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  1. Gotta have some sort of cylinder arm machine, or hand stitch.
  2. Several folks on my group have them, and use them in their daily business. I have the Techsew version. Not much difference in the machines except in price. You’ll be fine. The key to success with skivers Is knowing angles and how to achieve them on the skiver. Just turning some screws.
  3. Nothing is wrong with the machine. Turn the shaft till the rocker arm Bering lines up with its slot, and the slot on the shaft lines up. You gotta work with it. You cannot hurt that thing so don’t worry about breaking something.
  4. I don’t understand how folks even attempt something without the center finding rulers. I still use the same ones I ordered from Dick Blick art supplies in 94. Definitely one of the first mandatory items needed in the tool box. Work off the center for everything, you can’t go wrong.
  5. What’s up brother? Nice work!
  6. Those are what you’d call distressed leather. It can be anything, bovine, swine, etc. it’s done in the process off tanning.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BInD1kgMM1GeHjNmvX9pL5AuArThjFLI/view? Uploaded file: 14218b_ch9_10.pdf
  8. Google search the U.S. Air Force safety keepermans training manual. Skip the oxygen canisters section on to the sewing machine section. Here you will learn in the simplest of terms how to diagnose, and repair anything that could pop up on any sewing machine in the world. Even has a troubleshooting section… find your issue, right next to it is your solution. Any problems that can happen are caused by very specific things. Like skipped stitches or not grabbing the bobbin thread, there’s only a couple things that cause that, needle set incorrectly, wrong needle, presser foot isn’t keeping the material in contact with the bed, add presser foot pressure. I see people saying timing every time a stitch is skipped. With that PDF you will never ask another question online again. Covers 4 of the most common machines, 2 of each kind, oscillating shuttle (31-15), and rotary hook (singer 145 juki 158). Only two that matter to us anyway. You won’t be disappointed.
  9. Above the foot, there should be a stitch length screw/clamp. It slides up and down the feed bar. All the way down to full feed, up for zero.
  10. Have you tried tightening the belt, and maybe checking to see if oil dripped on it? If you’ve oiled the machine it’s gotten on the belt. Mine does anyway.
  11. I believe that’s the same machine I just set up for Tandys a couple weeks back. Didn’t pay attention to servo. Imma see what it’s working with when I’m in the store again.
  12. Snapping turtle, sturgeon, canebreak rattler, Texas hornback lizard, pangolin (anteater) turkey, hippo, snapping turtle, giraffe, Nile monitor, tegu lizard, and probably more I’m forgetting. I know it’s an old post, just in case anybody sees this, I have them all, in stock
  13. Reliable 6000sm sew quite. Put one on my 145w204. Best thing since air conditioning.
  14. Your needle isn’t set correctly, or even the wrong needle is installed.
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