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  1. Hey this is really some silly novice questions but I picked up an older lsz1 with a pretty hefty hand wheel on it. I doubt it's going to do what I need but first question is there a substitute needle I can use just to see if it can sew? It calls for 135x16 or 135x17 and I have none. I have a bazillion domestic 15x1 , 127x1, dbx1, some 332 LL LG , 287 wh... and 16x257 and 16x231 I hate buying needles for a machine I probably won't keep so do I have anything that might work for testing? Also everyone is a week out minimum because the shipping companies are slow The machine uses singer 15 bobbin case with an oscillating hook like most of the Japanese domestic machines and it runs and feeds well.
  2. haha I have one of those shoe patchers. I've not done leather work with it but it saved my but when i had to sew a ton of embroidered patches (I do commercial embroidery) on to a bunch of baseball caps. It took me forever since I have no motor and hand cranked it but I like that it used just everyday sewing needles for typical home machines. It was 40wt polyester i was running and the whole time i was thinking "if this little thing just had a motor"
  3. It will liet you put front patches on areas that have a pocket also....without sewing the pocket closed
  4. Greeting folks! I'm not really a leather worker (yet) but I do screen printing, graphics, commercial embroidery and a bunch of other stuff. I recently purchase a used Adler 30-70 for sewing some stuff and haven't yet got it stitching. I'm a knife collector so the first projects I'm planning are sheaths. I figures something simple
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