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  1. corkscrew

    Shot Shell Slide

    A shot shell slide to fit over the buckle area of a gun belt.
  2. corkscrew

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Thanks everyone for the compliments.
  3. corkscrew

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Second time trying the Mexican round braid. Man that takes a lot of lace!
  4. corkscrew

    Motorcycle Tank Bib

    Noob leather, no the basket weave has a diamond in the center. Thanks
  5. corkscrew

    New Artwork

  6. corkscrew

    Camel Saddle Hassock

    Thanks for the compliments. It was quite a bit of work. The backgrounding was done with an A104 tool plus another A104 that I have ground down for smaller spaces.
  7. My latest project. A new Hassock cushion for a camel saddle. The original was in too bad a shape to restore, so I offered a few alternatives and this is what the customer selected. Took about 50 hrs and a lot of sore fingers! My own design taken from several pictures of originals.
  8. corkscrew

    Backgammon board

    Cool looking! Neat idea.
  9. corkscrew

    Couch arm table

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. Thinking I'm going to stain it darker and bevel the bottom outside edge of the inner leg so it doesn't ride up on the seat cushion.
  10. corkscrew

    Couch arm table

    Brownie1, I probably spent 2-3 hrs drawing the design, lots of erasing, since it was my first time drawing a floral design. Then maybe six hrs tooling and an hour or so doing the finish. Building the wood tray table was probably a couple of hrs.
  11. corkscrew

    Couch arm table

    Thank you
  12. A recent project I just finished. It's a couch arm table that slips down over the arm to hold drinks, phone, tablet, remotes, etc. This is also my first attempt at drawing my own floral design to carve. I lined the inside with deer skin to protect the couch.
  13. corkscrew

    Two more clocks made for Christmas

    Northmount, yes they did. I found a font in Word that I liked and printed out, then traced, cut and stamped the background into them. But you're right, they do look better I think. Rohn, you're welcome