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  1. Switch to 17 system needles. 23 will fit the needle throat. 207/207 23. Using the HX needles was a big negative.
  2. Good stuff man. C.C. Texas here
  3. Progress on using up 35 years of scraps.
  4. Garyak

    Scrap purse

    I knew I’d do something with these scraps someday. Pushing 40 years later, but I kept my promise. Scrap purse. No plan or reason.
  5. Tank bib I’ve been working on using a canebrake skin. I like it. Don’t have a motorsycle tho.
  6. Finally finished up completely with the slings. No rhyme no reason on any of them. Just started till I stopped and hoped for the best. I guess they did, cause they’re gone already. Hope you like them. Merry Christmas folks.
  7. Garyak

    Rifle slings

    Some rifle slings I worked up. Hope you guys like ‘em.
  8. Couple slings I’m making. Gator, and canebrake rattler.
  9. Your needle is not seated correctly, either not all the way in, or not east to west looking at from the operator position. Scarf faces the hook (east). Make sure it’s as squared up facing that way as possible.
  10. Right size needle, enough presser foot presser to ensure the item being sewn stays in constant contact with the needle bed, make sure the needle scarf is facing the hook, perfectly left to right. West to east if your in Louisiana and make sure the bobbin is would nicely and feeding the right direction. Should get you fixed up.
  11. There’s a few of the eBay patchers that are made at the Ta-King plant and actually use the same parts as Cobra, and any other brand name manufactured by Ta-king. Which few I don’t know. They do a good job of making them all the same. I do know that after market support, and parts are non existing for most of them. I’d suggest going cheap on the China patcher. If anything you’ll learn something messing with it. There’s really no reason why it can’t be a valuable addition to your hustle. There’s folks making top o the line product on nothing but a China patcher. Then save up and buy the outrageously priced patcher of your choice. Definitely worth the investment.
  12. Switch needles systems to 135x17 23 needle and time it up tight to the hook and the CLSP is a cheap machine that can sew heavier weight material with heavier thread (207) than the Cobra 29-18 patcher. I own both. Using the recommended universal HX-1 needles will get you no where fast. Mine paid for itself first time I used it, and has completed many jobs the Cobra couldn’t even attempt. Tip; do not pay extra for someone to “go thru it first”. Only thing that’s gone thru is your cash.
  13. Looking for a complete tension assembly for a 145w205. New if possible, and in the U.S. thanks in advance.
  14. I’ve never seen one period. Super cool find, and definitely can’t wait to see your magic worked….
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