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  1. I have been getting my waxed canvas from Fairfield Textile for the last ten years Martexin Original Wax #10 Duck great stuff to work with. I make 1/2" leather washers out of my scrap leather and use them on the inside of the bags. The straps are not sewn on and my bags and the bags are not lined. Here is a link to Fairfield Textile this is great material to make bags out of. Hope this helps... Thanks. https://fairfieldfabrics.3dcartstores.com/10-Duck_c_29.html
  2. Finished these Waxed Canvas Tote Bags with Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather straps. I you a CB4500 with #277 Thread I bought this machine from Bob Kovar over at Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines in 9/2015 it was the best purchase I have made for my leather work. Was using a Singer 7/34 it was a very cool machine but you can only do so much with it. Bob is a great person to deal with if you need a new machine give Bob a call over at Toledo 866-362-7397.
  3. Check out Wickett & Craig you buy the sides from them I have been using them for years and have had no issues. Here is a link to there website. http://wickett-craig.com
  4. Very Cool Machine Nice Job on the rebuild......
  5. Finished up this radio strap over the weekend. Just got the shop up and running agin. Moved to SC the shop was in a POD in IL for over a year the new house was just finished finally able to start working on Waxed Canvas Bags and Leather Goods.
  6. Can I ask you a simple question Why would you put this clown Suchwarzenegger on this post. This is not the place for political BS. This is a great place to learn about leather working people don't want to see this BS. Please take it down.
  7. That is a great machine I used one for years sewing leather. The machine I had was updated with reserve. I miss that old machine, learned a lot about sewing machines having used 7-34 for years. Upgraded years later to a CB-4500.
  8. I use 1/4" Basting tape for canvas & upholstery from Sailrite here is the link. This company is a great company with a lot of good info on canvas work.. https://www.sailrite.com/Seamstick-1-4-Basting-Tape-for-Canvas-50-Yds
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