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  1. BattleAx

    Class 11-24

    That is a Very Cool Machine....
  2. BattleAx

    Purse for my Daughter

    Very Nice..
  3. BattleAx

    357 snubby

    That is very nice..
  4. BattleAx

    Techsew Woes

    Find a sewing machine mechanic in your area they should be able to help..
  5. Move to a friendly state or you might have to travel to another state.
  6. BattleAx

    C.S. Osborne 84 splitter

    I have an C.S. Osborne 84 it work pretty good. If I put English Bridle through the splitter works great but the natural veg tan gives me trouble at times. I am happy with my splitter bought it new 5 years ago..
  7. BattleAx

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Facebook is a horrible company. I deleted my account over a year ago.. Etsy is ok they have many fees but you can put a link to your website on the platform.
  8. BattleAx

    phone case

    Very nice..
  9. BattleAx

    Shotgun shell box carrier pattern

    Very Nice.
  10. BattleAx

    Welt stitcher!

    Very Cool Video, True Craftsman
  11. #10 Duck waxed canvas, Kodiak leather and English Bridle from Wickett & Craig. I used a CB4500 to sew up the bag 277 thread. The Consew 225 was used for binding the inside of the bag.
  12. BattleAx

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    I take pride in my work. I use high quality materials that are made in America. All my leather and canvas work is custom made with the highest quality materials I can find. If people want to buy mass produced garbage from China and Amazon that is fine.
  13. BattleAx

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    Everything I sell is made to order 1 to 3 weeks. I am not going to put many items on etsy anymore just a couple of my canvas bags. I have pretty good luck selling gun belts at the gun shows in IL when I have time to get a table. The problem is we live in a Amazon & Kmart world. No one appreciates quality handmade goods.
  14. BattleAx

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    I have had very good years on esty 2017 when sales dropped off. I am on Instagram & Facebook I get a few sales there. This is just a hobby, I just like to make items out of leather and canvas keeps be out of trouble and the bar. Thanks for the info..
  15. My question is there another platform other then Etsy to sell your leather good. Since Etsy went public and there new CEO from eBay sale are down 95% + more or less wasting my time and money with all their additional fees. I do have a website but I don't get many sales. The problem is all mass-produced items resellers and drop shipping that they allow on there platform. The really sold out the little guy and artisans it is a real shame. Thanks