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  1. That was my problem. Didn't know the difference between all the varieties of snaps. I'll look into more snaps. Thanks
  2. Finished up these wristbands for a band in Michigan. Lots of time involved and finding snaps that are easy to unsnap. I had to spread the spring in each socket so they could easily be opened. I used line 20. I think I'll look into magnetic closures if I do any more wristbands.
  3. All vegtan and laced and hand sewn around the edge.
  4. I've noticed when you add padding it shortens up the length. So I add an extra hole an inch out. It just depends on how thick the padding is. Using the Bison, I did not add foam, being that it was thick enough without.
  5. I mostly use the Leather Balm. You will never get a full protection no matter what you use. I don't like using anything that changes the color of the seat and some products do. Veg tan is going to do what it is going to do. Darken with age and lose color over time.
  6. This is a 1" vegtan collar and I used Bison for the padding. Not a concern for me, no one has complained of wrinkles.
  7. I sewed all of these collars flat. I used JH Leather video for directions. I used 1/8th inch closed cell foam inside the padding leather and hand sewed it. I haven't had a problem with not sewing with it curved.
  8. Thank you! I use an 1/8th inch closed cell foam and wrap it in the upholstery leather. Then I use a contact adhesive and place it just right and make my holes with a Blanchard stitching iron.
  9. Thanks Toxo! Interesting about the dog stealing and cost. I've seen some collars with a phone number on them. It's a shame we live a world that's such a wreck. Thanks so much!
  10. Dog collar number 4 off to the new owner.
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