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  1. Hi to my friends at leather craft, Just purchased a new cobra 3 machine and went slow with the set-up and initial sewing drills. I'm new to machines so this problem may be an obvious one that eludes this novice. After settingt up new thread, I wound a new bobbin for my first project with the table winder, no thread in the needle area. When I went to thread the needle area, I could not move the needle rotating the hand wheel. I tried it both manually and with power but the needle won't move. The motor , belt and wheel rotate but not the needle. Only adjustments I made were, speed and stitch length. Any ideas??
  2. I managed to sketch out the huckleberry rig that Kilmer wore. Its not like the rig shown on many sites. The gun side shoulder strap goes all the way around the gun shoulder and connects back to the holster furtherdown the straight side of the holster. Mid way the offside strap connects to the gun strap. That same offside strap goes over the off shoulder and straight down to connect with the waist strap. the waist strap goes all the way around the waist. There is no ring or butterfly at the neck in the rear. From the holster, I extended the rear piece to offer two attachments. One oriented up for the shoulder and the other for the waist. Towards the bottom of the holster I have an attachment for the waist strap and the rear of the gun strap. The offshoulder strap is thin, say 3/4" with a buckle. The gun strap is thicker and you can add bullet loops. I did 1" for the waist and 1 3/4" for shoulder. If you take a couple belts and sit and think about it you can come up with how it attaches based upon the few pics of Kilmer wearing it. Good luck.
  3. I am using crazy horse for my should holster rigs. folded and glued with one stiched side it provides a comfortable piece to wear. Still making the holster and mag pouch from veg tan. Should be starting on a pool cue case soon. Veg tan under and crazy horse cover. Love this stuff.
  4. Update. The price on the overhauled machine with new motor has been lowered to $550. I will entertain any serious offer. Has not been used since the overhaul.
  5. I have lowered the price on this item to $700.
  6. The sides I have bought are waxed heavily. Does not feel like chrome tanned but Im no expert. What I can say is the gun I put in it is not blued. Made a great lining for my sub gun cross draw. Kept it for myself cause I flubbed an edge of the lining.
  7. Brimstone, I am in Henderson, Nevada and have lowered the price to $750
  8. I have a singer 111w155 for sale. Since having a sewing machine serviceman refurbish and go over the entire machine, it has not been used. It has a brand new induction motor, speed adjustable, that I purchased when it was being refurbished. Original hard wood table, thread reels, light and other extras including extra thread and a qt of lubricating oil. I am asking $750. New belts and some tools. I will consider all serious offers.
  9. Hi folks, I spent a lot of time searching for this machine and than a bunch of money tuning it and adding a variable speed motor. But I had gotten so used to hand stitching the holsters I made that the machine was never used. That’s right, 0 hours on the motor. I’m asking $800 for the machine on original stand, heavy wood table and a bunch of extras. Oil, thread tool etc. If anyone is interested feel free to message me on this sight. When I get home I will add pictures. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  10. I’ve started working with crazy horse leather and am seriously impressed. It is a fantastic leather to work with. ive used it to make a shoulder holster rig and as lining (expensive) on my cross draw holster, my questions all revolve around edge treatment. On the shoulder rig I folded the top edge over a 2nd laminated piece. on the holster edges I started with quik silk and paused there. Any input from the experienced leather workers out there. I have to say that as a holster lining it is the nicest I’ve seen. Easy slide.
  11. For what its worth I agree. The well made thicker owb's I have made have no issues when it comes to holstering a deployed pistol. And God forbid you deploy from an IWB, it is for a serious reason and the gun will stay out until responders have showed up. Perhaps looking at it in the terms of wearing a concealment holster for self defense and training with an OWB.
  12. Well thats just plain frustrating. In a good way. I contacted the folks at Springfield leather, where I got the HO bridle leather. I was told in no uncertain terms that bridle leather could not be stamped. The folks at Springfield should get their ducks in a row.
  13. I primarily use leather balm/atom wax right after giving my antique overnight to settle.. This method removes the antique that may be dominating the color underneath but leaves the detailing alone. Buff, then if I want shiny I add super sheen or resolene (diluted). I would never use only leather balm on a piece exposed to the elements. As an aside, of all the finishes I've used, I like the Super Sheen. Hope this helps, but as mentioned above, try a lot of suggestions on scrap to get to the place you like.
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