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  1. LK, Look at 10:40 How To Thread & Set The Timing On Your Chinese Sewing Machine - YouTube in order to set the bobbin hook exactly where you want, loosen the pitman rod nuts and adjust the hook
  2. My opinion is pretty damn simple. It is time to toss some more tea in the harbor What am ''I" going to do? what are ""WE"" is the correct question
  3. I can not find the LIKE button. I would click it till told to stop
  4. OK guys, I am going to try and tell you how to get your machines working go to this link here How To Thread & Set The Timing On Your Chinese Sewing Machine - YouTube if you have questions after seeing this, i can help you, i am not on this forum every day., pm me if it is the needle, put your finger under the machine, roll the crank, the neddle should tap your finger with out cutting you. if you do not feel the needle, it needs to be lowered, if it draws blood it is to long and the needle bar needs to go up
  5. Yes. But they’re all seeing a different double standard, and the one that they’re seeing just reaffirms their beliefs. People who already believed in the police vs. minority double standard were quick to point out the double standard in how the police handled the rioters on Capitol Hill vs. how the police were prepared to handle BLM riots in D.C. last summer. In fact, that was pretty much the first narrative CNN and NPR began pushing. On the other side of the political divide, people who already believed in liberal media bias and double standards saw it in the coverage of the Capitol Hill events. In 2011, the Occupy Wall Street movement began. That movement grew into a general “Occupy [place that’s doing something you don’t like]” movement. A progressive radio host, Thom Hartmann, for years ended his broadcast by saying, “go, occupy something… tag, you’re it!” Comparisons in the media between the last decade’s worth of various “Occupy” movements, not to mention last summer’s riots and looting across the country, and the single “occupy” incident by right wingers this week, only proves (yet again) the double standard the media has when it comes to reporting things, at least according to right wingers. Angry mobs have been occupying politicians’ offices, city parks, businesses, and entire city blocks for years now. It’s literally the name of one of their movements. But those were left-wing mobs, so the media portrayed those mobs as the protagonists, and the system they were trying to change as the antagonist. It’s only when the right wing crazies start with the “resist” and “occupy” shenanigans that the media suddenly thinks such things are crossing the line. I suppose there is some extra set of symbolism involved because the one place the right-wing nut jobs were able to occupy, for a few hours, was a place the left-wing nut jobs weren’t ever able to occupy. It’s as if the two ends of the fringe nut job political horseshoe finally came together, and the right-wing crazies showed the left-wing crazies how it’s done. But the media won’t ever portray it that way. You know, double standards and all. Mobs of people marching on a place of power because they don’t like what’s happening? Left-wing mob=protagonists, fighting for justice; right-wing mob=domestic terrorists who must be stopped forever at all costs. Progressives for the last ten years: Occupy and Resist! The media: Yes! So brave! Stand up for what you believe in! Fight for justice. Right-wing nut job: Occupy and resist. Stand up for what I believe in. Fight for justice. Gotcha! Progressives and the media: This is treason! Domestic terrorism! Sedition! Right-wing nut job: I’m literally doing what you told me to do.
  6. I agree completely, I think the content of an opinion should be marked as opinion. Years ago there was this thing that was delivered to your door step every morning or evening. depending on where you lived. It was a bundle of paper held together with a rubber band. we called it ''The Paper" Typically the first page was the news that was important to the country and the next section was local news. The third section was called the editorial section. definition of editorial .... presenting the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor. a statement broadcast on radio or television that presents the opinion of the owner, manager, or the like, of the program, station, or channel..... Some how, over the years the editorial writers, have decided that there opinion belongs on the news page instead of the editorial page. we need to put them back in there spot. Personally, I like the comic section and the classifieds more than the free bird cage liner
  7. Actually, I do not consider a person who writes and publishes opinion or bias opinion as ''the Press" I consider a person who publishes or writes verifiable news ''the press' Opinion to me is categorized as fiction
  8. That is a really good question.. If you do allow the press to be reigned in, then whose view point do you use? I would settle for a clear and distinguishable line between opinion and news. Right now we have a lot of opinion being reported as news. In my opinion, news is something that the facts can be backed up with a minimum of 3 sources, an opinions facts are not able to be backed up
  9. It is worse than that, When the left Riots the media calls it a peaceful protest [ with burning buildings over the reporters shoulder] when Trump supporters protest it is called a riot. the media has gotten very political and needs to be reined in
  10. Hey Chuck, Check it out. I got it running this morning Video is sideways. WTH?? Going to have to learn a little finesse on that pedal https://youtu.be/JTPOF5_Tcdg
  11. I do agree that it does not matter left or right, This I completely agree with It Seems the OP MikeSC Is saying it was Trump and his supporters Constabulary You need to watch your mouth. You call me stupid one more tome and we are going to have problems, If you can not act like an adult among adults then go sit on the porch with the rest of the Trolls
  12. what church do you attend? I am a Baptist, we attend church 11.am to 12 noon That is not HOURS it is 1 hour I spend more than our hour shopping. You can try and spin it any way you wish, I really do not care. The simple fact is The ''Church"" being the biggest threat to the spread is completely false I have already posted the numbers of people the census says goes to church week. And posted the numbers that go to wallmart Skipping all the other retail stores. The numbers do not lie. 2 to 1 walmart over church
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