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  1. Thank you! I use an 1/8th inch closed cell foam and wrap it in the upholstery leather. Then I use a contact adhesive and place it just right and make my holes with a Blanchard stitching iron.
  2. Thanks Toxo! Interesting about the dog stealing and cost. I've seen some collars with a phone number on them. It's a shame we live a world that's such a wreck. Thanks so much!
  3. Dog collar number 4 off to the new owner.
  4. Thanks Somiskid, This is 9/10 oz. leather.
  5. Thanks Jay! I watched a video for this type of padded collar from JH Leather on Youtube. She knows what she's doing! I need to watch her other videos
  6. I'm having a rash of dog collar orders and I'm not minding it one bit!
  7. Thanks so much! You need to check out www.turnerlaserworks.com These are letter sets you press. He has other styles and adding more. He also does other stamps like logo/plates. Not sure how big he goes in size but he does fine work. He is on Instagram too.
  8. Thank you! Cool! Thanks! Thank you!
  9. A new collar for a Bulldog puppy to grow into. Changed buckle to this type, so no oblong punch used. .
  10. Letters are a stamp that you press. turnerlaserworks.com Thank you Thank you Thanks, these are stamps. turnerlaserworks.com
  11. Finished collar for an English Bulldog. Customer wanted no d-ring. Padded and hand sewn.
  12. Would love to do hot foil but, my letters are Delrin stamps. A plastic that I use on my press. I will post the new collar when I'm done!
  13. Interesting. I know the dog is very muscular. Hadn't thought about using a welded d-ring. Thanks Chuck!
  14. Thanks, I just got this lettering so first time using them. Hadn't thought of using embossing powder. Now I need to decide what I'm doing on the next one. He wants it brown and a little carving on each side of the name and the rest he left up to me. Thanks Retswerb! Thanks, I'm using Chicago Screws.
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