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  1. jcuk

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    MDF Hope this helps JCUK
  2. jcuk

    Learning the Head Knife...an epiphany!

    Good for you, would not be without mine I use it for various jobs - no need to to buy to many fancy specific knives for those jobs. Hope this helps JCUK
  3. jcuk

    Problems with access to tandyleather.com

    Yes i went sometimes when i had and nothing else to do around two hours for me too, and spend a lot more money than i should have still like to shop the old fashion way when i can, the staff were always good too i did ask them what they thought of their branch closing down they thought the same as me a bit odd with the leather history in and around Northampton. all the best JCUK
  4. jcuk

    Problems with access to tandyleather.com

    Thanks got the same email today. Thanks H have admit i had to google it all the best JCUK
  5. jcuk

    Problems with access to tandyleather.com

    Yes some of the has crossed the line in recent games but just like those old days they i bet they still go for beer afterwards have a good laugh about it because test cricket is about a test of your character to, i hope to think there is still a bit of mutual respect between our two countries. all the best JCUK ps sorry may have hijacked this thread i too have trouble accessing Tandys site first page ok after that its takes an eternity to load not that i get much from but Tandy but sometimes they have the odd bargain. I used go to shop in Northampton every now and then always fairly decent in store bargains, closed the wrong shop for me given Northamptons connection to the leather trade footwear mainly and Manchester having there links to the textile industry.
  6. jcuk

    Problems with access to tandyleather.com

    Yes i agree yes you should know how to walk but i don't believe there was no such thing as sledging and banter on the field in days gone by as for bouncers its not called test cricket for nothing. Remember the Body Line series. Yes i am north of 50. all the best JCUK
  7. jcuk

    Problems with access to tandyleather.com

    Can't wait for the on field (sledging) and off field banter plenty of ammo here, love listening to the coverage BBC radio 5 sport while working away great chat and banter on there. Really like working away when its on hopefully weather will be kind, windows and door open in the the workshop. all the best JCUK
  8. jcuk

    Problems with access to tandyleather.com

    Same here H going from bad to worse, oh well nothing a cold beer can't help Roll on the Cricket, Ashes year should be fun.
  9. jcuk

    Trouble holding a crease...

    Hi, i also use a blow torch - i keep moving the creaser up and down through the flame, when i think it is hot enough ( it doesn't take not long at all) i wait about ten seconds than i crease.Whatever method you use to heat your creaser, you will get to know how long it will take to get it hot enough - also i hot crease before i stitch mark my work and once i have finished stitching, i will hot crease again and refinish the edges as well. Hope this helps JCUK
  10. jcuk

    How sharp ?

    Hi there Can i ask what weight was the Patent leather is ? The reason i ask is, because if its is 1mm to 2.5 mm you maybe better off getting yourself a clicker knife with curved blade, you can also get straight blades. Whenever i work with Patent leather, i mark and cut on the flesh side - i know you can scratch the patent side but i cover my cutting board with a piece of card (supermarket pizza base) wipe with sterile kitchen wife turn over protects the Patent side when cutting, when punching do the same piece of card over my punching board. I do use my round knife on Patent leather its a (Knipshield Texas Rosebud) dream to work with , had it over 2 years never had to sharpen it yet - mainly work with Bridle leather and Harness leather, when i start work i strop and when its time to finish work strop again no matter if i have cut or skived one strap or a hundred it will get stropped again. Also have a C.S. Osborne round knife, its a replacement for an older one which got damaged - great knife same can't be said for the new one can get it sharp, but it won't hold an edge so having constantly spending time on the knife not my work not good. How sharp ? This is my rule of thumb (sorry no pun intended) https://youtu.be/J5GqItjXtRI I do this for strap ends if i feel any drag or it does not feel how i know it should be also skiving down strap ends if the knife starts to slip or slide it needs some more attention than just stropping. Also you may want to check out other videos on his site, how to use and sharpen a round knife etc... Totally agree Hope this helps JCUK
  11. jcuk

    Knée rolls, restuffing material

    Hi there Did you manage to hit the previous stitch marks on the saddle flap using your machine? if so well done! I ask because the owner of the Stubben may expect this i did a similar repair a while back, yes it was an older Stubben too so to use the same stitch marks i just did it by hand. On the other subject riding schools live on their good safety reputation, poorly maintained tack i hate to say, is an accident waiting to happen. When i finished my training (you never really do something new crops up and you learn something new every now and then) i always say to myself if i would not ride on it i wouldn't send it out even if it means turning work down some tack is past the repairing safely stage you just have to say no because then it is your reputation on the line. Hope this helps JCUK
  12. No won't be cheap and you are maybe doing it at mates rates, same here still can't login to Abbey.
  13. jcuk

    On Ebay!

    Here are some bargains at the moment depending on bidding! Splitting machine (leather splitter) Plough gauge Hope this helps JCUK
  14. Sorry for the late reply not if you have done the work if so how did it go. If not very hard to help not seeing the saddle in flesh, to to drop the front i mark the pommel using a china graph pencil this is to show when you come to put back together you are lining it up correctly that way you will use the same holes when stitching/lacing it together the same applies when lacing the panels at the back of the saddle. Hope this helps JCUK
  15. jcuk

    Knée rolls, restuffing material

    Sorry for the late reply been pretty busy not sure if you have done the work if so how did it go? I have worked in the horse racing Industry for many years and racing people compared to other equine disciplines tend to have lower care of their tack - In the UK anyway. But the work does need doing the panels need flocking, and if they are split and cracked the leather will need replacing too (replace the whole panel). This is an expensive procedure which is why they are reluctant to have the work done. But the main consideration is safety to the rider and comfort of the horse/pony. Why do you think there is a need for saddle fitters if one size fits all? Or any old saddle will do. It's like anything in life maintenance is the key. Hope this helps Jcuk