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  1. Garyak


    Just keep them stitching holes lined up. That takes a minute. I do a lot of inlays…..
  2. How long was the wait for your machine. I bought one a week ago. I have other patchers and had a few more in the past, but I feel like a 10 year old kid waiting in Santa for the first time. Took me two months to make a decision. I’ll definitely be making videos, because there’s still nothing out there. I can’t imagine someone with no sewing experience buying a patcher as a first machine. I’m not implying you are, just of the fact there’s really nothing out there to instruct. I will remedy that as good as I can. Thoughts on it?
  3. There’s nothing online as far as operating a cobra specifically, other than a couple short how too’s by Al Bane. Mine should arrive in the next couple of weeks. I purchased it to use in a YouTube channel I have planned, so I figure I’ll do some setting up, and operating videos too. I’ve searched everywhere but the dark web. I believe I’ve collected everything on video out there, probably not 30 minutes total. Still looking.,
  4. There’s no way a domestic sewing motor would give you any control over a patcher. That and clutch motors…. Servo will change your life on a patcher. By the way, nice machine.
  5. I’ve seen it advertised and was unsure if it were legal in the U.S. I assumed since I’d never seen it in all the years working with exotics that it was. I’m always ready for something new. I recently found a supplier for snapping turtle and have made some really nice stuff with it. Count me in on the fish. It’s some beautiful leather. Bet it’ll be a money maker for me too.
  6. My grandfather worked for Tandy all throughout the 50’s and 60’s, and then went on to teach leather skills at Texas A&M university Kingsville. I have a few thousand patterns and craftaids from his years in the industry. That’s all.
  7. looking for any hands on experience with the cobra class 29-18. I know of no one who’s purchased one. For what it cost, it should come with a real live cobra too.
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