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  1. Boicie, I just bought a new embroidery machine to make patches . I would be willing to do the patches for you at a greatly reduced rate.
  2. Look up the Shoemakers Academy. Wade has everything you need to get started and he is also a wealth of knowledge.
  3. I had it made by Weaver Leather Supply.
  4. I finally got my die made. I have punched out a bunch of shields and now time to practice. Hopefully by the time I am done with this pile, I will have something worth looking at.
  5. 135x16 or 135x17 are the only needles that will work correctly in a Sailrite.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I am learning how to use a swivel knife on the fly. I have found out that my blade is cheap and dull. I have ordered a new blade and a die to cut the shield out. That will make them symmetrical. This is a fun and humbling project. I am realizing how hard tooling is and how bad I am at it! Hopefully I will figure it out soon and then I can start making real shields instead on having a pile of practice pieces.
  7. I have been asked to make a couple of firefighter helmet shields. These are my first practice pieces. The undyed one is far from being done and the black one was practice on stamping. I am open to any suggestions or criticism.
  8. I have an Adler 30-10 for sale as well.
  9. If you haven’t found someone, KD be glad to help. Send me a PM or email me at smoody@phoenixair.com.
  10. Tried to reply to your email message several times with no reply. If you are still interested please phone or text me at 402-641-8191. Thanks, Les

  11. Still interested if this machine is still available. PM sent.
  12. Really? Do you think we all work hard just to give OUR stuff away for free so some lazy person can take credit for OUR blood, sweat, tears, and money spent? Unbelievable!
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