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  1. Ah, thanks Bob. I found one on Youtube and it scared me silly after "lipping off" about making one. It is definitely outside my skillset. Take a look. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=crmas&ei=UTF-8&p=singer+pedal+sewing+machine+base#id=4&vid=874af4c19e54daa0c5179a7a3c1f3c3e&action=view I might be able to cobble something together along the lines of the picture you posted. I'm not saying it'd be anything near pretty. Jim
  2. I know this an old thread but does anyone have a picture of the Singer Pedal Base? I have a 29K71 on a treadle base and enjoy using it. I would definitely consider making one. Jim if you're still active here, I would appreciate any information you could provide. Thanks
  3. PJOH, I know you can buy new but if it is functioning well, improved might be another matter. I have a 29K71 (short arm, small bobbin version). It's not as pretty as this one but is a pleasure to sew on. I'll admit I do enjoy treadle sewing. JM2C
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