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  1. i haved used veg tan on the yokes but not for the "leggings". I can't imagine how long or hard a man would have to work to wear through 4-5oz chrome tan as long as they are cared for. I'm sure not saying it can't be done but sure that I can't do it. With 4-5 oil tan it's sometimes difficult to get them supple enough to be comfortable.
  2. My sincerest apologies! I was wanting to show the lacing, so I grabbed the first picture I came to. Those aren't the ones I made but the picture I, more or less "copied". I used a slightly wider front belt and an 1.5" back belt and my photography isn't near that good. No, mine aren't veg tanned and I assume those aren't either. Unless you wanted to tool them, I'm not sure why you'd want veg tan. It would also be hard to get it supple enough to wear and use all day, as well as more expensive. JM2C
  3. Just "no nonsense" working chaps but simplidity is my style (assuming I have "style").
  4. This pair use that lacing to adjust the zipper for leg size. The leather that the zipper is sewed to has 2-3 sets of holes for the lacing to go through to make the leg size larger or smaller. Hope this helps.
  5. Attaboy Chuck! Good work and good deed.
  6. Your questions are way beyond my abilities but welcome and I'd sure like to see pictures of that saddle!
  7. jrdunn

    My Hat

    I respectfully disagree. I think that looks better than a "dye job". JM2C
  8. I think most of that is polyethylene. I don't know the hazards of PE. Heck, I didn't know the hazards of PVC.
  9. Thanks for the info. I don't know if ABS drainage pipe might be an alternative for you? It too is common for residential wastewater pipes in the U.S. I guess I need to get my leather out of that 8" PVC. It sure is handy, though.
  10. Perhaps even some international fame! Nice work by the way.
  11. Fred, I do know that in the U.S. and Canada PVC is widely used in water and wastewater mains. That is not to say that we always do things that are good for us. With some experience in water and wastewater treatment and some training(Some people will brag about anything.), I have never heard this. Do you have any information what effect these chlorides have on the water or the leather? Chlorine is often used in the treatment of both, maybe that's why it wasn't mentioned. I'm not trying to hijack the thread, just wondering what this might cause.
  12. That is a good looking maul, Chuck!
  13. Does anyone have information on the handwheel/sheave or do I need to go the "speed reducer route?
  14. Constabulary, Thank you for the response! I think this is the information I was needing. I have a parts list for the 16-188 and it lists the needle bar (p/n 4264) that you put in your 34K. I double checked the measurements and they are the same. I have found an Ebay seller that has that part #. He lists it for a Singer 17 also. Thanks again, Jim PS. I should confess that everything I know about sewing machines came from this forum. Thank you to all our members!
  15. The needle bar was stuck. The bend is slight and at the place where it was sticking out of the machine. I assume someone tried to coax it loose, it fell over or got hit by something else. These are just my guesses. Thanks for the help!
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