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  1. does anyone have any idea what type of leather i would use to cover this kind of box
  2. no im not using conchos
  3. I was wondering how far apart the two lace holes should be from each other on a pair of step-in chaps.
  4. how wide should a back belt be on a pare of working chaps?
  5. I'm getting in to covering old boxes in leather, but some of the boxes are very damaged so I need to find somewhere to buy wooden boxes. Does anyone know any good places to look?
  6. Does anyone have Cowboys and The Trappings of the Old West book if so could you take a couple photos specificity of the chaps, because I'm considering buying it if it's not too much trouble.
  7. are they actually any books at talk about leather chap making
  8. what ounce leather do you use to cover wooden boxes in leather
  9. thank you it did help
  10. i'm looking for a good book on covering boxes in leather
  11. does any one have any suggested of a good affordable wooden leather mallet in the uk
  12. thank you i think i'll do 10mm
  13. i'm not quite sure how far in i should put the lace holes from the edge of the chap leg.
  14. thank you @RockyAussie roughly how much leather did it take to make this.
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