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  1. I had the same problem with a blue steel S&W 29 a few years back . . . 6 in bbl. I made a model out of pine . . . took me a couple hours . . . Revolvers do not usually get as finely molded as do semi auto's . . . My customer just smiled like he just won the lottery when I handed him the holster and he slipped his 29 in it. He was happy as a lark. They are not that hard to do if you are even half baked handy with woodworking. I'll get a picture of it later and put it on here for you. May God bless, Dwight
  2. Because I'm a cheap skate . . . I'd make one . . . give it 4 or 5 dip coats in Mop N Glo . . . made 50/50 Mop N Glo and water. I'm thinking that would settle any problems out . . . other than being a little slippery and slidy May God bless, Dwight
  3. It would be at least informative for others of us if we had pictures or drawings of these knots. I for one am always intrigued by mechanical things of this nature. May God bless, Dwight
  4. I'd really be tempted to say your need is why buckles were invented. But I wish you the best on your venture. Personally I would split the leather and stuff the attachment part up in the middle of that split leather . . . with the metal scratched up real good with the corner of a file or something of that sort . . . and put it together with Weldwood Contact Cement. Contact cement on both sides of the metal . . . and both insides of the split leather. Best wishes . . . may God bless, Dwight
  5. I don't mean to sound like a bully . . . but hobby lobby IS NOT THE PLACE to get good leather. Tandy is a much better place. When you go there . . . ask them if they have any vegetable tanned belly leather. it is compared to the rest . . . about THE cheapest . . . AND it will hold your impressions well enough to get you going. Obviously . . . follow the other suggestions about casing . . . etc. PLUS . . . get a good marble, stone, or if nothing else . . . a smooth cement backer on which to do your stampings. I use a cut off piece of a counter top . . . don't know what kind of stone it is . . . but it is stone . . . and it makes all the difference in the world when one is beginning to stamp. A table top, desk top, or counter top just gives too much here . . . not enough over there . . . way too much in that corner . . . etc. The stone stops all that garbage . . . helps you develop the proper stroke for what you are doing. The belly leather is softer than usual tooling leather . . . but it works for beginners to decide if they want to continue . . . and there can be some beautiful work done on belly leather. Best wishes and have fun. May God bless, Dwight
  6. Don't know much about it . . . just recall my old barbers . . . always stropped the razor before cutting my neck hairs . . . Never saw them do anything to the strop but use it . . . it always worked to shave my neck. May God bless, Dwight
  7. There may be Klara . . . but I've never found the perfect way . . . The topcoat finish, Resolene, is I believe the only one that has some kind of blocker for the sun's darkening nature. But with age . . . I believe even it cannot stop the darkening process. Look at older saddles . . . they'll tell the tale . . . none are very light after a number of years out there in the sunlight. May God bless, Dwight
  8. If you go out of Olive Hill on 60 towards Morehead . . . just after the funeral home on the left . . . you'll see a bridge ahead going across Smith Run Creek. Follow that dude back up in the hills there for a couple miles . . . spent the first part of my life back up there . . . enjoyed every moment of it. Got dozens of cousins there of the Webb Clan . . . my grandfather was Will Webb . . . him an his brother Vince built the little Globe United Baptist Church there on 60 across from the flea market. My sister in law . . . Wilma Wells . . . worked at the bank for decades. We all go down to Walkers when I'm in town . . . I get their hamburger steak. It's a noisy place, but I like their food. It's a small world we live in . . . glad you made it here . . . holler if I can ever be of help. May God bless, Dwight
  9. Well . . . let me jump in there and say I'm glad to have the opportunity to be the first to say "Well Done" I'm not a fan of OWB . . . but if I was . . . that one would be high on the list . . . if nothing else . . . a BBQ holster. Good job my friend . . . hope you eased thru that last hurricane. May God bless, Dwight
  10. How close are you to Olive Hill? It's my "kinda sorta" home town . . . May God bless, Dwight
  11. Dwight

    make wax

    Well excuse me Dr. Fauci . . . sorry if I offended your "follow the science". Science is good . . . so far it has give us three immunization programs that seem to kill a few folks every now and then who only took the medicine. Science also allowed a rocket to blow up after launch back in 1986 killing the school teacher riding aboard. Both are unintended. AND . . . making your own leather conditioner may have "unintended" consequences. I simply attempted to warn someone who may not have known about the "possibility" of unintended consequences . . . and possibly help them avoid a situation they did not envision. But of course . . . you and the Lone Ranger rode in to save them from my layman's helpful warning . . . so good of you to do so. May God bless, Dwight
  12. Dwight

    make wax

    If you make this containing olive oil or almond oil . . . please understand that in time the product will go rancid and have to be thrown out. The reason is the oils you use. They are plant based oils . . . and will eventually rot, go rancid, stink . . . and make your product useless. The one oil that does not do that is neatsfoot oil. I have products made with neatsfoot oil that are over 10 years old . . . have never had a problem with it. I use natural bees wax that I personally took from my bee hives . . . and I use the more expensive 100% neatsfoot oil (not the cheap neatsfoot oil compound that contains other oils). I put them together in a jar . . . put the jar in a pan of boiling water . . . let them melt together . . . give it a couple stirs . . . pour it out into muffin papers. I use a scale and make it exactly a 1 to 1 ratio by weight. Adding a little more oil makes it softer . . . adding a little more wax makes it harder. Because my wax comes straight out of the bee hive . . . it has a slight honey smell to it. May God bless, Dwight
  13. My apologies Xig . . . I did not mean to insult you . . . and if I did . . . I'm truly sorry. It might help if you did use the translator . . . then look at it again before sending it to make sure it says what you want. English has no equals in the business world among all the languages of the world. That is why it is the standard for business use. May God bless, Dwight
  14. I took it that he was interested in making a pigment plant as in a factory. You do those things when you spend 30 years working in a "plant" . . . and the languages uses the "plant" as a place a lot in your conversation. May God bless, Dwight
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