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  1. it takes a total of apex 3 hours to make a belt materals to make a belt are 20 for the leather 10 for consumables that $30 if you bend over for the pressure and sell your belts for $40 you are accepting $3.33 an hour for your labor and zero for your overhead You will not be in business long
  2. I do not want to be correct, I want to be wrong
  3. Frodo

    Arbor press

    I have modified my press on one end of the presser ram I pressed a 1/4” rod coupling into the hole then machined the protruding end of the coupling to fit the lg stamps. See image on the other end, drilled a hole to slip the bits from a hand punch into see image the anvil that came with the arbor fits into the rod coupling, I use it when pressing large stamps, at this time I can use a 6” stamp
  4. Frodo

    Repurposed purse

    Lol. A plastic tote with a box of dryer sheets in it, that’s wear I store them
  5. Frodo

    Repurposed purse

    When I cut the pocket off the old purse i take care to leave the stitches in the holes. Zoom the above purse. I left the tan stitches and restitched with red giving it a contrast or something. I do not know everything it just looks good to me the cut stitches are held in place by using liquid electrical tape
  6. Frodo

    Repurposed purse

    say you have an old purse with 2 outside pockets. Remove the pockets and sew them together. Leave the top open add a magnet for a closure and a strap young ladies like the itty bitty purse
  7. Have thought about this a lot. What the people need is what we do not have we have a couple of million soldiers wondering around, all with the same mindset but no leadership as long as their are those that keep a wedge in place between the black man and the white man , the poor man and the rich man etc etc. they guarantee no unity with out unity the fight will be at the wedge and not the hammer that set the wedge
  8. I feel you, our Stars and Strips are cheaply sewn together chi chi crap
  9. The first admendment tells our ongovernment we have the freeze of speech tje sureme court has ruled that freedom of expression is a protect right flying a confederate flag ON YoUR PROPERTY expresses your set protected
  10. We are allowed to fly what ever flag we wish In federal buildings only flags that are from a country an be flown a swasticia is not a countries flag neither is a lgbtqrstuvwxyz123;567890 flag nor an antifa flag states regulate on state property only on private property you can fly what ever flag you want. Exception is in a HOA
  11. Here in Mississippi we have the right to assemble and address our grievances with out harrasment we have the right to open carry with out apermit we have the right to say what we want with out big gov arresting us we have the right to get our Burt’s kicked by another for exercising the right of green speech wrhave the right to refuse intrusion on our bodies like the Covid shot one question for @fredk why do you let them treat you like a sub human? rise up.band together and reclaim your God given right tobe a Man
  12. Frodo

    Repurposed purse

    Yes sir, the boot purse that I make is the best return items I bought these boots at a thrift store for 20 bucks, sold the purse for 100
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