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  1. Thanks! I want to make a plague doctor mask soon, but tool it all up! Are they difficult to make?
  2. A mask I made for a friend of mine.
  3. Awesome! anyway you can show how you get the shape so perfect?
  4. That is awesome!!!!! everything looks great!!!!!!
  5. This could be the start of a great topic. What you can make using scraps... I think that your idea turned out great! I would surely wear it!
  6. My husbands face lol. He said I need a fake head because he felt like he was being water boarded.
  7. Thank you for taking the time comment. I am glad you like it. Thanks Viking! I use angelus paints and they have several sealers.
  8. This should help keep people 6ft away lol. More of a Motorcycle mask but it could be helpful here in our current situation. Painted with Angelus paints. Should I antique it or do a black wash?
  9. I tried to keep this balanced being that one was a derringer and one was a full size 1911. Tell me what you think. It is so hard to find a derringer mold, My Son printed me one on his 3 d printer. Very helpful. It fits a little lose on the Manny lol it was made for a larger man.
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