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  1. Thanks @SamB good blog. I'm seeking to small hand bags to put inside smartphone, box cigarettes etc, sure I can do like Andersen but I need focus in my idea, so try with more ideas based on my small bag please.
  2. Hi L&G. Well, For now i'm focus to do small pieces or not much difficult but now I wanna know how is make this type of multi compartment, sure it various kind of ways to do but I'm seeking to do a small hand bag man for me with 2 compartment, so. For now google don't help me with this words - leather bag multi compartment - so... You'll share ideas/videos? Thanks to all. Attached img. As you can see on the side, you can see several compartments but you cannot see the bottom to intuit the seam.
  3. Hi every... Excuse me first, surely what I ask has been answered many times, but my English is not very good for diving and finding, so ... What product can I applied on leather before add eco-flo gel antique to preserve the natural vegetable leather tone, Neat lac? You know, to make high contrast between flat leather vs carving leather
  4. Thanks @fredk I understood, as you say, to make a small circle and add it to the leather. I saw it in a video from Fischerworkshop (great craftsman), so I need to buy screw back conchos. So is? PS: I see that you are from Ireland, I was living in Limerick for a few months, "an old and long story as how I got there" . Great dark beer hahaha.
  5. Hi! Thanks @fredk I was taking a look, it could be an option, I am concerned about the separation they leave in the middle, I have to continue investigating, the problem is that I do not know much English. What's the difference between rivetback and screwback? In other words, what is the rivetback? All websites show the front part and not the back : / Thank you.
  6. Hi everybody, hope you are ok. 1st excuse my English. I am looking for... seeing video, tutorials, shops etc and I can found it, so I needed ask. Is it possible to find conchos decorated with the snap system?... (not screw back system) Finally if it's possyble, How I need refere em to found it in the shops? Better for European shops if you know it please link me. Thank you so much.
  7. D2G

    Ritza 25 Tiger ...

    Thanks @Tugadude
  8. D2G

    Ritza 25 Tiger ...

    Hi all !! What is the official website to Ritza Tiger Thread? I can't found it.
  9. WOW!! Many information, it is appreciated... "or not to my english understund " i'm kidding, so i'm go to read em with help of translator and after i'll can answer. In advance: many stores here in spain like curtidos cabezas buy in Ivanleather "china" and after sold to the beginners spanish craftmans/craftgirls. It's no good to beginners. Edit: All right, thanks to all for the information. Finally i'll buy some ones in tandy Jerez Spain to can do Sheridan styles. I think I can't found here in Spain an craftman stamper to make it, anothers stamps like the Bulgarian guy are lovely but is for others details, so i'll buy that i'll need to can do sheridan style in tandy and do some right things. Buy in Japan to send in after in a transatlantic boat that burn 400 galons gas to minute in my opinion is a bad bad idea. Thanks to all.
  10. Gracias Frodo so. The tandy is the genuines stamps? That is my question. If is yes all clear.
  11. Hi every.... Please excuse my english, I'm from Spain and not study english language. If someone speak Spanish please do it to solve my doubts. Ok. ¿What is Craftool? I know is stamps craft but I need know more about that, who have the patent or where buy originals or good stamps. I see and bought some on internet shops and the quality is very bad. I refere to backgrounds, bevelers, camouflage, border tools, crowners, mule foot etc. Thank you.
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