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  1. Just a question and I'm sorry it it sound dumb! Did you buy antique paste or the new gel Antique by Fiebieng's ? That would explain the liquid consistency
  2. It depends on the casing method If you use the method of submerging the leather in water and then put it in a ziplock bag in the fridge it's better to do it before taping. Otherwise I do it after Yes, it's really a great tip!
  3. Hi For me the best tip on the subject is this video from Ed LaBarre
  4. Hi D2G, I've made a similar one about 2 years ago, and I followed the instructions of Andersen leather. You should check his blog (look for the older posts, he's got a step-by-step) http://andersenleather.blogspot.com
  5. Hi @dragonhawke, if you don't mind sending me the pattern, I'd appreciate it. My email: spborges74@gmail.com Thank you and greetings from Portugal Sandra
  6. This is very nice of you! Thank you so much and Happy New Year
  7. https://www.creativeawl.com/listing/759005825/leather-card-holder-pattern-leather
  8. You can still access it through web archive. Here's the link @Tinkerton https://web.archive.org/web/20160406220204/http://www.kingsmerecrafts.com/
  9. On the video George Hurst says it's saddle tan !
  10. It's simple to make the conversion just multiply the given inches by 2.54cm, or by 25.4mm if you want the result in mm! And there's also many online sites that convert easily An example : https://www.inches-to-cm.com/
  11. I've never used olive oil on my leather or EcoFlo water based products, but remember, olive oil and water don't mix. Probably what happened is that the oil is dry on the surface and not inside the leather, preventing the the water dyes to be absorbed and keep the colour!
  12. They have two types of anilines dyes, to be mixed with alcohol, or with water ("agua" in spanish) They can be used to dye any porous material like wood, cork, thick paper, leather of course And yes, their colours are great, although many places don't have all the colours available for sale. Here are the links: https://mitiendadearte.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=anilina+ https://www.manosmaravillosas.com/index.php/Anilinas_791/Anilina-en-polvo-al-Alcohol-_9030 http://www.drogueriaboter.es/colorante-de-anilina-al-agua-tagAgrupANILINAA If you need help with anything, let me know Sandra
  13. I know these dyes I've used them too, they're great! If you can't get them from that store in Madrid, I know 2 or 3 online stores in Spain that sell them I can send you the links
  14. Hello.

    The link warning issue has been fixed so I wonder if you'd be so kind as to remove the warning screenshot from your post on my thread (in that it might scare people off from clicking my link.) Thank you so much

    1. SamB


      Hi Jim, yes of course. Even thought I just quoted the the person who posted the warning. Unfortunately I didn't remove the image on my quote.

      Now I need to find out how to remove my comment. If I can't, I'll contact one of the forum's admin. to remove my comment, don't worry.

      I follow you channel almost since I began leatherwork, and I never had any problem with your links ;)

    2. JimDavies


      Thank you so much.

    3. SamB


      Anytime :) And maybe you could ask the other member who posted the screenshot to remove it.


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