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  1. Only cats with hats can do it.
  2. I think you might want to take another look at the federal laws. I could be wrong. But using a pesticide is a felony AW SHAT, you are not in the states. NEVER MIND
  3. I had a Co worker who did not bathe, I sprayed him with Lysol every time he came within 5ft of me, It took him 3 days to get the hint My nostrils matter !!!!!!
  4. https://whiteheadindustrial.com/v-belt-3-8-top-width-multiple-sizes/?gclid=CjwKCAiA0KmPBhBqEiwAJqKK45fpTSecd_yI3KKzaw9-mZN-Mw3mauqi77VKbFD8PCY5HCTp2-lc_hoC-yIQAvD_BwE
  5. I close my eyes and can see your vision. peaceful. LOVE Spanish moss hanging from old Oaks I also have a vision of a moss covered old oak tree in a old cemetery with dilapidated wrot iron fence around it, Church with a steeple in the back ground. under the tree are leaning head stones with the names of fallen Brothers I want this as a full back tattoo but lack the drawing skills
  6. Among the Plains Indians of North America, counting coup is the warrior tradition of winning prestige against an enemy in battle. It is one of the traditional ways of showing bravery in the face of an enemy and involves intimidating him, and, it is hoped, persuading him to admit defeat, without having to kill him
  7. I made one of those. It looks really good and it would be a very good seller to a huge group of people. what I did not like about it was the size it has to be in order to get enough weight to be effective. granted it is a change purse and can not be denied as such. mine is a key fob, it can be troublesome if the person seeing it wants to push the issue but it would win the argument in a court of law. THAT is a lot of drama to go through
  8. i was bored so I made a couple more
  9. This is how ! achieved that look. burnished with hands the whole thing with beeswax/paraffin mix. Then stained with a 50/50 mix of l fiebings brown/mahogany burnished again with elk tine . that I got from you buffed to shine
  10. black Jack also know as a sap piece of leather filled with lead, It will make an attacker sit in the corner and drool on himself
  11. Go to your local plumbing supply. NOT the big box store In my neck of the woods I use Southern pipe and supply ask for lead wool $7.34 per lb they also sell ingots
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