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  1. Well I received a new thread, same brand, this one is called caramel, it is kind of whitish. Better than the first one but it is not the same. I decided to go on anyway. I'll share pictures of the bag once it is done.
  2. Hello, I went out of thread in the middle of a weekender bag. I was using wuta polyester thread, dark brown so I went on ali and boght a new spool but apparently they since changed their color set and the one I bought is darker than the original. This is the one I had But now the wuta thread looks like this: And this is the dark brown on my bag. I now bought a new one which is called caramel which is at the bottom next to saddle brown. Hopefully it is at least closer.
  3. Hello, I'd like to know how much are these old machines worth?
  4. I see, very interesting. I'll think about this option. Thank you very much.
  5. Both ideas are good, how do you glue the lining to the bottom? Applying spray glue?
  6. I used a special cardboard called lefa cardboard glued at the bottom of the bag but it's glued to the outer skin as you say. My problem is with the lining, how to make the bottom of the lining heavy enough so it stay at the bottom.
  7. Here's the first bag I did, I want to follow the same pattern except for the lining. https://imgur.com/a/cLtmBiW
  8. Hello, I am planning to do a weekender bag with fabric and leather, I already did one a few years ago but I am not 100% happy with it and I found a nicer fabric. This time I also want to improve the lining as the one I did is baggy at the bottom of the bag, so I was looking at this video as an example but it not 100% clear,maybe you can help me to understand. She make like a 3 pieces construction. The bottom and each side. The bottom is a rectangle with a doble layer of fabric and these layers are just glue together, is that right?
  9. Where can I buy horse hide? There are just a few listing on ebay. Is Upholstery leather ok for a jacket?
  10. Hello, I found a person that can make leather jacket in my city so I started looking for a jacket I like on the internet and I found this one, so I'd like to know which leather is this. Is tt horse leather? It look so soft. Link to ebay listing
  11. Here's the final result. I went a bit too far playing with eyelets, 8 instead of 9 would have be good enough but that's ok.
  12. That's an idea but then I would have to stitch, it would be more complicated.
  13. Hello, I'd like to modify these shoes I don't use a lot and I'd like to remove the velcro closing sytem and install those "metal rings" to use laces instead. Question: after removing the velcro system there will be some small holes from the stitches on the shoes, is there any product that I could use to make those holes less visible?
  14. Thanks, I picked 4mm first but it was too heavy so I switch to 2mm and it is perfect.
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