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  1. Seems like an understatement.
  2. jrdunn

    Leather shop ...

    Very nice shop. Nice wallets too.
  3. Very nice! Not really my cup of tea, though. I do admire the work.
  4. Sorry, I meant to say "two belt sheaves on the flywheel", not "two fly wheels".
  5. Sheila, I too felt the "pull" of the round knife. I found a lot in Al Stohlman's "LEATHERCRAFT TOOLS, How to use them, How to sharpen them". It covers how to fit it, how to use it and how to sharpen it. It has helped me, although I'm certainly not proficient with it. JM2C. Jim
  6. Ah, thanks Bob. I found one on Youtube and it scared me silly after "lipping off" about making one. It is definitely outside my skillset. Take a look. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=crmas&ei=UTF-8&p=singer+pedal+sewing+machine+base#id=4&vid=874af4c19e54daa0c5179a7a3c1f3c3e&action=view I might be able to cobble something together along the lines of the picture you posted. I'm not saying it'd be anything near pretty. Jim
  7. I know this an old thread but does anyone have a picture of the Singer Pedal Base? I have a 29K71 on a treadle base and enjoy using it. I would definitely consider making one. Jim if you're still active here, I would appreciate any information you could provide. Thanks
  8. PJOH, I know you can buy new but if it is functioning well, improved might be another matter. I have a 29K71 (short arm, small bobbin version). It's not as pretty as this one but is a pleasure to sew on. I'll admit I do enjoy treadle sewing. JM2C
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