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  1. Affaltar, Thanks. It's called a "Bleed Knot" you can google it to see how it's done. Very easy to do and strong.
  2. The stamps I used are from Sergey Neskromniy in Bulgaria. He has an Etsy store, LeatherStampsTools. The stamps are numbers #175 and #160. These are three stamp kits. He makes a lot of tools and stamps, very hi quality. Check him out. Thanks for the compliments. Tom
  3. Thanks Two different stamps that I got from Sergy in Bulgaria. When I get home I'll post the numbers and his info.
  4. A new butt cover I made for my '92 Rossi rifle.
  5. Rifle butt cover for a retired Navy buddy, random floral pic, measure board for my grandson.
  6. Rohn, Thanks. I got it from Sergey Neskromniy in Bulgaria. He has an etsy page called LeatherStampTools. Very nice machined tools. Here's a link to it, https://www.etsy.com/search?ref=hp_suggested_search-3&explicit=1&q=leather+craft+stamps
  7. Very nice! Beautiful woodworking. Like your stained glass window also. My father used to make and repair stained glass windows.
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