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  1. Ah, you noticed that! I was trying out my new feather tool. Thanks Thank you!
  2. Made a dash panel for a motorcycle seat I covered a few weeks ago and a flask cover for a customer.
  3. benlilly1


    Steck Store is in Indianapolis, Indiana. I've been there a few times. They also use Ebay and Etsy.
  4. benlilly1

    Stitching pony

    I'm going to be looking for a stitching pony. Anyone have a favorite? I want a mid range in price. Thanks
  5. Had someone request a seat with Ostrich in the center hand stitched and double lacing around the outside. Just oiled no dye. It was a fun one!
  6. Thanks Tugadude, I love to hand lace. Hoping to learn more about braiding. I have an excellent book.
  7. Thanks YinTx, Black is the thing for bikers. Only once in a while I get to do something different. My next one has been enjoyable. It will be all natural!
  8. Another black seat. Can't seem to get away from black but, I have another seat I'm working on that is natural.
  9. Just finished this beast up. Ready to send to the owner.
  10. benlilly1

    Ostrich hide

    I'm looking for ostrich hide (natural) either embossed leather or real ostrich. I don't need much. A 12"x12" piece would work for a seat I'm looking at doing. I can't find it anywhere. Most are legs and the price is pretty high.
  11. Wow, that's great! Glad to hear you're pain free!
  12. Thanks, black hides the mistakes. My first Sheridan carving.
  13. Finished up this set today. Glad it's done!
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