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  1. Hello Try doing a search for "Information on Classic Cub manual stitcher" on this forum. It will give you a bit of information at the very least. Congradulations on your purchase. Kirk
  2. Docado

    Tippmann 1500 Clicker

    Hello Alex Yes I still have clicker and it's available. Still works fine, I just used it a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for your inquiry. Kirk
  3. Hello You might want to take a look in classified section. It seems to be on ebay also. Its not a byler. But it might do for your needs. No connection. Just trying to help. Good Luck. Kirk
  4. Congradulations! Glad you were able to get everything worked out. Thank you for reply back and on how you were able to fix problem.
  5. If i was having this problem, i would try sewing in reverse first, on a test strip of course. If it was stitching correctly in that direction, I would start stitching in the forward direction over the top of previous stitches (reverse). If it them birds nests or messes up, it would appear to be more related to needle size than the reverse direction. In that case I would change to the next size larger needle. If there is not enough space in material where needle pierces along with thread being doubled up in same hole, it may cause problem you are having. Hope this helps.
  6. You can move alot of heavy items by placing them on a pallet / plywood (securly) and using 3 or 4 pieces pipe (pvc works well ) under pallet to roll on a flat surface. Nice Find. Good Luck!
  7. Very nice! Looks like a lot of hours of work, it shows.
  8. Docado

    Tippmann 1500 Clicker

    Yes still available. Sorry just say inquiry.
  9. Use your sewing machine to "cut slits" for pattern without thread in needle.
  10. Hello Viking Queen When I have problems as you described; I unthread machine and rethread using a manual or some sort of instructions, making sure that I have thread going in or through everthing correctly. Check bobbin thread to make sure it is coming off spool in correct direction. Change to a new needle. I double check needle to thread size. Make sure machine is propperly oiled. Change to different thickness of leather. Your example is two thickness correct? What I see: knot is a bit towards top of leather on top thread. I would reduce top tension. Not much help I know. I'm sure you have already done all of these things. May help someone else. Good Luck Docado
  11. Docado

    Tippmann 1500 Clicker

    I still have clicker for sale. Life sort of put this on back burner. Will take $2100. Kirk
  12. You might try looking for "Jacques Shear". Good Luck
  13. Here is a link to same company. http://www.cutexsewingsupplies.com/100-organ-7x4nw-dyx3ll-singer-7-class-leather-point-sewing-machine-needles
  14. Hello JLS I found some on eBay. Seller was Cutex. They will sell 10 or 100. With 100, you can choose different sizes in bundles of 10. They were $86. Shipped. Organ 794 nw LL point. I haven't tried them yet, but they appear to be fine.
  15. If you go to try out machine, take whatever item that you will be making with you to sew. Sew it through from start to finish. You will then be able to tell if it works correctly or if it will do what you need for it to do. I would make an appointment and explain what you intend to do. If seller doesn't have time for you to do this, I would look somewhere else. There is nothing worse than spending alot of money on something that doesn't do what you need for it to do, or needs major repairs. That way you will gain a better understanding of what you will need instead of just burning gas and wasting your time. Good Luck!
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