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  1. Think it depends of what type of work you want to get into and many people learn from different methods some can learn from videos and books but others may need some hands on tuition. The reason i say it depends on what type of work you may want to do because a lot of leather work ie Saddlery which requires a big safety element of other peoples safety and well being, i think hand ons would work best get to know what type of leather and what type of stitch use for certain jobs and when to refuse work when the item of tack is well past a safe repairing state. Hope this helps JCUK
  2. Yes would not like a good drop of Gold Watch or a fine Cognac go to waste. Nice pieces of work there. Interesting one not sure its for me but who knows, but a great idea cheers for some to get get involved cheers
  3. That good to hear, i suppose it will remain a mystery how the parcel arrived like was it opened or packaged bad in the first place. And have ask how is the postman.
  4. jcuk

    Fly swatter

    Especially the free weekend colour supplement
  5. Have you thought about contacting the local British Legion.
  6. jcuk

    Fly swatter

    Unfortunately its already been copied in the far East they can make it a lot cheaper. JCUK
  7. Agreed don't over think it Hope this helps JCUK
  8. Lets hope there is not a Jaws 2 and 3
  9. No you should not have to that, i once had to return a skirt shave (French edger) which was a easy fix they sent another one had a different fault just fix it myself but again should not have to but could not be bothered to send it back again.
  10. Have to agree the way they have wrapped that knife up is totally irresponsible and dangerous hope the Postman is ok. Is the blade damaged, looks like it is in the pic as for the clicker knife i have one i have to undo completely to slide the blades in work a treat though. JCUK
  11. I will have to add the last Osborne round knife i got in exchange for a older one which got damaged is not a patch on the older one i had, good to use when it has been sharpened and stropped but will not hold a edge for very long so i was spending more time on keeping the edge in top order than on my leather work. I am not the only on here who thinks Osborne quality may have dropped which is a real shame. Have said this before think they are trying to compete with cheaper imports from the far east, think thats what did it for Dixons ( a old British maker of no nonsense Saddlers tools that did the job they were made for) their quality dropped towards the end. Glad to see George Barnsley are trying to buck the trend over here again no nonsense tools that do the job their single head might be a good knife to get not sure about shipping costs and import duties may make it way expensive. You might be lucky someone that side of the pond may stock them.
  12. Yea i have stopped getting things out of China as much as i can, for some of the reasons already stated in fact the last Chinese thing i have had lately was a take away the other night and it was not to bad at all
  13. He are a couple of videos showing how to use the single head and a round knife they maybe of interest to notice how easy it is to cut curves yes it does take some practice but worth it in the end. As you will also hear the round knife can do so much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkEXU-RYrjg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUgZjMPw0AA He is a link to Aaron Martin they are in Canada. https://aaronmartin.com/product.php?cat_id=935&submit=View&catview=20&s=Harness Maker Tools & More&catview2=&catview3=&s2=&s3= This is a member on here selling a single head made by Vergez Blanchard, i know he says only shipping within America but might be wort giving him a shout after all he is your side of the pond. I can give you some links over here if you want but sounds like time is a factor, also the single head knife has an easier learning curve than the round knife but can do everything a round knife can do. Hope this helps JCUK
  14. Yes i know but some do use them for them stitch marking there work, guilty as charged in my early days
  15. I would say even the older better made Osborne ones would still give you give you a straight stitch mark which is the norm that side of the pound, where's this side of the pond we tend to use a angled stitch mark. Hope this helps JCUK
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