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  1. I am stuck on mine, my red dye bottle is empty and the yellow looks like it is now a mustard color dang, gotta reorder stuff The knife Chuck is talking about is on Amazon. Kiridashi craft/pocket knife around $10 and worth the money
  2. Yes sir, here is the first one I made Before and after
  3. Find a pair of boots that are different using a sharp razor knife, separate the sole from the upper art of the boot see the stitch line where the Toe of the boot is stitched to the boot itself? that is where you cut the boot in half at Use the eyelets to line up and keep straight the 2 boots. Sew the boots together Place the sole that you cut off on a sheet of paper and trace around it, make a mark where the toe was cut, Turn the sole 180 degrees and line up the marks for the toe cut subtract your stitch line, trace the sole. Here you have a decision to make. Make the purse the width of the boot or bump it out a little as you can see by my trace line , I bumped mine out fold your paper in half mark center. Draw your bump out on one half fold cut to make it the same take this and cut the pattern out set it on another paper, center it up make this pattern 1 1/2” larger all the way around mark center Cut your leather using this pattern Glue/ fold the edge to the line of the fist pattern you now have a piece of leather that is 3/4” larger than your pattern line I your center mark with the center stitch line on the heel of the back of the boot. Turn inside out and sew the bottom onto the boot tje rest is just adding a gusset. Like you do for any purse and advance strap.
  4. Oh. The toe of both boots sew them together then sew the tongue of the boots on. And make a change pouch
  5. Cut them up and make a funky purse
  6. What can you do with a funky old pair of boots?
  7. Dude has mad talents
  8. Have a project for ya make a purse out of old belts weave the belts together leave the buckles on See what you come up with, I am hitting the thrift store looking for $1.00 belts
  9. Vintage wood plane blade pteradactyl horn handle lol (Deer) my round blade sharp on 3 sides
  10. Yeppers, The machine was clinically dead and I rebuilt it, It was touch and go for awhile But it pulled through
  11. Are you snapping the rivet on the post with just your finger or are you using a hammer and set tool?
  12. HS, Every Friday is Mother’s Day here. You Aussies might call it Payday, we call it Mother’s Day, Collect from this Mother and Pay that Mother. Yes, Mother’s Day is in May some of us are old and slow, we need extra time I started my rose today, here is a sneaky peak and you will not get another till it is complete
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