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  1. I am with Dwight on the use of that knife in that way in that video as for the music i have an open mind to lots of different types of music but even up to this day i still cant get my head round Disco. JCUK
  2. I have used Bees wax works okay not perfect but ok. Hope this helps JCUK
  3. I use my go to Round knife for pretty much everything including all my skiving, yes sharp and well polished works best. Blanchard have Round knives of various sizes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331864646580 Hope this helps JCUK
  4. Yes he a another one all ready sold https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/circular-welt-cutter-boston-welt-1984220467 Hope this helps JCUK
  5. This may help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCFTDqQaEIc Hope it helps JCUK
  6. Just a short drive on the A14 from Cambridge. They stock some Osborne tools and have their own dyes and edge stains, some nice leather also but they don't have any thread or hardware, I have used them for 25 + years. https://www.metropolitanleather.com Also a bit further on in Northampton. https://www.aacrack.co.uk http://www.leathermerchants.com Hope this helps JCUK
  7. My first Round knife was a Osborne really liked it sadly got damaged so asked some if they could repair it came back worse so i contacted the place i got it from 25 years before ( H Webber & sons ) to see if i could get a replacement handle to fix it myself, they asked what had happened i told them they said send it back they will send a new one even though the fault was caused by me trusting someone else to fix it for me, great after sales sadly the replacement was nowhere near as good as the old one. I can get it sharp but won't hold that edge for long. Which led me to as my better half for a nice Christmas present a Texas Rosebud knife from Terry Knipschield what a knife - had it 4 years and it's never been near a stone in that time. But do hope Osborne can get their quality to what it once was so they don't go the same way as Dixons. JCUK
  8. jcuk

    Tool Question

    I agree there are some overpriced tools on Ebay, but every now and again there are some bargains to be had plus sometimes when you purchase something on there the seller sometimes contacts you with a few other things they have not listed yet, Which happened recently picked up a Dixon plough gauge at a great price, already have a plough gauge but the price was to good to refuse and to be fair they new what they were selling but were happy it was going to a good home.
  9. Sorry cant resist judging from your pic of your boat race you are are not stropping enough. JCUK
  10. Easy solution learn to double hand stitch/saddle stitch using an Awl and needle with the pricking iron you already own Hope this helps JCUK
  11. These maybe of use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0aApSuDIX4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH5FmFNNZb4 Agreed Any cutting tools i use i strop before and after use no matter if it one strap or a hundred straps i have used it on, a good polished edge will make it better in use. If you have the means to make one of these you won't regret it saves a few pounds on fancy stones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiVdwR6vJgg Hope this helps JCUK
  12. Send it back no sorry dump it back at there expense thats unacceptable, i thought they were trying to clean up their act obviously not in this case. JCUK
  13. Saves time and thread by trying to do it using a single thread not always possible when using a lighter coloured thread when stitching large cheek pieces or head straps because it will drape all over floor and my workshop is not the tidiest to put it mildly.
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