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  1. Hi Steve 75 I found a picture of the tooling pattern somewhere online, just try searching for his pattern. Regards Forester
  2. Hi All Messed the first holster up so I had to remake, took a while but got there in the end. Also went with a toe plug. Regards Forester
  3. Hi All Scout Carry Sheath for F1 Fallkniven. Made from 8oz (3.2mm) veg tan leather and then dyed brown. Forester
  4. Hi All Hand of God Holster and 2 Mag pouch for Colt 1911. From Will Ghormley's G2 pattern pack.
  5. Hand of God Holster for Smith and Wesson Schofield with 8 inch barrel. 99% finished with sewn in toe plug.
  6. Hello Dikman Thank you for the nice comments, I used Fiebings light brown dye on the holster. Regards Glen
  7. Hi All Mexican loop holster, inspired from the Vasques gun rig from the new movie ' The Magnificent Seven'. Made in two parts, the pocket is made from 6-7oz veg tan leather back to back and the skirt is made from 8-9oz veg tan leather. Hand stamped with Buffalo head conchos and decorative spots. Made to fit a Colt SAA with 5.5" barrel and designed to come apart to fit a belt with loops or can be slipped on to a belt as in the photos. Regards Forester
  8. Hi All Thanks for all the nice comments, unfortunately the pistol is only a replica, made by Kolser and the cartridges are inert. Regards Forester
  9. Hi All Picture of finished rig as promised. Forester
  10. Thanks for all the feedback, but I think some of the titles might be a bit long to put on Ebay or Etsy. Might go with "Old School Style Holster". Regards Forester
  11. Hi All Thanks everybody for the nice comments! Regards Forester.
  12. Hi All I saw this type of holster online and thought it looked old school, so I made a pattern and this is what I came up with, I think it turned out really nice. Just don't know what to call it when I try to sell it? Also in the process of making a belt for it. Thanks all in advance. Regards Forester