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  1. Some of y’all may have already heard about this, but for those who haven’t here ya go. Cowboy is finally shaking things up in the patcher department. No info on the cost, and not available till 2025. That’s per Cowboy rep in China. She did tell me they’re shooting for. 1/2 the price of Claes. Only makes sense, who’s gonna pay full price for a clone claes, just get a claes. YouTube video shows it running very smooth and quiet . Very quiet. I’m liking it.
  2. What machine are you wanting?
  3. When you use the side to side knob, in conjunction with the up & down knob, you can literally get the stone to less than a sheet of paper, hopefully that’s it, I went and cranked mine up after I responded to you and got that sucker super close…. Anyway here’s the one I use, it’s good for about 5/8 on the edges… perfect for thinning them down to sewing or lacing width.
  4. Skins that size can be found. Money talks. I’ve gotten python and anaconda, which those are I believe, from SFLC and a private dealer many times. Not the best of skins tho, by the time the snakes that big, the skin colors fade somewhat and there’s battle scars. Surprisingly, the big skins are usually cheaper than a smaller skins. At least the ones I’ve gotten. Now if I could find a Diamondback that big…..
  5. I’d take ‘em all if you weren’t in the UK.
  6. The feed stone needs to be so close to the blade you can barley fit a hair in there. Bigger the gap, more it’ll take off. I have a techsew so it’s the same as yours. These things literally work in micrometers. Might not be your issue, but without seeing your rig, it’s the best I got. Have you seen the roller feet on Amazon? 10$ best addition for the thing:
  7. Sounds like they’re using the wrong screw. It’s short, or worn out. Best fix? Dig in the junk drawer and find a compatible one, that’s my fix, order a new one. Digging is faster.
  8. Tried out a Tandy shoe kit. Actually the Tandy fellas here ask me to build a pair for the store. I’m happy. Now I gotta make the other shoe.
  9. Thanks guys, and I in no way was referring to any criticism given on this forum. Nothing but good advice here for sure. All aspects of the craft.
  10. If I could figure out how to edit the shoulder out, I would! Ha! I’m not there yet on this online thing. The strap is where my bud wanted it, but should it need changing I’m prepared for that. Never know it was there. However, I respect your thoughts on that. And would be more than welcoming to advice on holster builds. Truth be known, I haven’t made but a few, and every time I’ve tried to get constructive criticism I’ve gotten holier than thou attitude. I really don’t know the ins and outs of holsters, but I’m not to proud to listen to those that do.
  11. Holster I finished up for my buddy. Giant monitor lizard, over a 45.
  12. An idle/tensioner pulley. Since you’re talking diy, find an old domestic machines with the spring loaded lift assist. I had to make one for my 145w.
  13. You got it bud. I know what you mean about ordering stuff. I get my exotic from a fella that does cash only. Not even a fb. Cash in an envelope, package will come. First time I mailed out an envelope full of cash across country to someone I never met…. I waved goodbye and had faith in my fellow man. He didn’t disappoint…
  14. You made the wise choice buying where you did, and saved a chunk of change doing so. Switch over to a 136x17 needle system and time the needle bar up tight to the hook. Game changer. You’re not going to have success sewing leather on that thing with universal needles. Make sure you’re using the correct thread/needle combo. Slow is the key. All patchers are made for slow sewing, but especially that thing. The needle flex will send it everywhere but the needle throat. Made a lot of money with that sucker, and it still does. Stays in my rotation.
  15. Made these for my momma in 1994. About every 2 years I clean them and hit em with extra Virgin olive oil. 94 to now…. Pushing 30 years… I can’t guarantee anything. I don’t know what folks do after they’ve paid and gone. Most folks a return regulars so if they want something done to something they’ve had it’s usually to add something too it. I’ve repaired a whole bunch of stuff others made, and lots of expensive purses and Harley Davidson gear. Mass produced goods never last. With the Harley gear I usually tear it apart and rebuild with solid materials and show it some love… better than new. Folks get more of the stuff I’ve made stolen than damaged. I learned to warn folks, some don’t listen. Purses at the club voids warranty. There’s leather around that 100’s of years old. Olive oil.
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