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  1. corkscrew

    More stools

    Thanks for the compliments.
  2. corkscrew

    More stools

    PastorBob, Thanks. I get them at Walmart. Unscrew the top and put the leather on and staple to the bottom then re-screw it back on. Folding Stool – Heavy Duty 24-Inch Collapsible Padded Round Stool with 300 Pound Capacity for Dorm, Rec Room or Gameroom by Trademark Home (Black) - Walmart.com - Walmart.com
  3. noobleather, I can do them for you. Or if you have access to a 3D CAD program you can design it and send them to www.shapeways.com
  4. Thanks. The conchos are made of brass and gold plated. I designed them on AutoDesk Fusion 360 and then sent the file to www.shapeways.com. They print and plate them and ship them back to me. I designed in a boss on the back with a hole that I tap for a screw to secure them in place.
  5. Very nicely done! Great detail and painting.
  6. Bert, That's pretty cool! How did you do the design?
  7. Bert you're welcome! This guy's father invented the peep hole for hotel doors and installed them. This was his company's name and logo. The number is his S.A.S.S. number. Single Action Shooting Society. We do cowboy action shooting, and need a spot to rest sometimes. The stools make it easy to sit when you have you have two guns on. Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone. He was very pleased with it.
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