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  1. Incredibly beautiful work. are seats like this meant to be used, or are they for show bikes? I’m curious as to how long the masterful quality of tooling holds up, if frequently used. thanks Joel
  2. Very nice. Do you cut the pattern with the laser also?
  3. Niiiiiicccceeee!!!! great job on the stitching! Joel
  4. Very attractive! It look nice and light. I never have cared for heavy guitar straps adding to the weight on the shoulder. I hope your friend makes a complete recovery.
  5. That’s a pretty nice design. She should love it. I don’t know about lasers. how deep does it burn into the leather?
  6. Are you going to vinegaroon it? To make it black.
  7. You have managed to make an ordinary set of items, extraordinary! nice going! Joel
  8. That is one of the coolest holsters I have ever seen. The green helps. I am wondering. With the fit so tight, does the front sight snag? When the pistol is removed?
  9. I would suggest that you might save your wallet by pulling the pockets and re-doing them. Forgive my finger drawing. But maybe it will help. you might try using a thin leather, and instead of four pieces of leather, use just two. Folding them in half will give you the pockets. using a double sided tape on the folded pocket on the snap area/side would close the long side. Then all you would need to stitch would be the ends, and the wallet would be usable.
  10. The only problem I have ever had with Herman oak was when I bought tannery run. I know they say tannery run is the standard, but there is a choice, or select grading also. but even then tannery run was better quality than what I had purchased from Tandy.
  11. yes absolutely!!^^^^^^^^^^^ I’m going to be brutally honest here. Please except it,,, in the kind way I offer it. As the very realistic old leather worker that I am. Wanting you to look at reality. Maybe they aren’t,,,,,but your wallets look like ‘ kit ‘ wallets. Maybe purchased from a supplier, say like Tandy. Something a Boy Scout might make as a project. it’s nice that you have added tooling to the outsides. But your tooling is just in,,,the just above beginner class of tooling. Look at and compare your wallets to the ones JLSleather posted. Can you see the difference? As for the price? I would,,, ask the price of the cost of the kit. And be willing to take less, and chalk it up to the learning experience. So ,,, I don’t know what others would pay, but I’d say less than $15.00. If I was a teen,,,Or just a boy looking for a first wallet. As an old guy that has seen and made from scratch some ugly,,,,, AND,, some pretty nice wallets. I wouldn’t pay money for any of them at all. But you never know what a person will pay money for. So keep going, keep making. IF,, or,,, AS, you continue to improve. Perhaps one day people will be willing to pay whatever you ask. No matter what it is. maybe….. Joel
  12. Very nice! did you color the leather, or did it come that way? Joel
  13. Ok my Venmo is back up and working again so it’s your choice for payment.
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