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  1. Thanks again for all your help Don! I dropped it off the other day to an older gentleman that has been repairing industrial machines for 55 years. I figured since it’s my first machine and I’m struggling it was best to have him do an overhaul. He’s also going to show me some tips! again, I’m very grateful you’ve taken so much time out to help!
  2. Don after all your help, I Was hoping to have a positive update for you, but I’m struggling. Got my parts in and watched the video a bunch of times. But not I cannot get the outside pressure foot to lift much and all and cannot figure out what the hell im doing wrong! Prior to my disassembly it moved up and down just fine. More to come if I figure it out. Any thoughts? Would love to hear them!
  3. I had a 11/64 drill bit and messed with it a bit. It doesn’t do anything at all so my guess is the other part needs replacing as well. I’ve ordered one, so I’ll see how it goes when I get it
  4. Don, Can’t thank you enough. If it doesn’t work I’ll assume it’s the other part as well!! Will update once I fix (hopefully).
  5. If this is true, that would make my day. However, what causes the pin to go in and out with the feed dog raising (thus pushing against tension assembly and releasing disc tension)
  6. Not sure if it helps, but it goes in here. (See photo). Correct part number listed above in my original post Im(I think).
  7. That doesn’t look like it. I’m lead to believe it looks like this part (#20). This is from a previous leather worker thread but no part number or source was disclosed.
  8. Unfortunately I’m a total beginner so I don’t even know what it looks like! Unfortunately not included with this!
  9. Hello all! With hours and hours of struggling to figure out the tension issues on my 111w155, and frankly learning the machine, I I realized I am missing the tension release pin entirely. I have looked all over to find one and cannot seem to find it. I believe it to be Singer part # 23556? Basically looking for the pin that release tension discs when feed dog is raised. Thanks all!
  10. Thanks KGG. When you say proper belt do you mean a hardware store 3L v-belt? ironically, I had to get this stupid red one because I have the pulleys wrong and I couldn’t find a standard v belt long enough!!
  11. Thank you so much!!! I’ll swap it around in the AM
  12. Hello all! Long time lurker of the site, finally “officially” joined a couple weeks ago. Around the same time I purchased a Singer 111w155. It’s in good shape, although I have since oiled it and cleaned it up. I quickly realized this machine is WAY to fast for a beginner. so after reading the forums here I reached out to Bob at Toledo Industrial seeing and purchased a servo motor and box style speed reducer. He has been great to deal with and if it wasn’t the weekend I would’ve called him for sure! i was under the impression once I got the speed reducer I would be able to make this thing crawl. Well, it’s definitely not. I can’t get it to run on the “350” speed. Won’t turn the pulleys. On the next speed up, it’s moving pretty good. I’m getting real frustrated and I’m definitely regretting just not biting the bullet and buying a new machine. Anyone have any helpful tips? I looked in the archives and haven’t seen much.
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