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  1. I’ll have to try moving my knife back & see if that helps.
  2. Did you get your plough gauge working correctly? I had the same issue. The only way I could get it corrected was by putting a bevel on the non-guide side of the blade. Mike
  3. Ben, just the info I was looking for on tuning the blade of a plough gauge.
  4. Thanks Chuck. My knife on my just seems like the convex edge is to steep on the fence side causing it to bind against the fence.
  5. I have a new Blanchard plough gauge. I have sharpened the blade & it seems to cut fine when not attached to gauge, but when in the gauge it seems to cause the leather cut to increase in width. This cause the plough gauge to bind up. Mike
  6. I got in touch with them & they are taking care of order. I believe they were a little behind on shipping because of COVID. Thank you for replies. Mike
  7. Anyone on here done business with the company Osborne Leather Tools? I’ve been trying to contact them about an order I put in a week ago, but they haven’t responded to email & the phone number goes to a fax machine. Mike
  8. Did you ever figure out your plough gage problems? I seem to be having the same problem. Mike
  9. Hello, new to the forum & leather working & have a question on awl blade placement in handle chuck. Is the right end of the blade the correct end to go in the chuck?
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