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  1. Did you buy a strap cutter? If so, how has it been?
  2. I searched and couldn't find that app from my IPhone.
  3. That is beauitiful! I really like carving/tooling but have really never liked flowers(I know, my therapist is looking into that.), so I really like oak leaves. Don't those high "lifts" get a lot of wear during use? Don't get me wrong, that is some of the best looking oak leaves I've seen. If I could do something like that I would dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back. Is the holster mostly a showpiece? Just a burning question in my feeble mind.
  4. I'd get him to burn it into a piece of wood if he will(assuming it's not a freeze only brand). I had a guy wanted me to burn one into the leather of a business check folio. It wasn't what I wanted but exactly what he wanted. Be careful if you do, veg tan brands a lot faster than live cattle do. It smells pretty similar, though. JM2C
  5. Looks good. If it looked too good, it could be made by a machine. I tell myself "I'm not after perfection, that's for assembly lines". That helps soften the blow of my big booboos. I have to admit when I saw the title, I thought maybe you did the Firebird/TransAm bird. My hotrod buddies always called that the "screaming chicken". That would be complex!
  6. Mule tape is a polyester "ribbon" used to pull cables through a conduit. That belt is made from 8 plaits of of 1/4" mule tape (rated for 400# of pull. I first braided it looser to start with and it was 1 3/4" wide and too thin, so I un braided it all, pulling much tighter. That gave me a 1 1/4" belt with a good "body". This tight of braid doesn't allow the ribbons to lay flat. It worked out well for my 8 year old granddaughter. https://cajuntiedowns.com/product-category/cajun-pull-line/?product-page=7 This company sells various size and colors but I buy the white and dye it the desired color. I use RIT synthetic dyes. I needed several sizes and colors, so I bought white. So far the synthetic dye has held up well. Their standard dye doesn't stay in synthetics well. This picture is a turquois and white 6 plait(I think) of 5/8" tape. It made a thick, 1 3/4" wide belt is great for my 16 year old granddaughter. It ended in more of a western style than the other. I have also braided "roping reins" from the 5/8" tape. JM2C, Jim
  7. I use his book extensively for braiding. I learned from it and still use it as reference. I practice a lot with "mule tape". I used paracord and nylon rope also but mule tape seemed to work better for me. Here is a picture of a belt I made for my granddaughter. She loves purple! JM2C
  8. I always wear the buckles toward the outside for one simple reason: If they are on the inside, you run the risk of snagging the buckles on each other thus tripping you. Just my two cents and experience. Jim
  9. I can't really help you but I will offer a huge "Thank You!" for posting the picture. I love pictures of the old machines! FWIW, Jim
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