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  1. Check with Tannery Row. They sell a water based adhesive that comes in three different controls. I use Aquilim, but have thought about Tannery's third style. it is advertised a an adhesive that requires no stitching, a permanent adhesive on its own.
  2. I've checked The Thread Exchange and Superior Thread for #69, #92 and #138 Nylon and Polyester Threads. They don't have the colors I need. Can someone suggest other thread suppliers that would have a bigger color selection? Thank you, Mike
  3. thanks for the tip. I would have never guessed that.
  4. I am several weeks into my new Sailrite Leatherwork machine. I am glad I got it. I’ve also received the left and right zipper feet which I immediately file the saw teeth on the bottoms low and round. Tested on some dark brown 6oz oil tan. Left very light marks that were easily rubbed out. Also, I have very little pressure set on the presser feet. I’m using the left only foot with gives me the 3mm space to the right edge of the leather. This is the typical stitch spacing for wallers. I can put an edge guide tight up where I want it. I take off the left foot and use the right foot when I’m stitching guessets. Let’s me get get up very close. Additional good news…I have been successfully using #138 bonded nylon tread in both the top and bottom together. On western goods, I like the thicker thread. My only complaint is setting the stitch length. I like to use several different lengths depending on the project. I have some marks on the controller, but I still have to play around with it to get it where I want. I highly recommend this machine if you on a budget. If money is no object, get the Cobra Class 26.
  5. I received my machine, Sailrite Leatherworker w/ Workhorse servo and speed reducer, last Monday. Got it together in three hours and started practicing. The first thing I did was get a stitch length forward and backward set. I set it for 6 SPI which fits the vast majority of my work. After practicing for a few hours and getting use to its operation, I started sewing a satchel bag. The slow speed is real slow, easy to move along the edges sewing the gussets. Flat sewing is a dream, but the gussets weren’t as tough as I thought. This is my first machine, and is perfect for me. A Semi-pro hobbyist. Easy to set-up, easy to use and maintain. Glad I bought it.
  6. PlanoMike

    29-4 Bobbins

    Mr. KGG, I have been hand stitching my products for years, but i'm brand new to sewing machines. So over the course of time, i'll be asking a lot of stupid questions. First question, why would folks want to buy pre-wound bobbins? isn't it just as easy to fill your own off your machine? thank you
  7. I too am looking at Sailrite, but I'm looking at the Leatherworker. That's Sailrite's version of the Tandy Pro Master Stitch. I called Sailrite about the thread 92 max size. The tech said it could stitch well with 138. Also, the dogs and pressor foot are smooth. Their reputation for service and repair parts availability is selling me. That's good enough for me.
  8. I'm looking for a used Leather Machine Co. Cobra Class 26, or an equivalent. Should you hear of such a machine, please let me know. Thank you, Michael Caldwell Plano, TX 75074
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