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  1. I checked out his knives they are very nice I just ordered one yesterday. Thanks for info...
  2. BattleAx

    Workshop build

    That is very nice..
  3. BattleAx


    I order English Bridle and Show harness from them all the time I haven't had any problems. I do order natural skirting that I use on the back side of my gun belts no problems. If you have an issue with there leather give them a call they should take care of the problem.
  4. BattleAx

    Harley solo seat

    Very Nice...
  5. BattleAx

    Motorcycle Fork Bags

    Finished up these fork bags today. Used Wickett & Craig Show Harness. This is some very cool leather when I sew the bags up on my CB-4500 the oil from the leather comes up through the round hole in the foot. This is great leather for motorcycle bag.
  6. BattleAx

    Leather Gun Belt Double Stitching

    I used a CB-4500 to stitch the belt. The Jack Sap is full of lead shot. Thanks
  7. Leather gun belt I finished for a customer. Natural leather with double stitching.
  8. BattleAx

    A weekender bag I made

    Very Nice..
  9. BattleAx

    How do you make a leather strop?

    You can make a Leather Stropping Wheel. If you have extra veg tan leather in your scrap box they are easy to make and work awesome. Use Jewelers Rouge on the wheel and it works well. I sharpen all my cutting tools on it. There are YouTube videos on how to make them..
  10. BattleAx

    Hardware suppliers?

    Check out Strap Works is a good place to look I buy a lot of my hardware from them.
  11. I have a Consew 225 and I always backstitch you can hold the thread and stitch one stitch raise the foot and pull the material forward and place the needle in the first hole. This works great it only takes a little practice.
  12. BattleAx

    Custom chest holster for rhino 60ds

    Very nice
  13. BattleAx

    Tech Sew 3650 HD

    That is a very nice Machine.