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  1. Your link is bad or facbook is having issues 3x4x1 is a really nice sice
  2. Frodo

    I made a hat

    That is exactly what the problem is. I wanted the lace stitching to bee seen ,Fashion over form So I corrected the problem and I am ok with the look,
  3. Frodo

    I made a hat

    14 gauge electric fence wire, it is what i had handy
  4. Frodo

    I made a hat

    Odd Lot Oil Tan Sides | Springfield Leather the pattern is dieselpunk ro indiana jones i did a few changes changes..... added a wire on the crown used a leather trim on the crown doubled the leather on the brim used lace instead of saddle stitch instead of crown being inverted i let the edge stand proud
  5. Frodo

    Lacing Fid

    They must call them different names in different placers, I call them fids' I call this a lacing needle, And I have no idea if I am right or wrong
  6. Frodo

    I made a hat

    something about the crown is bugging me
  7. Frodo

    Lacing Fid

    Do not sharpen your fid. big one is for paracord the middle size is for my lace here is a tip. if your lace breaks off inside your fid. use your lighter to heat the fid and the leather will come out
  8. The awl that you sent to me, what steel did you use? This thing takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n
  9. https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/43-announcements-and-administrivia/
  10. unless the mods have changed rules. . Yes You DO need to ask permission to enter Adults only
  11. Thank you very much Northmount Open comment to all of the members of this forum This is a screen shot of the front page of the Adult forum Below the first line is a small sentence That I copied and made larger insize It clearly says that if you REQUEST Permission to view this content and further says if you are easily offended STAY OUT I have read above posts where members have said bad feel feels have boiled over from this forum and made their way up to the main forums. I call BS on this statement BUT I am not always ight. So, find the post and share the link. Other wise i am saying a mistake was made while this person was typing, As far as blocking every one, Go ahead, build your self a nice cozy echo chamber,
  12. I refuse to discuss this topic in this forum
  13. picture is a stock photo no cocoa but you can add it if you wish
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