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  1. Go back to the dump and grab a seat off of another bike. very cool find in that 3 speed I love junk yards. My play ground for parts.
  2. just a thought. The more I think about the origin of the word handmade the more I think it was most likely do to the industrial revolution , things started being made in factories by machinery so it only makes sense to me that the term handmade would start to be used
  3. Interesting. homemade means domestic manufacture handmade is made by hand or hand process handmade adjective Synonyms & Antonyms of handmade created by a hand process rather than by a machine received a handmade sweater at the baby shower Synonyms for handmade handcrafted, handwrought Words Related to handmade homemade, man-made, manual bespoke (also bespoken), crafted, custom-built, custom-made Near Antonyms for handmade automatic, machined, mass-produced
  4. This is handmade I watch his old man and marvel at his skill
  5. I believe the word that would be correct is ''custom" I would personally call it handmade but the word custom would be more a accurate term according to webster. hand made means with out machinery
  6. @chuck123wapati 1 1/4 pvc. with 1 1/4 dowel rod inserted where holes are drilled seat is woven paracord. no rot, not mildew I load it up with camping stuff and take off, it is a great chair and very light you can tie a deer on it and save your back , you can attach a one dog harness to it you need 4- side outlet tees or side outlet 90's they are called furniture fittings
  7. I believe Chuck brought this point up in the last discussion on this topic the only true hand made leather items were made by the Indians who killed, tanned and sewn the skin with the aid of ZERO machines they made everything from the knives to the needles. Machines were not involved
  8. Please correct me if i am wrong , saddle stitch is stronger than a machine loop or lock stitch So, in my opinion hand sewing is far superior to machine sewing. in this regard. I am not an expert but I new an experts neighbors mechanics pool cleaner at one time.
  9. made by hand means it was made with out the aid of machines take it for what you wish, a hand sewn quilt fetches a higher price when sold a machine sewn quilt is literally half the value of the hand sewn
  10. I will. right now it is still in the van. when I unload I will I am to old for this 2 day all night party crap. It is fun but damn I gotta sleep for 24 to get back on my feets And i did not drink anything !!!!
  11. check out the first picture do you see the pvc wagon? axles and wheels are off of a yellow tractor supply yard cart that had rusted away pvc is 1 1/4'' with a 1'' dowel rod slid inside where you drill throught to strenghten the pipe seat is woven paracord. more pictures if needed. it is light and very easy to pull around
  12. First pigs ear sammich i have ever eaten, it was crispy and tasted like bacon
  13. We stayerd up all night and smoked an oinker for 12 hours Had some fun...Even enjoyed some jiffy pop around 12am
  14. I use a black resolene from fiebings. then apply wax and a buff no issues .
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