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  1. Thanks PastorBob, and doubleh, thank you too, tell your wife I can make’em in elephant, rattler, hippo, etc!
  2. Clutch purse pattern I made ‘bout 35 years ago. Done it so long I don’t even have the pattern. I just do it. Change it up to fit the here and now… women seem to dig it…
  3. Used pro resist before antique and satin sheen to seal it up, and thanks y’all. Thanks guys!
  4. Some more things I got finished up. Both snapping turtle. The sheath I believe I’ve posted previously, if so my bad.
  5. If you’re talking about the drop down presser foot, yeah, you can’t leave them in the down position. I have a techsew and I can tell that’s one of the weakest links in the machine. If I’m correct about what I think you’re talking about. When not in use leave the foot up. You know there’s better springs out there. I put tape on mine to remind me to lift it when I’m done.
  6. Submerge them in warm water and saddle soap mix, heavy on the saddle soap. Put’em on. Wear ‘em around for a while. Make a fist now and then while they’re wet. Fit like a glove after that. Just my experience…
  7. You can finish it with any finish you choose, and yes you can wet mold. I’ve used every exotic that can be legally obtained in the US and I wet mold and finish accordingly…. You’ll be fine. 35 years and never an issue.
  8. Not sailrite, but the original Thompson mini Walker. My very first machine, and the father of sailrite. Imma give it to you point blank. Nope, there will be much frustration on your part. They’re perfect if you’re on a boat, and doing lots of canvas work…. Save up some cash and do it right. Keep your ear to the track and for a few hundred bucks you can find you a life long partner in creativity….
  9. Airbrushed it with oxblood, pro resist, antiqued it, seal it up with satin finish. I pro resist only before antique and seal with the satin sheen to knock down the shine of the resist.
  10. Throw it all at it….. leave something that’ll make people wonder who the hell made this….
  11. Pangolin was banned in 2002. There are still some pre-ban hides around. If someone is willing to sell, it’s not gonna be cheap. I still have partial hides and smaller scraps from skins I bought pre-ban. If you have some it’s wise to have proof of its origins. They still show up from South America but I haven’t lost anything in South America and don’t need anything from there. Tough skin. Scaly, easy to work with. When I was in El Paso about 10 years ago, I worked on the border and I notice folks with nice boots…. Amazing how many new pangolin boots were walking around.
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