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  1. Nice work. Have to admit, I've never basket stamped a keeper. Yours is nice. Afraid mine wouldn't be.
  2. @Burkhardt, Mine is single edged, bevel on one side only. Jim
  3. +1 on the round knife. Yes, I did have to learn how to use it. For straight cuts, I'm trying to use up a knife that @chuck123wapati made for me. By the way, I love it! Thanks again, Chuck. Story here:
  4. Thank you for the tip! Nice bag. Jim
  5. I gather that leatherinspire is trying to sell marketing training or some such thing. JM2C, Jim
  6. @ArkieNewbie, Did you have trouble turning the body of the bag after sewing it? I don't usually make turn bags and have never made one of Veg Tan. I have a friend that made a "possible bag" from Veg Tan and has had fits trying to turn it. Just checking to see if you have some advice. Thanks, Jim
  7. I kinda thought the same thing.
  8. I do love the old Singer patchers. Good luck!
  9. jrdunn

    Hat peg

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