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  1. Should one side of a traditional pair of step in shotgun chaps be slanted down rather than just being straight on both sides?
  2. hickok55

    Bison hide

    I sure will
  3. hickok55

    Bison hide

    I might make a waist coat and some pairs of moccasins
  4. hickok55

    Bison hide

    My 51 SQFT bison hide came a couple of months ago. Now it's time to finally start making my chaps. I just have to find a big enough table now.
  5. Yes i have found that a sharper knife makes it much easier
  6. Hello, I am starting to cover the box in goat leather, but after I cut out one of the sides of leather and start to skive down the edges, it stretches the leather and then I have to cut it down again and re-skive it.
  7. I did but my old pair fit me just right and the new one don't because there lined
  8. I think that's what i'm going to do and then if they still don't fit right i'll try the other methods
  9. I just bought some lined goat leather gloves and they are quite tight on my hands. Is there any way I can make them looser?
  10. It's pre-dyed Italian full grain and the only kind of finish I have applied would be burnishing the edges which I just used bees wax for.
  11. I'll check them out. I do think it's a bit long
  12. For sewing my chaps I'm using Saddlers Harness Needles size 17(2/0), which size awl would go the best with that size needle? These are my options
  13. Thank you and yes i think it is a bit long i could cut it down a bit maybe
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