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  1. Hi Chuck love the hat, the tooling is fine as hell Are you ready to motorize that thing?
  2. Adjusting walking foot height I figured out how to adjust the height of the walking foot. I knew that the foot would only walk if the pressor foot had tension on it from the spring but what was escaping me was how to raise the foot, so I have been handicapped with 1/4” allowable height Till I dropped the pressor foot down lower and locked it with the pressor bar screw. the height now is 3/8” I can live with that
  3. In a simple explanation boiled corn meal to be honest plain boiled cornmeal tastes like shit. The secret to tasty grits is the preparation and the butter / pepper added cook grits at a 1 cup water per 1/4 grit 1 tblsp butter per 1/4 cup bring water to a boil. Add your butter add. grits. Turn heat to a low boil for about 1 minute then turn down to a simmer put the lid on. Every minute stir. To make sure no burning on the bottom. 5 minutes add lots of pepper and ad salt Put in a bowl and toss 3 tblsp butter on top your grits should be thick the butter you ADD to your bowl will loosen them up if you serve running grits then the butter is added you have a plate full of soupyunedoblr hhhvgyp fyh youcan add to your bowl anygg t himg bacon, sausage, tomato cherse eggs etc etc
  4. I came buy this on accident I was setting my breakfast while finishing a strap I needed to wet the edge of the strap to burnish . I had local unfiltered honey on my biscuit and Inused it on the edge OMG ‘!!!! Honey is better than tokonal and will smooth the edge and leave it with a very nice shiny sheen
  5. Here is a grits recipe we enjoy on cold mornings no measurements make a pot of grits, we need to stop right here and talk grits. Some people do not like grits because who ever made them did not do it right. If your grits f add ll out of the pot when you turn it over, they are no damn good, you have to cook grits low s as a as nd slow. They should not be runny they should be thick put your grits into a casserole dish add, 4 eggs, scallions,cheese, cayenne pepper, green chili’s. If you want to add browned sausage or crispy bacon go ahead another hand full of cheese on top bake 350 f 30 minutes
  6. Frodo

    Scrap rag bag

    A king size comforter would not only look really nice, It would $$$. profitable
  7. Frodo

    Scrap rag bag

    Another member made a bag from scrap i was impressed , so I made one also lizard, ostrich, gator and pig On the inside, I cut up an old leather vest and used the vest pockets as pockets for my bag bag is 16” x 12 x 4
  8. Put the Rex to the test thus last few days I have a box of ostrich and Lizard pieces left over so I started sewing the pieces together to Make a bag the bag is rustic not a lot of effort was put into it keep it square or with out flaw the brown ostrich on the front is a big pocket rhere are 4 more pockets inslde machine did surprisingly well, t did not like sewing anything thicker than 7 oz is
  9. Leave the butter flavor in. Then charge them extra for a flavored canteen market it as a natural health remedy from the spring water near a Very old and wise Shaman in Calcutta
  10. I use popcorn also, it falls out, if you have a stubborn kernel shake your work
  11. Making a western rig for a pair of 44 mags I will be cutting slots for the cartridge loops does anyone know the measurement center to center for the loop holes using 6oz veg? also the length of the cartridge loop strap center to center
  12. So which is it top stitch line is controlled by the bobbin tension and bottom stitch line is the top tension disc or the other way around? Of you have a nice tite top stitch line but the bottom is loopy, adjust top tension?
  13. 69664044053__B8AE6AF5-F275-4FD5-871A-7CF15D653179.MOV
  14. Listened to you Quade backed off the tension and rerouted thread plus built a top tensioner the results are a tight top /bottom on a stitch line I am not sure the ck tensioner is installed correctly but it is working I think
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