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  1. Would you continue on with them at this point if they wanted to do business?
  2. Nice where did you get your stamp?
  3. I have become a skull person lol it seems thats what I do more than any other image lol. Thanks! Here is the image I used.
  4. Yes that was the look I was going for. Thank you so much! Thank you, I need to share more. Its nice to hear other people like my work. Its that extra motivation to get better. Thanks I lost some of the detail when I folded the holster to sew it together.
  5. I have found the more simple the image the harder it is to tool... this image took three tries to get it to look like I wanted.
  6. ITs projects like that hits you in the feelz....
  7. What material do you use for the stamp?
  8. I would but its an online order. I ended up doing just that. Thanks
  9. I am making a holster for a Ruger p85 and I have tons of of molds but not the P85. Was hoping one of you gun guys can point me to a compatible gun to use to help with the making of this holster. Thanks
  10. Thanks! Yeah I have done a little of that lol. it kept her alive lol I hope so, maybe I can make a few bucks... I need to advertise as seen on tv lol.
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