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  1. aquinn1989

    Large Amount of Quality Leather in Middle TN

    Interested, i messaged you if you can reach out to me when you get time. Thanks Alex
  2. aquinn1989

    Tippmann Clicker 700 Die Cut Press

    Hi do you still have this available? Please contact me if so,
  3. aquinn1989

    Tippmann 1500 Clicker

    Hi do you still have this available? Please contact me at if you do. I am in the KC area. thanks alex
  4. aquinn1989

    3/4 rodeo alphabet

    Hi I am looking for the 3/4 rodeo alphabet stamp set. If anyone has it and interested in selling or know where I can find it please let me know appreciate all and any help. Thanks Alex
  5. aquinn1989

    Setting Rivets In Difficult Places

    Yeah i use Chicago screws in the two larger holes to hold some clip with Dees. I couldn't mind setting some by hand but i am unable to figure out a good way to have a solid surface to strike against that will fit inside the holster to allow for that. I think i will try shortening up the sides so i can get the press in there. Thanks for the pointers all, really appreciate the help.
  6. Hi all i make firefighter radio straps and harnesses. I am having a difficult time coming up with a good design on a radio harness that i can set rivets well. The press i have is not deep enough to let me set the bottom rivets. I will attach some pictures. I am having a difficult time setting the bottom rivets in the holster. Any pointers or ideas would be great! Thanks Alex
  7. aquinn1989

    How To Make A Template?

    Hi i make leather helmet shields like the picture attached and was curious if there is a system i could use to draw them up on the computer to size to see how things would look beforehand like the second picture? Thanks!
  8. aquinn1989

    Black Hardware

    Hi i was curious where i could find some scissor snaps and buckles that are blacked out like these? Thanks!
  9. aquinn1989

    Where To Find Black Hardware

    Hi i was curious where i could find some scissor snaps and buckles that are blacked out like these? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys i recently started making Firefighter Radio Straps but am having a difficult time making my stamping work look good. I will include a picture of some radio straps that look great to me and am curious the best way to get two tone color around the stamps and small designs? Do you think it is stained or painted with possible angelus paint? Thanks
  11. aquinn1989

    Fire Dept Radio Belts And Holsters

    Hi great work, was curious how you painted the stamps in the last picture? did you paint the red behind the letter then the green on top? great detail work
  12. aquinn1989

    Firefighter Radio Strap?

    How did your radio strap turn out? Any pictures?
  13. aquinn1989

    What Machine Would Work Best?...

    Thank you ken appreciate the information. I will do some research into the Cobras. I also make some radio straps that are pretty much just long belts and i think a sewing machine on something like that would really save a ton of time as well. Alex
  14. aquinn1989

    Best Price For Veg Tan Leather?

    Hi i make leather firefighter shields for helmets size 6"x 6" and am looking for recommendations on where to purchase Veg Tan leather? I currently have been buying 10oz belly for the front and 7oz belly for the back of my projects but am looking to buy leather by the side if its a better deal. I do not care so much about some scaring as my projects are generally small enough i can cut around any bad spots. I have been purchasing from Springfield Leather in MO and have been paying around $25 for a belly which are 4-6ft average. Thanks! Alex
  15. aquinn1989

    Wood Grain?

    Hi, thank you guys for the ideas, will have to do some testing with it this weekend and will post some updated pictures of how things look! Alex