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  1. cool story, lol... meanwhile, you still haven't answered the question cool story, lol... meanwhile, you still haven't answered the question
  2. THANK YOU to the two people on this thread that answered the question - much appreciated!!
  3. cool story, lol... meanwhile, you still haven't answered the question Thank you JCUK
  4. I have had it come loose.... Why do you think people burn the end of poly thread after backstitching? Or place a dab of glue at the end.... consider yourself lucky that you haven't had it happen, because can happen and it has happened
  5. the thread *can* work itself loose.....and the saddle stitch was done "right".....there's a reason people put a dab of glue after backstitching with linen.....it's the same reason people burn the end of poly at the end of backstitching... it's because saddle stitch can come loose
  6. sorry I didn't specify.....I am specifically referring to hand sewing leather
  7. Thanks for the tip! I have been stitching using poly and burning the ends for more than a decade.....linen *has* come undone for me and I have done exactly what you've recommended.....I've seen some type of white glue being used by different people all over the place.....my guess is because it works.... Linen saddle stitch can work itself free on an item with use... Going back to my question.... I was asking what type of glue people use to finish linen after backstitching... Thanks again for the advice! until the thread works itself loose
  8. Machine is great for doing tons of work in a short time, but hand stitch is my fav part of leatherwork:))
  9. Thanks for the tip Tony! I prefer to avoid knots though:)) Thanks Gato, which white glue do you use?
  10. Hello all, Would anyone be able to share what type of glue they use after backstitching with linen thread? I know with poly the ends can be burned.... but how do you prefer to lock Iinen? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thank you Red! I just took some leather to the pony and got to stitching and it seems it has to be 3 wraps (one stitch toward you, backstitch, then another stitch toward you to continue the line.... I appreciate you sharing!
  12. Hello friends, Please see attached picture - does anyone know how to achieve a backstitch in the middle of a row of stitching?? it seems there would be 3 wraps of thread instead of just 2 in order to be able to continue stitching the same direction... Thanks!
  13. hello all, can anyone recommend a place to buy quality faux leathers such as gator, crocodile, etc? thanks in advance!!
  14. thanks everyone for the help....i realized that my issue was that I had always laid my patterns out on an 8 spi grid, which works because inches divide evenly into eighths......not so w 3mm..... so I just needed to work on a 3mm grid.....now everything lines up perfectly... again, thank you so much for your help, everyone who took time to read and reply....I appreciate it!!
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