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    I just like to make things. Use to do a little leather work when I was younger and thought I'd give it another try. I had forgotten how much fun it really is.

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  1. I went simple. Laid the gun on a piece of paper and traced it. The cartridge pouch is a quick wet form cause I was in a hurry. Was going to shoot in a couple days. The cartridges are zig zag papers. Works pretty good.
  2. It’s holding up really great. I don’t use it for for large stamps. Like my makers mark. I use a 18 oz. dead blow hammer I got at harbor freight for those. No bounce with that. But it works great with the basket weave stamp
  3. Was at Jacksonville NAS back in 72. I was with the 82nd Airborne back then. I got to got to go to Jacksonville a couple of times to pick up supplies and we got to eat in your mess hall. Or should I say dining facilities. Dang you navy guys ate good. It was almost a fist fight to see who would get to go on the ration run. LOL.
  4. Just started a new wallet for myself. Not sure how it’ll all turn out but having fun doing it. Found the plans on the biker thread. Here’s where I’m at so far. Don’t have any stain on the cover yet cause I want to try to do a basketweave on it. Now I can’t find the thread where the pattern is at but if I can I’ll put it in here cause I think the person did a really super job with the design and I want to thank them. I made a couple of slickers too. They turned out great. Comes in handy having a wood lathe.
  5. carr52

    New pistol

    I went to the local Palmetto State Armory today. I just like looking at all the new guns. I think the Taurus is an excellent firearm. As for everyday carry I prefer the Taurus TX22 LR or a .22 WMR. My Keltec is the PMR 30 chambered in .22WMR.
  6. carr52

    Latest seat

    Love the hair on look. Nicely done. I’d like to do a solo seat for my Sportster. I started a seat many years ago but sorta got side tracked. This is as far as I got.
  7. It just poured right out. Most of it anyway. The rest came out with a coat hanger bent to get into all edges.
  8. Made a couple holsters using the new stamp. I like its look. Not the greatest job but I’m still pleased with the end result. When I was cutting the stitch grove I got slack, not paying close enough attention and came out of line. So I just added a few more groves around the the rest of the stitch line. Carving is mostly over for me. My left hand got messed up in a motorcycle wreck. My left thumb doesn’t work so I can’t bend it at all. But do like using the stamps.
  9. Well I weighed the maul today at the market. It comes in at just a couple grams over 16 oz.
  10. carr52

    New pistol

    Maybe its the way the is positioned in the photo or just my old eyes. It looks shorter than mine. Mine does have the extended threaded barrel. I agree it is a really sweet shooting weapon.
  11. I’m gonna try that for sure. Thanks
  12. carr52

    New pistol

    Is that the TX22C 13+1. The compac version of the TX22. I want one. Saw one on sale. How is it? The holster looks perfect for a light carry weapon. I like to carry a 22WMR But also the TX22.
  13. It fun. I liked playing with the bees wax. I used popcorn to stretch it out. Just kept jamming it in with a wood dowel. The basketweave held up better than I thought it would.
  14. It’s hard to hold a thin piece so I used two pieces of 1/4” oak and clamped them together. Worked out pretty good.
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