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  1. Frodo

    Guitar Sling

    Thanks for Bringing it up T hole has frine in it, you did not see t becaus it is kinda hidden Dang big finger, fringe not frine
  2. Frodo

    Guitar Sling

    The attachment point is a strap with buckle which attaches to both )electric/acoustical) the neck or the body of the guitar, It also had a slit to slip over the screw head
  3. Frodo

    Guitar Sling

    Guitar Sling adjusts 42” up to 72”
  4. Doc, that’s Gary he does some freaking amazing work using Exotic inlay work and he uses a Chinese patcher to do it. Gary has some design talent and it shows
  5. Beer mug is 32 oz / 950 ml leather is 9oz veg name stamped as needed. I charge $40.00 for a set of 2
  6. Excellent work Gary, On some of your other work I noticed you used a snapping turtle hide, I managed to get one, I see you died it black and died the high scales red Excellent contrast, how did you pull that off? Did you use resist on the scales? in what order did you use?
  7. Try a different style, A Filipino Bolo sheath is not stitched along the edge It is boxed stitch along the center of the flat of the blade . The stitch then becomes a focal point and decorative
  8. Peanut Butter ice box pie 1-graham cracker pie shell 1/2 or 3/4 cup ( I do not measure) Peanut Butter, melt in microwave 30 seconds 1- can sweetened condensed milk 1- tub cool whip In a bowl, mix peanut butter and condensed milk. Fold in half the tub of cool whip. Pour into pie shell put the rest of the cool whip on top and put into the freezer till frozen
  9. Tater Patties 2- cups instant flake mashed potatoes 2- eggs, you can use 1 , I prefer mix this on a bowl, add enough water to make a doigh form into Pattie’s and fry options- I add 1/2 an onion and a 1/2 (.not measured) cup of pepper jack cheese serve hot with 2 fried eggs on top
  10. Busy with life, it has been nuts around here
  11. My fingers were sore hen I was done. Makes you want a machine
  12. Agree I think an inlay would be the way to go Fred,? you are trying to get me in trouble lol
  13. I have a snapping turtle hide am at a complete brain block on what to make
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