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  1. noobleather

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Thanks Brian,Keep me posted Rockoboy
  2. noobleather

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Wanna go halves in postage for some Rokoboy??
  3. noobleather

    Knife Sheath - Whoops!

    Which one is the correct one? I am confused lol Nice colour,stamping and stitching on those sheaths. The knife looks like there is a story to it as well
  4. noobleather

    All the models I have made

    What design are the third ones? They look comfortable
  5. noobleather

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

  6. noobleather

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    Maybe some classic cowboy faces wearing hats. The Duke,Clint Eastwood as examples you seem to have the talent for drawing and carving.
  7. noobleather

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    I am a fan of skulls and cowboy single action shooting and man that is some very cool work there!!! Great stuff!
  8. noobleather

    Tapering a welt

    Looking good their with that shaved down welt.A really nice blade too. What type of handle are you going to use on it??
  9. noobleather

    I'm in stitches !~

    You have nailed the basket weave stamping and stitching. I think either finish will look great.Well done
  10. noobleather

    Western Computer Bag

    To my unprofessional eye it's looks fantastic. Nailed the basket weave stamping and the carving looks really nice.
  11. noobleather

    Sharpening a slot punch

    Thanks for the info,I too have a few slot punches that are no where near sharp enough.
  12. noobleather

    Marks on leather

    Nice stamping and stitching on the holster.I make sure I trim my finger nails when stamping else I get little indents on the wet leather. May use a glove or change the way I hold my stamp. Thanks Fredk hadn't thought about using a slicker or modelling spoon on those pesky little scratches
  13. noobleather

    How to make a watchband with edge coating tutorial

    Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed tutorial Rocky. Your work is awesome and highly detailed. While I won't be making a watch band for awhile, I have learnt something from your edging section that I will put into practice. So thanks for that.
  14. noobleather

    Wet form

    Like that design some good carving work there