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  1. Sorry! It may be similar!
  2. No really! I've heard of it being used! Might be worth a try!
  3. I hear KY jelly is good for slicking. I have not tried it!
  4. Handstitched, I assume Y-knot lace gets lace from Packers in Australia but I'm not sure.
  5. I only use Kangaroo lace. I get it from Yknot in Montana. Its the best Ive found.
  6. Thanks everyone! My first time using hair on hide. I got some new stitching chisels (Kevin Lee) and they are wonderful to work with. Thank You!
  7. benlilly1

    Latest seat

    Just finished up this hair on hide seat for a show bike. Hand sewn center and decorative laced.
  8. Good to hear! I just love them!
  9. Thanks! Yes, I'm not sure why they tuned out small, I haven't had that problem in a while. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, these letters are press letters and i tape them together so they're straight while pressed.
  11. Thanks, mostly from Facebook or Instagram Thanks Thank you!
  12. Thanks, I use thin neoprene foam inside of top grain leather for the padding. Hand sewn to the strap.
  13. Thank you! Thank You! Thanks, These are press stamps I use from Turner Laser Works Thanks, I have sold 30 dog collars in the last year through Facebook and Instagram
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