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  1. Wow a very slick looking wallet. Thanks again for posting pics of the process
  2. Havent posted for awhile. I like the difference between the smooth and the rough sided leather and the large and small conchos
  3. Nice work so far. Looks very clean, thanks for sharing
  4. Great work,like the Ruger design and others will Im sure ! having a few isolation beers and i will be posting some leather holster stuff soon
  5. Great work, as Battlemunkey said that colour with the stitching goes together really well together. Like the edging work and your stamping.
  6. Well done, thanks for posting. I must get round to doing one soon
  7. Nice work!! I am sure your friend will love it
  8. Good work. Nice simple and functional. I like the buckle set,where did you purchase it from?
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