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  1. This rifle scabbard is just WOW. Thankyou for posting the pics! Great work on the stamping, basket weave is so sublimely tricky and you have pulled it off and then some.The pics make me want to get out there and do something similar. thankyou for posting
  2. Great work, I don't want to show my friend this post or else he will want me to make something similar (I doubt it would come out as good LOL)
  3. Quality build there, will last a fair while
  4. Great stuff. I am waiting for the 1.5" version. I am looking at buying a 3D printer soon. Thanks for posting the file
  5. What a great looking belt. what stamps did you use? I reckon belt like that is is worth hundreds.
  6. Very nice work. Very interesting conchos they add a real personal touch , I wouldn't mind getting some custom made ones printed and cast myself.
  7. Good work, Nice job on the carving. You no doubt see some imperfections but everyone else sees a functional work of art. Thanks for posting
  8. Thanks Wyatt Earp. I am going through my stamps to see if I have anything similar.
  9. Great work, would love to take my gear that down to the range in a bag like that. I like the diamond border, is that carved or stamped?
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