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  1. I Think I might change my strategy Ever hear of food grade epoxy? same stuff i made my beer mug out of
  2. I have plenty of pine trees out back. I will use the pine resin with nothing added except maybe a bug or 2 From my research you can indeed carry spirits in these. You can not store spirits in them {Or so I am told} SO, Drink up me mates. We can not let this rum sit in here all day. we must do our best to empty this jug
  3. The frame is the main part of the gun, the grip is part of the frame If you find a replica that is an N frame, the only difference will be the cylinder size and the barrel configuration
  4. the 629 is an "N" frame so is this. give it a looky look https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DPSFMT3?tag=dealsguidetod-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1
  5. I second the mop n glo I'm cheap also
  6. No time limit. I have 4 or 5 projects ahead of mine also
  7. Interesting post. I like it, I have an opinion. Do they have centers for disadvantaged kids in your area? It would be neat if you would go to the center and just spend a day or 2 just hanging out. take a piece of leather and a bit of thread and needle with you. see who is interested Maybe you could change the kids life
  8. Lets have some fun, I challenge you to make a leather canteen. You have to make your own pattern, Or free hand it with out a pattern and it has to hold water with out leaking post your end results. and lets have fun with this just to get this kicked off, I will post my pattern i drew up this morning
  9. I use whatever type of laminate wood flooring that is on sale. You can pick up a case of flooring for 20 bucks or less and the pieces are grooved. so you can glue them together if you need a piece wider than 7'' homedepot flooring
  10. probelm solved contacted springfield, another set is headed my way. that was the next option
  11. That is what i am attempting to do. First i need the correct size to obtain the correct tap 3.4
  12. you can change out a 220 breaker to a 110 30amp breaker in the breaker box use the 2nd hot wire on the 220 breaker as the common on the 110 Just a thought
  13. I tried your route yesterday. I went to 7 different locations to find another screw i could use instead of a tap no one had any screws smaller than a 6 10 I even visited a couple of gun smiths thinking the screws on scopes would be close,. NOPE.
  14. I use shears also Cutco 77JE $125.00 usd
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