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  1. Not mine but I just saw it. Seems like a good price to me but not near you. Just an FYI. Jim https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2003882483361638/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A789888c3-eda5-4b2a-a73c-c26b3b0313b4
  2. Sorry, my mistake. You might try searching for a 4 inch square D ring. I checked Buckle Guy but didn't see anything.
  3. I make my belt keepers, maybe do the same? JM2C, Jim
  4. Very cool! I'm guessing that Orchid is her name? I really enjoy it when young people take an interest in my craft. I suppose that is part of being an old geezer. JM2C, Jim
  5. Very nice! I personally believe that gratitude should've never went out of style. JM2C, Jim
  6. jrdunn

    New holsters

    Where is that "like" button?
  7. @SUP, Learn, do and more power to you. But please be careful. I forget my share of stuff too. A buffer is a dangerous tool but probably not beyond your abilities. Someone on this forum posted this. (Yeah, who is just another thing that I forgot.) JM2C, Jim PS. I've "thrown" a few things myself but no one has been injured yet.
  8. @EricaJane, I found the one that @Wizcrafts did and @chuck123wapati linked very useful for my purpose. I only wish I'd stumbled upon it before my first two sewing machine purchases. Knowing me, I might not have listened anyway. Good luck with your search and hopefully subsequent purchase. Jim
  9. @EricaJane, I started to welcome you to the forum but saw that you joined in 2018! That is 3 years before I joined. You must REALLY be the strong, silent type. Good to hear from you anyway! JM2C, Jim
  10. @AlZilla, Just an FYI. Pure Neatsfoot oil and Neatsfoot oil compound are two different things. I only use the pure NFO. JM2C, Jim
  11. Can you spell ludicrous? (I had to look it up.) A coozy for an insulated cup!
  12. Well, if you want opinions, I got 'em! Seriously, I think the piping "hides" the stitching on a turned item. It should also protect the thread from abrading if exposed. JM2C, Jim
  13. Worth at least a million bucks. Probably more with inflation.
  14. Don't know how I missed this one. Beautiful Saddle.
  15. It seems to me people are getting too wound up about someone else's work. If I don't (or do) basket stamp the back of a holster, why does it matter to you unless you are the buyer( or the maker). If I don't like how you did your work, who cares unless I am your target demographic? I really am having trouble understanding why this is such a big deal and quite a long running thread. As usual, JM2C. Jim
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