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  1. Can anyone tell me which model Singer this is? What would be a fair as is price?
  2. Hi, Where is the machine located and how much are you asking?
  3. Thanks for your input. I was curious because I had seen a similar Nippy for sale here on leatherworker for $1000. I wondered if they were somehow better than the newer ones.
  4. Hey Leather Pros, I found an older Nippy Skiver for sale. The seller says it turns freely and is in need of a cleaning. There a couple of screws missing and maybe the guide. They are asking $500 for the head only. Is it a good deal?
  5. Hi. I just picked up a nearly new Cobra Class 4 that has only this one right presser foot. I am looking for any unused from your premium package or a source for various types of feet. I am also looking for the edge guide or suggestions for a drop down. Thanks
  6. I see there is another one listed for $2000 with EPS. I can offer you $1900.
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