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  1. Very nicely done! Great detail and painting.
  2. Bert, That's pretty cool! How did you do the design?
  3. Bert you're welcome! This guy's father invented the peep hole for hotel doors and installed them. This was his company's name and logo. The number is his S.A.S.S. number. Single Action Shooting Society. We do cowboy action shooting, and need a spot to rest sometimes. The stools make it easy to sit when you have you have two guns on. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. He was very pleased with it.
  5. This is a new rig for a new shooter to our group. Black with red hi-lighted tooling. Custom 3D printed metal conchos on the holsters. I painted the red and black in them. All hand sewn with red thread. His cowboy alias is Black Heart Brian.
  6. 5-6 oz oil tanned then re-dyed with saddle tan. Came out darker but after working it, it took on a lighter worn/rustic look which is what I was going for. The strap is a re-purposed riding rein. All hand sewn. It measures about 9" x 10" x 1 1/2"
  7. Simple bi-fold wallet that I made for one of my sons. Money clip and two pockets on the inside and outside. Green stiching.
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