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  1. That would be great if you can
  2. Oh wow, that looks really cool. I didn't know Tandy sold kits like that, but I don't have the money now, so you. go for it, plus I'm gonna make mine with the same bison hide I used to make the chaps.
  3. Yes, I do completely understand what you mean, but as I said, I based them off original antique chaps. This is what I was using for reference. These aren't necessarily for riding. If I were to ride in them I would most likely just unlace them and only lace up the first holes. I have seen that done in some old photos, but they are better for just groundwork. I was very inspired by Andreas Rombach on instagram. He makes a lot of antique reproduction chaps. Thank you for the information, though it is very helpful.
  4. Thank you now I just need to find a photo of one
  5. Finally, I have finished my pair of 19th century shotgun step ins chaps. It took me nearly a year to get them cut out. I went for very simple yokes with no tooling as I'm not very good at it yet and I'm happy with the simple appearance. The leather for the chaps themselves is from The Hide House. Mocha apache bison vegetable tanned medium hand full grain 4-5 oz 51sqft hide. The yokes are 5-6 oz Chestnut Brown Lamport Leather. I was able to get the yokes, back belt, and the end pieces that go at the bottom of the leg out of a 30x60cm piece. Overall, I'm very happy with how they turned out. as I have a lot of leather left over from the hide, so I have enough to make a matching waistcoat.
  6. I might do some very simple tooling on the yokes but i'm not very good at tooling
  7. I'm just about to get my leather for the yokes and back belt on my chaps and I'm not quite sure how thick the leather should be. I was thinking 3.5-4mm as the body of the chaps are 1.6-2.0mm, but let me know what y'all think Also, if you have any suggestions on a color that would complement this. Let me know.
  8. Right now my awl cutting width is 3mm and i think that may be too big for my chaps they are 1.8mm bison leather, which size awl cutting width may be better or is 3mm okay.
  9. Should one side of a traditional pair of step in shotgun chaps be slanted down rather than just being straight on both sides?
  10. hickok55

    Bison hide

    I sure will
  11. hickok55

    Bison hide

    I might make a waist coat and some pairs of moccasins
  12. hickok55

    Bison hide

    My 51 SQFT bison hide came a couple of months ago. Now it's time to finally start making my chaps. I just have to find a big enough table now.
  13. Yes i have found that a sharper knife makes it much easier
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