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  1. I primarily use leather balm/atom wax right after giving my antique overnight to settle.. This method removes the antique that may be dominating the color underneath but leaves the detailing alone. Buff, then if I want shiny I add super sheen or resolene (diluted). I would never use only leather balm on a piece exposed to the elements. As an aside, of all the finishes I've used, I like the Super Sheen. Hope this helps, but as mentioned above, try a lot of suggestions on scrap to get to the place you like.
  2. Just a question for my brothers and sisters in leather. I don't want to waste another's money on leather so my question is,; how many square feet approx is required for a western holster, both lined and unlined? Belts not included. A rough estimate is fine, say 9-10oz. Thank you
  3. The best thing I have seen is tokonole, and uniters edge primer and edge gloss. Both are available at Rocky Mountain leather supply and youtube covers them adequately. Sanding initially is key. The products are remarkable. Good luck.
  4. I am interested in a used Boss if any are available.
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