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  1. Circles are almost a deal breaker lol they can be very difficult.
  2. I love it!! can we see it on?
  3. Thank you! First! Thank you for your service!!! Second! Thank you for the compliment!
  4. Man it make me want to make one! Yours looks great. Whats the story on the eye and number?
  5. Thank to all that commented! I was very honored for them to allow me to work with them! I cant wait to see the movie. I did get some cool Autographed pictures!
  6. This is the Holster thats in the movie, its just all black in the movie. This shows the details a little better than the all black one.
  7. yes I have some pics I just wanted to build up the suspense lol..
  8. Hey Guys I was lucky enough to get to work with a Production Company on a Blockbuster Film coming out. I made the holster for the actress Ruby Rose. It is double 1911 holster for the small of the back. You can see it many times through out the Trailer.
  9. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. My next item will be a 3 ft eagle holding a banner for a retired Master Chief.
  10. Thanks!! I was outside what I normally do, so I got to learn a few things. I put it on his bag that he uses for his wheel chair. He shows it to complete strangers lol.
  11. Here is a US Army Seal I made for My Uncle who served in Vietnam. Here is it Painted.
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