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  1. Thanks y’all very much. I t
  2. Used an old pattern from my grandpas days at Tandy to build a gun belt for a customer. I wasn’t digging the color he chose, but once done it’s not bad. He was happy so I’m happy.
  3. Thank you sir. You know, I bet I hear your name brought up twice a week in daily conversation… you’re quite well spoken of. Final finish this morning.
  4. Built my first backpack. Completely stitched on a Ta-king 29-18. With American alligator from the man I’ve looked up to for the last 30 years, Mr. John Fong. Pretty cool to build something with exotics that I got from the man I followed long before social media, every two months hoping he had a piece in the LC&SJ. I read everything he wrote, and put it to work. It’s paid off for me for the last 30 years, and keeps my lead times long. Big thanks for the skills you lernt me Mr. Fong, see you in San Fran soon…
  5. Looks like a 3-4 Oz pebble grain bag side. Easy enough to match on the pebble grain, as far as feel, you’d have to be there to see if it’s a match.
  6. Whatever someone is willing to pay, and that’s gonna depend on your work, which looks clean to me. That’s the price you’re gonna get. Here, that would get what you want, elsewhere I dunno. Make sure everyone knows, the 20$ holsters are at the gun store. Genuine.
  7. I just received a new reliable servo for my 145w204. I have servos from Reliable,Techsew, Cobra, Consew, and a gang of enduro pros that I chose a 110v plug for. All work as expected, except the Reliable. The Reliable at 225$ is by far the better motor. It meshed with my 145w like it was meant to be. It has the crawl stitch if you need to sleep between stitches, and more than enough power
  8. The enduro pro 220v were 35$ on eBay some time back. They’ve been gone for a little while. I have 5 that I run daily at 110v and have done so for a few years. 35$ was too good to be true, I know where there’s one or ten of them available, but the price isn’t to good to be true.
  9. I think I paid 25$ for 10 m style bobbins for my 145w204. Every sewing site I stalk carry’s them. Price seems similar to the UK. I wonder who’s shipping is more costly. Pretty sure they ship from South Asia. I’m having a hard time finding needle gauge sets. When I found some I knew would fit, 1300$.
  10. Definitely different machines, but my cobra 29-18 started squeaking a month after I started using it. In the needle bar. Kept oiling it and after awhile it went away. Annoying while present, but I just turned the radio up louder to drown it out.
  11. I bought a large bag of them in 1994 and just barely started using them. I airbrush everything so would never dye with them. I found applying acrylic sealers, especially in between antiquing could be done with a dauber and achieve the same outcome, without having to clean an airbrush. Dyes are no problem, but acrylic sealers, especially pro resist require constant cleaning. Even using cheap airbrush guns just got easier to throw them away than dig out dried sealer. So after 30+ Years they’re getting used. Now to use the bag of burnishing clothe I got with the same order.
  12. Unless you want Disney stuff, don’t get the Disney edition. I don’t care about Disney, so I spent hundreds extra to get stuff I’ll never use. Make sure you get one that operates the roll feeder, just buy the kits to unlock what you need. I told the salesman how much I wanted to spend, big mistake. I went in blind with no reference. He sold me everything and extra everything, just cause I had a budget. Outta 3500$ to spend, I owe 600$. Got some nice heat presses. All of them…. Anyway, I’m sure you can handle it, but the brother isn’t push and play. I’ve heard others are kinda simple compared to the brother. Find another owner to swap ideas with. I wish I did. Must have! Scanning Mats! Low tack-standard tack, long and short. Cutting mats the same. You’ll like it.
  13. I bought a Brother scan and cut SDX 230 to mess around with and got to thinking about digitizing the lifetime of Tandy’s patterns that were passed down to me and that led to cutting leather on it. Heavier than it says, and heavier than you should sometimes, but why not. It will cut 6 Oz bag side leather all day. I’ve never used the a laser, but I know it runs on the same Kinda Software. My brother I’m limited to 24 inches wide, but I can run endless length cuts, engraving, filigree, embossing, just about everything more than I knew it could do. I got 3 grand in it, but that was for cutting vinyl stickers, I forgot about stickers. I accidentally discovered the best thing I didn’t know I needed. Had to learn from the floor up. Absolutely not one second of any computer skills beyond an Atari 5200 video game. Once I got it, I got it. I imagine a laser could do finer work and probably last longer. I’ve made this thing make some weird sounds shoving veg tan in it.
  14. Latex is water based. It’ll resist water for long periods of time, but not underwater for a long time. It’ll break down. It cleans up with water so… use pro resist. No need to soak it. Just put it on in coats with an airbrush. If you’ve ever used it when antiquing you’ll know it can resist some wet. Not submerged for long periods. Try a leather from a water based animal. Maybe beaver, I wanna know now. Pro resist.
  15. Croc is fine for covering anything. I’ve used it from small inlays to covering car seats entirely. Any skin can cover (upholster) anything. Some different methods maybe, but doable.
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