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  1. noobleather

    New from South Australia

    Gday mate welcome Deep end works well,plenty of people here with a wealth of knowledge that are keen to share. hope you have some leather work with a four fanged ferret logo
  2. Great holsters and some great advise.
  3. Great work!really like the weathered look. Inspiring stuff.I have some leather patterns in the post coming from the US (Will Ghormley's and Chris Andres) so hopefully I will be posting some holster pics later in the year
  4. noobleather

    a little while ago!!

    Like the colours and the carving in the seat.What do you find is the best way of sealing the seat for sun and water exposure??
  5. noobleather

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Great braiding and that basket weave stamping is very very clean.
  6. noobleather

    Chef Knife Sheath

    Nice work,like the finish on the edges,stitching looks very tidy and contrasts well with the leather.
  7. noobleather

    Bandolero for my father

    Top work,nice and simple. Should give years of use
  8. noobleather

    Motorcycle Tank Bib

    Good work,I would like to make some for some friends who ride. The photo isn't displaying that hi res on my phone but is that the basket weave stamp with the skull in the middle?If so I have the same stamp
  9. noobleather

    Pink Floyd themed wallet

    Nice work, unique for sure.
  10. noobleather

    Over 80 Books and Patterns For Sale

    Hi could you please PM me if you have any books and stamps left
  11. noobleather

    Mountain lion for my wife

    As I said in the gallery comments WOW just WOW!!!! Have you taken any special lesson or are you just a natural?
  12. noobleather


    Wow just wow! Fantastic work
  13. noobleather

    Hand of God Holster

    Great holster, a few hours worth of work I am guessing. Will Ghormley's pattern look really good. Were they easy to follow?
  14. noobleather

    Recent stuff + new tooling station

    Great work station, producing some nice leather products too.
  15. noobleather

    Embossed Skull

    OHHHHH I really like that. I love skulls on leather! What dimensions?