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  1. Did you ever figure out how to go about it? I am in the same dilemma. I have some ideas, but nothing that is sitting right with me.
  2. I saw this one, but ended up talking to the cowboy distributor and got a simple one they sell. If it doesnt work I will end up buying this one. I did get a quote from them, but the cost right now for me was on the higher end. Maybe down the road. They definitely knew what they were doing just by the specific questions they asked. Will consider them for future purchases.
  3. Thank you very much!!!! I will reach out to them!
  4. Not sure if you know and a little late to the conversation, but is there a aftermarket binding attachment for the techsew 5100? Techsew doesnt make one for it and it is something that I will be doing. Thanks in advance.
  5. So I jump off the deep end and got a techsew 5100 without doing all the research. I wanted to get a binding attachment for this machine and they do not make it for this model. Is there a aftermarket brand that makes one that can be correctly used on the 5100 SE? If you have a link that would be great. Thank you in advance!!
  6. I might be thinking way to deep into this, but what is this leather and what thickness(see photo)? Where would you purchase this leather from. I have a lace cutter so I prefer to make my own. Thank you for you wisdom First post in a forum, so apologies for late replies.
  7. Available still?
  8. Sorry for the delay. Yes I would love to have the measurements! Thank you in advance. Thank you very much!
  9. I actually bought one that came in this lot of tools however they left out the rollers that the leather rolls on under the blade so as of right now I cannot try it and I cant seem to find that part. only option is buying another one and I have heard mixed reviews about it.
  10. Where did you get your little roller you used to slide the leather over under the blade? Thank you in advance and everything you do on this community page.
  11. Not sure if you still have these, but if you do would you be willing to sell part of the set? Just the tips. See picture.
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