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  1. Callahan Holster pattern. @RemingtonSteel, Thank you for the link to Double K Leather. I tried ordering the pattern from them but at checkout was told that "there are no available payment methods for your state". Tried contacting them via phone and email about 2 weeks ago but no response. I also tried to PM @Brazos Jack with no luck and saw that he hasn't been on here in a while. I know these times are tough on businesses. I hope everyone is OK. Would sure like to buy one of these patterns if you or someone else knows where I could get one. Thanks in advance. Jim
  2. Constabulary, I sure don't know but think if most of us had this question, we'd ask you. JM2C
  3. Maybe . . . you are what I have heard called an optomist. I have never seen one but have heard of them.
  4. Thanks for posting that! I think I'll make one.
  5. Undeberg, Don't use the Python. I own both and don't think it will get you very close. JM2C Jim
  6. When you get ready for a servo motor, I suggest Toledo Industrial Sewing Machine. He's a great guy to do business with. JM2C Jim
  7. Here is another thread that does include some patterns for the "Doc Holiday holster". Other "Doc" holster thread
  8. If you like them, PLEASE DON'T USE MR MUSCLE. There are warnings about getting it on your skin and leather is, well, skin. Here is a link to the SDS for Mr Muscle: Mr. Muscle SDS link Just my 2 cents, Jim
  9. Seems like an understatement.
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