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  1. Frodo

    Medieval mask

    I went to the store, a restaurant and pumped gas. the reactions were hilarious
  2. Frodo

    bag with a secret

    8'''' zipper the flap you see is just like the flap that covers the zipper on your jeans
  3. side by side singer bobbin and patcher bobbin
  4. Here is a purse i am working on. I still have some sewing to finish , and edges to burnish
  5. I use HAx1 size 20 I have size 21 on order for parts /needles/thread seek out bantam saddle tack he has bobbins.
  6. Mine is doing great. It took a month of fiddling and tearing y hair out till I figured how to time it. then the tension is the next hurdle after that. you are golden
  7. OH HELL I just saw the date of the last post January.
  8. High Tony, Thank you for checking in and asking questions, TO ME, that means a-lot I do have a three issues, 1]...screen shot from my cart, 2- spools of thread. they would fit in a $8.00 USPS flat rate envelope or box, I left the site and bought else where. Money is tight. 2].., My last order. LOVE the $30.00 sides I grabbed 4. I also ordered a left foot stamp. I have the right foot, but the left was backordered months ago. Instead of zeroing the stamp on my order. I was sent a treble clef stamp. wth am I supposed to stamp with that? Send me a L foot. so I can have 2 feet instead of one. I am walking i circles here. help me out 3].. From the date I place an order, what does Springfield consider a decent / proper / typical amount of time till the order ships? All in all. Your friendly staff and the customer service is the best I have encountered
  9. Hello Toprank, welcome to the forum The leather tools on the amazon site where are the tools made? Is it a local company or are they Asian imports?
  10. Go to a hvac company or the county dump [my playground] or craigs list, you are looking for the squirrel cage [fan/motor] out of a home heating/cooling unit build a wood box, insert the fan into the box. use a 4''' pvc toilet flange screwed to the box with 4'' pipe routed outside on the other end of the box. cut another4''''' hole this is the intake.
  11. About 20 days late. You were told correct a 50/50 mixture pour into glass jar make sure the skin is 100% covered store it out of direct sunlight for 7 days when you remove it, check for and odors, if odors put it back for a another day using a stick, roll the hide onto the stick with the head first, pull the hide / stretch it as you are rolling it up then set it aside to dry
  12. Springfield leather will sell you just the caps or any combination you want
  13. My $9.00 dremel that I used for 2 years finally died LOL Do you think i got my $9.00 worth? so I bought a new one, and needed to take it for a spin, and see if it will work AWL. i think i nailed it !!!!!!!
  14. BEAUTIFUL CLOCK, nice JOB. here is a little copper work. baby grand I had a bike rally around here last year
  15. Harris O , is what I use, melting point is 1475 degrees/802C I do not think you guys with the benzomatics can achieve the temp that my torch can solder melting point is around 400/500 degrees unless you have a accetylene rig stay away from sil floss Here is my torch. and Me getting frustrated trying to hold the camera and work one handed This is what you need for sil floss annealing copper 001 - video Dailymotion
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