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  1. Well I've managed to remove the leather, the foam did suffered a little bit but not too much.
  2. Thank you, the other option I have is to cut the actual leather just before the bend and add new leather over it. Because the bond between the leather and the foam is pretty strong and replacing the foam? I would not know how to do that as it has a shape.
  3. Hello, I wanted to change the cover of a bicycle seat but I've messed it, I did not copy the pattern of the original cover. So now i'd like to remove the leather to start again but the leather is glued to the foam. How can I remove the leather without breaking the foam?
  4. I sand out the edge paint, left it overnight in baking soda but the bad smell was still there so I soak it in vinegar and it almost went away now. Now I can use it.
  5. I've sand all the edge paint out but the smell is still there, I can try the baking soda thing, for how long do you suggest to leave it?
  6. I live in Chile and bought it locally, it is made here and sold as "color shoes" brand. I am pretty sure it is not exported. I am thinking about sanding it and redo it with a new bottle as it smell so bad I doubt it will go away. The smallest bottle available locally is 250ml and it cost US$4,5. It is pretty cheap but I will only use it once in while, and as it expired, I might spend a bit more for smaller quantity as it will probably end up in the trash can. Just thinking.
  7. Hello, I applied edge paint on a leather watch band I made and it smells really bad. I did not know these things had a expiry date. Will the smell go away or not?
  8. Do you think it is possible on a zipper handle so small? Any tutorial available?
  9. Thank you. I did not trim the edge of the handles. I did a test first with small piece of leather. The rope is 1cm diameter, the leather was 5cm wide and I did the holes before putting everything together like in this video. Thank you. I had to make a break a few times because of the pain on my fingers.
  10. Hello, I wanted to share this weekender bag I just finished. I already made one like 5 years ago and I decided to do another one as I had this beautiful green canvas I did not know what to do with. I hope you like it. Everything was stitch by hand, except the lining. Sorry for the background on the picture, my model was on holiday so I had to improvise.
  11. Well I received a new thread, same brand, this one is called caramel, it is kind of whitish. Better than the first one but it is not the same. I decided to go on anyway. I'll share pictures of the bag once it is done.
  12. Hello, I went out of thread in the middle of a weekender bag. I was using wuta polyester thread, dark brown so I went on ali and boght a new spool but apparently they since changed their color set and the one I bought is darker than the original. This is the one I had But now the wuta thread looks like this: And this is the dark brown on my bag. I now bought a new one which is called caramel which is at the bottom next to saddle brown. Hopefully it is at least closer.
  13. Hello, I'd like to know how much are these old machines worth?
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