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  1. hashtagartz

    Strawberry Short Cake I-Pad Case

    I love the design and the colors! Perfection!
  2. hashtagartz

    Waylon and more

  3. hashtagartz

    at what point slavery?

    Hey Chuck I think most have subjected themselves to slavery already? They already provide a constant location, mood and what they are eating. They also post with or with out concern the faces, names and location of anyone thats in the gazillion selfies and instagram post. So many will not think twice to put a tracer inside of there bodies. Hell most will think its cool! I have spoke to several people that have been laid off work and they seem to be very upset and act as if they are ready to go back to normal.... but when you ask what will you do with your Corona Check they answers are shocking. Very few spoke of food or bills. Mainly it was new items such as electronics or Shoes... Stay Free and Healthy.
  4. My husbands face lol. He said I need a fake head because he felt like he was being water boarded.
  5. Thank you for taking the time comment. I am glad you like it. Thanks Viking! I use angelus paints and they have several sealers.
  6. This should help keep people 6ft away lol. More of a Motorcycle mask but it could be helpful here in our current situation. Painted with Angelus paints. Should I antique it or do a black wash?
  7. I tried to keep this balanced being that one was a derringer and one was a full size 1911. Tell me what you think. It is so hard to find a derringer mold, My Son printed me one on his 3 d printer. Very helpful. It fits a little lose on the Manny lol it was made for a larger man.
  8. Did my best to give it a vintage look.
  9. hashtagartz

    My first wallet....sort of

    looks great! the edges are top of the line!
  10. hashtagartz

    Dog collar I made

    I have paid over 150$ for my cane corsos neck belt lol. Then I started making them lol.
  11. hashtagartz


    thanks Thanks Thank you ! That would be super nerdy lol. I was thinking of making a hand sanitizer holster...
  12. hashtagartz


    Thanks! Thanks you! thank you!
  13. Hello! I was bored with quarantine so I thought I would try something new. Please let me know what you think. And do you think I should have done an antique brown on this one?
  14. hashtagartz

    Knife sheath build

    That handle is awesome! Did you carve that?