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  1. ITs projects like that hits you in the feelz....
  2. What material do you use for the stamp?
  3. I would but its an online order. I ended up doing just that. Thanks
  4. I am making a holster for a Ruger p85 and I have tons of of molds but not the P85. Was hoping one of you gun guys can point me to a compatible gun to use to help with the making of this holster. Thanks
  5. Thanks! Yeah I have done a little of that lol. it kept her alive lol I hope so, maybe I can make a few bucks... I need to advertise as seen on tv lol.
  6. Anyone know Savoy? Seems like the dropped of the planet....
  7. Circles are almost a deal breaker lol they can be very difficult.
  8. I love it!! can we see it on?
  9. Thank you! First! Thank you for your service!!! Second! Thank you for the compliment!
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