But, if you have any more questions I’m happy to share my process and explain it the best I can. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EACH OF YOU! Joel
  2. Hey Ron,,How’s it going? Built any saddles lately? yeah little league fall baseball got in the way for awhile. Little grandson sitting and picking up from school,,,fun stuff like that. Sometimes it’s great to be an old Grampa. plus there were some unexpected events. but the case finally got done, and is now in North Carolina. the next case will certainly be built differently. Thank you! Thank you!
  3. Thank you very much. To be honest it has flaws. The leather was so waxy it was hard to get contact cement to reliably hold. Even after scraping. The leather stretched in places not expected, and threw my stitching lines off. This might have been less noticeable had I chosen a dark thread instead of the contrasting orange. the thread was so waxy that it picked up handling dirt. I managed to pull off the project, ok, but it isn’t a true showpiece. the next one will certainly be made from different leather. Thank you for the compliment Chuck. Joel
  4. Sure. It’s basically just a big taco that fits a tube at one end and is flat at the other. The pattern resembles a ‘T’ shape. Everything else was trial and error fitting.
  5. Dwight I first measured the diameter of the internal tube. Then the outside of the leather covering the tube. I decided how much recess I wanted and cut a circle to accommodate the measurements. I used a circle cutter to cut the end cap round. I used the internal tube as a wet mold for the end cap. And trimmed when the sewing was finished. I skiver the internal cap a little to make it more flexible. Joel
  6. Well the parts ie. The leather, thread, ripstop fabric, findings, and such alone came to more than any take down fly rod and reel I’ve ever seen. Let alone the creation time. But it was made for a very special long time family friend as a thank you for custom rods he has made for me.
  7. Hi Dwight. I’m not sure which part you are referring to. If you can describe it more ,perhaps I will understand. And I would be happy to share my methods. Joel Thank you.
  8. Yes ,, it’s 70D, waterproof ripstop nylon, with a thin saddle seat foam padding between the ripstop and the leather.
  9. I made this takedown fly rod/reel case for a friend. I made my own pattern, and the case is completely hand stitched. It’s been awhile since I made something completely hand stitched. I forgot how much work big items are to get perfect. 5-6oz Wicket/Craig harness leather. Tobacco colored leather. I used orange pumpkin colored Ritza waxed poly thread. It was a lot of stitching by hand. Some ok, some not so ok. I’ll certainly make some changes to my pattern next time.
  10. Very, very cool! There is a nice quality to your work!
  11. Sorry, no. I will not ship the saddle stand. and, You’re about as far away from me as you can get on this continent. Nova Scotia? It would cost quite a bit to ship this stand and saddle tree and parts. my second sentence in the add says “you must pick up in Redlands/Yucaipa, area of California.” sorry, thanks for the interest.
  12. Yes, this is still available . are you able to pick it up? I’m in Redlands/ Yucaipa area of southern California.
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