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  1. Do you have the Springfield XDS 9? Someone just requested me to make one and it will be my first holster.
  2. Do you have a sample belt you put through this machine you can post?
  3. Sent you a message and I emailed you back. Sorry for delay.
  4. I have probably 30 bags of my own. Most of my customers I do by hand right now. So I have plenty to screw up on. If I mess up I'd just repurpose the canvas and hardware. Always a win when working with LV. Never had a loss to date thank God.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for your insight and information. It is greatly appreciated.
  6. Anyone with actual experience with bag construction and experience in these. So I repair Louis Vuitton bags. Still in the beginning stages and limited as I do it all by hand. It is very time consuming and getting backed up with bags. Sewing machines I am a newbie to, but trying to learn. The bags I will be working with are all canvas and leather max 8mm total thickness to be sewn. Soft vachetta leather. Main thread would be nylon/polyester #92 to #207. I need a machine to do the following....... binding, piping, close to the edge sewing (roller foot option a plus), controlled and slow stitching, part availability/after market. Here are the local options I have to pick from..... Consew 277RFS (cylinder arm) Cobra class 26 (standard model no EPS) Pfaff 335-H3 Durkopp Adler 669 (downfall price as I would be buying new) Durkopp Adler 888 (post machine, again price a downfall would buy new) I currently have a techsew 5100 SE. I bought this not understanding or researching properly and it is to heavy duty for my needs. I did see the options of dumbing it down by WIZ, but am holding off on that. Have a juki 5550 that was converted to a servo motor, but it leaves marks and the foot doesnt give much room. Maybe the machines I have could work. I dont know. But what I want is to have each machine set up for specific steps. The juki can do liners, the medium machine my work horse and the techsew for I guess when ever I choose to do heavier project.
  7. Found this for sale locally. Needs some freshening up and part replacement. Is this a good investment? It is between this and the cobra skiver, which most likely will be new and more expensive.
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