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  1. Great work on the reproduction. Nice carving and sewing. Toeplug turned out really good
  2. Really glossy leather finish! great work
  3. noobleather

    Bobberjob UK

    Great stuff thanks for posting
  4. noobleather

    Bobberjob UK

    Great work! Awesome carving,colour work and stitching. Did you use a pattern for outline shape of the bobber seat or did you just do it by sight? Would like to see underneath the seat.
  5. Great carving work and the stitching on the holster looks really nice.
  6. noobleather

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    The future worries me, the internet has gotten better and worse since it first started. What's happens when Google goes to war with Facebook?
  7. noobleather

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Hahhahaha Facebook Never been on it never will.
  8. noobleather

    Golf club covers

    Thanks for that advise,I have only started golf this year, a lot to learn. Living in Western Australia we don't get that much rain,but when it does rain it pours. Catch ya next month
  9. noobleather

    Golf club covers

    They look really nice!pattern?
  10. noobleather

    Golf club covers

    Will have to bring one to the next WALA meeting had see what you reckon
  11. noobleather

    Golf club covers

    Just wondering if anyone has or knows where to get a pattern for golf drivers, irons or putter covers? Is there a Tandy pack or another company out there that makes them?I am keen to make some for myself and my father in law. Any information would be appreciated
  12. noobleather

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Yeah Handstitched I am in West Oz mate. I know all about king browns,Bush Chook etc etc been brewing all grain beer for 10 years now and I drink my beer from 18L kegs not 750ml bots lol Growlers are the way I take my beer to friends houses or restaurants. Drop in for a middy or pint some time and we can chat leather. Rokoboy invite goes out to you to as well mate
  13. noobleather

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    I think the main difference between the growlers and smaller bottles is that you don't drink directly from the growler,u pour the beer into a glass.Really like those croc stubby holders.A 2L growler cover made of croc skin would be a good one for the brew hipster market.
  14. noobleather

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    2L Growlers are widely available in Aus these days,usually at micro breweries,where you can get them refilled when you go back to the brewery. I have a few and I use them mainly when I want to drink my homebrew when I go out so I fill them up from my kegs.Heres a pic
  15. noobleather

    My mini laser engraver

    Some cool laser work.How long does it take to cut out those designs on the key rings?