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  1. Thanks again! And yes, those boots are some well used, working boots for sure! I just finished up another pair for my wife and yes, her boots need just as much TLC as my boots do.
  2. Thanks for the compliments guys. The pulling collar pattern is actually my own pattern. I built it specifically to fit our cow horses, 14 to 14-3 hands. I may change out the browband on this one because I am not sure about the fit on this little-headed guy.
  3. Some of my latest work... I used a Cow Camp Saddlery Two-Buckle Headstall Pattern, that I modified to fit my shorty sorting/cutting horse, to make the following. I also made it to match the crazy legs stamped saddle I regularly ride and pulling collar that I recently made. It is all HO Chestnut English Bridle 8/10 oz. Leather.
  4. Just a final example of what you can do with HO English Bridle Leather...
  5. I have seen a few threads on the site here regarding stamping and tooling Hermann Oak English Bridle Leather. But, I was not able to find a definitive example/sample that said "It will work". So, let me share my story... After some issue with a side of Tandy Harness Leather (which I love to make reins out of), I ordered a side of Hermann Oak English Bridle Leather. The HO leather was going to be used to make a pulling collar for a saddle. But, I needed to stamp it so that it would match my saddle stamping. I cut some blanks from the bridle leather side and away to the sink I went. After saturating the leather, letting it dry some, and putting it in a large ziplock bag in our warmest bedroom overnight, I pulled them out and away I went. After I was finished stamping, I gave the piece time to dry overnight and put some Walsh darkening oil to it. I have attached a photo for everyone's future reference of the finished product so that future leatherworkers can have an idea of what tooled HO English Bridle Leather looks like.
  6. Thanks Tom! You are correct on the boots, LOL! They sure have seen alot of saddle time!
  7. Well, I felt the need to make something and that something turned out to be some new spur straps for me. In particular, I decided to make myself a nicer pair of stamped dovewings with an antiqued berry concho. After six days, my straps are finally complete. I am pretty pleased with them! Check them out...
  8. Thanks for the compliment! They are stuffed, and I mean STUFFED, with poly fill like you buy at the fabric store. I wanted some give and rigidity at the same time. The chap leather is flesh side out for a roughout on the rolls themselves. Better grippy, grippy. I attached the center-pointed D-ring end of the rolls to the underside of the pommel with a latigo strap that I cut. I attached a couple additional pictures so the you can see the method of attachment.
  9. Well, another first for me. I just completed my first set of bucking rolls and they are now installed on my saddle. Pretty simple to construct, but I still need practice with my sewing machine! ;-)
  10. Thank you very much for the compliments everyone! They are much appreciated!
  11. So, we picked up a used, but never actually used, SRS Wade Saddle. I fell in love with this saddle instantly. But, it didn't have a matching breast collar. So, I decided to make one to match, or at least as close as I could. So, some Herman Oak Old World Russet Harness Leather, some SS and NP hardware, some cutting, some handstitching, some barbed wire stamping, some oil rubbing and edge rubbing later, this is what came out of it... And no posting is complete without an action shot...
  12. Sorry, I should have been more clear (or maybe I am being too dense now, sorry if I am). I actually didn't braid the mecates. I just did the end splices and added the poppers. They were made out of Samson 1/2" EQ Braid, double-braided polyester, rope. The value of the rope is great, price per foot vs. quality. I like the feel of New England Rope's 1/2" double-braid, but it is more than twice the price!
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