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  1. jcuk

    Help! Sharpening French edge skiving tool

    Here is a couple of videos that may help too Just remember to keep your free hand behind the cutting edge, many experienced people have a healthy respect for this tool. .https://youtu.be/hbQZt_VduEI https://youtu.be/dej8BH1DFgs Hope this helps JCUK
  2. jcuk

    Stirrup leathers

    Using Linen Thread in English style tack production is the more traditional way of making English saddlery. Both Leather and Linen Thread being natural products just seems right too. Only time i use Tiger Thread is when i am replacing Girth straps to the webbing which i feel would be more abrasive on Linen Thread than the Tiger Thread. Hope this helps JCUK
  3. jcuk

    Stirrup leathers

    Hi i use 5/18 Linen thread for stirrup Leathers using Pricking Irons 6 stitches to the inch. From the images it may not be clear but, the stitch marking is done on the flesh side of the leather rather than the grain side. Hope this helps JCUK
  4. jcuk

    Stirrup leathers

    I also only hand stitch stirrup leathers imo safer and stronger stitch. Hope this helps jack
  5. jcuk

    Stirrup leathers

    Hi yes i use Abbey too for my stirrup butts they are nice but there are alternatives, although one maybe more expensive - had a price list for them from about a year ago not sure where it is or if it is up to date, email them for a quote, never used leather from but never heard a bad word about them other than its not cheap J&JK Baker. The other is Metropolitan leather, which i use a lot, near enough for me to drive and select the leather i want - they do two weights of bridle butt the heavy one is 5mm which possibly could be used for stirrup leathers, again email them and asked their opinion on this. I do know on one old review on the 5mm, the saddler had said it was ideal for stirrup leathers this maybe a cheaper option. I have used both weights in various colours and have been happy with it makes lovely bridles. As for laminated stirrup leathers, yes have used them when working in horse racing, the quality varies - some have been ok but they can become very scruffy if not maintained and looked after the stitching on the laminate can wear and look very unsightly, not to mention safety - although the better quality ones do seem ok. http://www.jfjbaker.co.uk/equestrian-leather/stirrup-butt/ https://www.metropolitanleather.com/Buy-Leather/Buy-Vegetable-Tanned-Leather/Coloured/Coloured-Old-English-Bridle-Butt Hope this helps JCUK
  6. You could always let sit there for a while no real harm should come it, and you could purchase some lighter weight leather or get some scrap leather to practise on and build up your skill level and then use it to make some of horse tack you want to get onto making. Hope this helps JCUK
  7. If it was me the long term health implications to my families and myself would take preference over every thing else this kind of thing may come back and haunt you and your family in later life. I know you have have said you have tried other adhesives i would for sure would for look something a lot less toxic and work out a way to a make it work. To be honest i don't glue much of my work and if i do always open my workshop door and leave it to set and then go back to work, most of my work in lightly tacked together prior to stitching. Hope this helps JCUK
  8. I had a good look at this one but after someone gave me the heads up on here i steered clear cheers Matt.I did contact the seller recently to see if they would budge on the price no deal even said to them i would have to get a compressor to run it, no chance. Anyway since then i think i am into a deal to get the machine that's suits me a lot better. Hope this helps JCUK
  9. Did you go to there showroom. I also have a Singer 45k but its in storage i am looking to upgrade soon got my eye on something a bit special just have a few things to sort out. By the way nice work. JCUK
  10. Hi here is a link to there website, i have been to there shop they also have The Cowboy Outlaw their although not listed on their site did not have a test on one should have because i own Tippmann Boss. https://www.franklinco.co.uk Hope this helps JCUK
  11. Interesting Round knife on eBay - for decoration only! eBay JCUK
  12. jcuk

    Round knife cutting mat.

    No worries as i said just remember only use it for a cutting board only it will scratch your work once worn. Hope this helps JCUK
  13. jcuk

    Round knife cutting mat.

    No not at all, its what we used when training with a master saddler - there no real drag all, i don't sharpen my knives much just a good strop before and after work. Like you i also own a knipschield knife Texas Rosebud had it 2.5 years never seen a stone, also own a Osborne round knife not the greatest but once i got it sharp strop and go may have to sharpen every now again also have a unbranded single head knife which i got when i finished my first course 25 years ago same with that one to cost £13 quid great little knife. Hope this helps JCUK
  14. You might want to check returns policy who pays that. Hope this helps JCUK
  15. jcuk

    Round knife cutting mat.

    I use MDF works great, just remember its a cutting board - once you have used it, will get cut up so don't do any other work on it because it will scratch your work- its cheap too, got mine from a DIY shop just off cuts they gave them for free. Hope this helps JCUK