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  1. There are 2 other ways I use to make a cup turn that plug in the picture over. See it from the outside and the other is to bend the cup side out at the bottom on a 90 degrees, then sew to a flat piece , this comes in handy if making a stein that needs a bigger bottom for stability
  2. Caught another stick this one had a big wad of fishing line wrapped on it and when I pulled the line u i caught a rod and reel
  3. You have 2 parts. The outside piece of leather and the inside piece of leather 4" circles circumference is 12.56" so the back side of the outter piece is 12.56" the front side of the inner piece is 12.56" that's is assuming your bottom is fitting inside the top That is how I figured this jewelry box i used my sewing machine with out thread to make the holes in both pieces glued the plug inside the outter piece using bits of wire to align holes while glue set up then sewed it, using an awl when needed
  4. My issue with all snaps is they are made with crappy materials, the metal is paper thin and the post will rip out/off of the cap they do not last, Does anyone know where to buy well made snaps? the chi chi stuff is
  5. little glimpse of my world 4 bass 2 brim 2 sticks amd a tree
  6. 2- copper pipes drove in the ground extensiion cord . One wire to each pipe zap em ,they will come up out of the ground
  7. Bought a crappy jig and a Abu Garcia mx 5. spinner Brim And perch love this bait
  8. Why you using them big ole collegedgrmacated words for? You know we ain't never for seen that?
  9. Wet the backside of the leather and leave the stamped side dry remember. In order to stamp. You wet, then let dry (almost) to form. Re wet the back side
  10. I made this last night Wet formed after. Stamping The image needed touching up with my stylist it can be done. Just take your time In this. I am not happy about the stamp edge marks that is caused by a heavy hand
  11. On poindexter it does but not my basket ball Mellon
  12. I think it stands alone as is. after the last coat i used a mix of brown/mahogany Then tan kote
  13. That one. Reminds me of my x hrr name was Stacey. I called her Spacy for 6 months before she caught on. lol
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