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  1. lol yeah i guess 1800 was a tad bit high . i thought he meant 18.00
  2. red arrow points to the spacing adjustment remove the screw, apply lock tite on the threads place the screw back in the hole align the cutter on the brass base at a 90 degree angle tighten the screw, ++++++to remove screw with lock tite applied plug in your soldering iron hold iron on screw head to heat lock tite after screw is heated , turn it counterclockwise to remove
  3. My Preacher got me with that. I said when I get a round to it and h pulled one out of his pocket. I was stuck teaching sunday school till I could weasel out of it
  4. no, i am using metal pallet strapping bands
  5. Frodo

    Owl bag

    Thanks. I!!!!!!
  6. I wore it in Dollar General and people were cracking up. I like to spread laughter
  7. I extended the handles on my wifes wheelchair I found that 1/2'' emt found here would fit inside the wheel chair tubing The fit is so close that if you have a burr or ding on the end of your pipe it will not slip inside the tubing so after you cut your pipe, use a file to smooth the edge
  8. my head just blew up, The emt was called, I hold you directly responsible for my Copays LOL Thank you...Tony already scolded me. bungle in the jungle
  9. I ran across an interesting math problem that I would like a geeky answer to if possible See the image I did not want to punch holes, I wanted to use my chisels instead, SO I lined my chisel up on the center of the first hole and made holes. I stopped at the end on the center hole In my mind, There is no difference, OH WAS I WRONG this was the bill on a baseball cap, the edge of the bill was 1/2'' passed the spot it was supposed to be the bill had grown by 1/2'' RED PILL ME, how did this happen?
  10. Frodo

    Owl bag

    If I do make it again, I am going to put the front panel [with the gusset slits] on the back also. I like the look and the extra room it affords Thank you, I have noticed that in this hobby you learn more than just leather. I can paint something besides a house now!!!!!
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