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  1. benlilly1


    Seat fits a BMW motorcycle and the belt goes around the battery.
  2. Well, I didn't recover this in leather but I think it came out pretty good. I found this small rocker at Goodwill for $6.99. I believe it was originally covered in vinyl but it had 2 other fabrics on it. So about 2000 tac removals later I came up with this. My grandson's birthday was coming up turning 4. So I made him his own rocking chair.
  3. benlilly1

    Harley solo seat

    Very nice!
  4. benlilly1

    Hackamore Noseband

    Very nice!
  5. benlilly1

    Neoprene foam

    I get my neoprene from You can get it with or without adhesive.
  6. benlilly1

    Seat cover for a BMW motorcycle

    Here is the final product. A learning experience indeed! Battery strap and seat for the BMW.
  7. Here's my first foam backed seat topper using my Fabricator machine. This is on 1/2" foam. Finishing this seat hopefully in the next week.
  8. I do love the Fabricator machine! Yes, you're limited on thread size, and I'm sure veg-tan is not recommended but I have sewn veg-tan on it. I like the quality in the machine. So I'm guessing the new one for Tandy is high quality also. I won't be making holsters, saddles, or heavy leather items so this machine works for me. They are hands on at Sailrite and have great videos to boot! Fabricator has a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.
  9. If you get wholesale from Tandy the cost is $1350 if I remember right. I paid $1500 for my Fabricator from Sailrite. I'm very pleased with the quality and they have tons of how to videos. Quality machines.