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  1. Just Read your message again and answered my own question thank you for the information I will look into a brass stamp. Thank you for information that’s very helpful!
  2. So you use the brass to hammer in cased leather as well as burn it into finished oil tanned leather? Just Read your message again and answered my own question thank you for the information I will look into a brass stamp.
  3. Just wanted to know if anyone has any information on a maker stamp. I want a stamp for tooled leather and for soft finished leather I don’t suppose there is a way to have just one stamp for both types of leather is there? I’ve heard of grey ghost graphics for a maker stamp.
  4. I just recently myself started branching off into the world of Sheridan type carving and purchased several tools from Barry. He is very helpful, everytime I called him he was there to answer any questions. If you call him up have him send you a catalog, it makes it easier to see the size rather than looking at it on the website. After I bought my tools I went into Tandy Leather Factory here in my local home town and saw that they are now carrying "Crafttool Pro" series and they are all stainless steel. Excellent quality and stamping impressions are far better than their other line of tools. They are all specifically for the Sheridan style carving.
  5. Hello All, I've a request to make some stirrup leathers for a McClellan saddle, and don't have the originals to measure from.... I want the replacements to be as close to authentic as possible, so I thought I'd ask if anyone can provide me with the original dimensions! Respectfully, John
  6. I have tried several times to download some of my images of my work and each time it does not download anything. I tried to bulk upload the first time and it took way too long and never downloaded any pics. I tried the single download and it never did a thing. I've downloaed pics on other sites and it worked just fine. Is there something I am missing on this site? Rob Name: Rob Morse UserName: Bulldodge IP Address: Email Address: firfitr113@yahoo.com
  7. Thank you Bob! That does help and gives me an idea. Rob
  8. I was wondering if anyone had any pics of Bob Beard's stamping tools that they could post. I am looking for a nice border stamp. I talked to a guy at Bob's shop and said their website is going through some changes and they don't have all the pics up yet. So if anyone has some pics they could post that would be great! Thank you, Rob
  9. Great work! Just wondering what kind of finish or dye do you use?
  10. I recently just got back into leather work. I am close to running out of my Drakes leather dressing and can not find it online anymore. Does anyone have a dye or dressing that they use that looks natural, but brings out your tooling or stamping work? I just bought some Eco-Flo saddle tan Hi-lite and Antique and did not like them. The antique looked like a dark mohagany color and the hi-lite saddle tan just didn't look natural. I like the look of the Barry king finished products. If it anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thank you, Rob
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