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  1. Here's the final result. I went a bit too far playing with eyelets, 8 instead of 9 would have be good enough but that's ok.
  2. That's an idea but then I would have to stitch, it would be more complicated.
  3. Hello, I'd like to modify these shoes I don't use a lot and I'd like to remove the velcro closing sytem and install those "metal rings" to use laces instead. Question: after removing the velcro system there will be some small holes from the stitches on the shoes, is there any product that I could use to make those holes less visible?
  4. Thanks, I picked 4mm first but it was too heavy so I switch to 2mm and it is perfect.
  5. Here's the final product, waxed and with Lefa cardboard at bottom (which is the equivalent to texon I guess)
  6. Here's the almost finished product. waxing is the final step. There are some flaws here and there but minimal, the rolled handles are a bit on the large side but not that much, first rolled handles I make. I am quit happy with the bag and also with the learning process. The bottom of the bag is soft, that's not a problem but I wonder which material should I use if would want to make it hard, like in this video at 4'31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aANdScynqlA Pictures:
  7. Here are some new pics. I used those snaps, one on each corner, on the inside lining and outer and it gives the lining a flat apparence which works fine for me.
  8. That tool from elfitakorea is very interesting but it would only work for small objects. I live in an appartement and what I do is as someone said above, not to use the maule before 11:00am and not after 19:00pm. I don't use granit but a block of hard plastic that I put on my legs when seated to hammer. Also I have found that depending on where I am seated in the room the noise change a bit, same thing with the angle the maule hit the tool you're using. Sometimes I put all my stuff into a bag and I go outside and sit on a bench to hammer, then I come back home to stitch.
  9. Actually, that's what I was planning to do, mostly because I can always undo it if I don't like it.
  10. Well actually the lining is just attached to the main zipper, the outside pocket is not attached to the lining, the pocket has an independent pocket. This is the prototype of my project, at first I wanted to make it all leather, as I already had the leather I just bought the fabric to make it cheaper. I was thinking that while I stitch the lining's corner I can add a small piece of fabric that would be stitch to the leather corner's this way it would hold in place, I will check if that possible. Thanks for your opinion.
  11. Hello, At the end I did add a zipper at the bottom of the lining and it was a good idea but not for the reason I though. From the way I built the bag that zipper was actually the only way to turn the bag inside out once I closed the sides of the lining and the outer fabric. Now, as you can see on the pictures, I must close the corners and I have to decide wether I close the lining and the outer fabric separately or together. If I stitch them together I would see the stitching from the inside and if I do it separately there will be no stitching visible from the inside (which is good) but the lining would not be attached in any way inside the bag, it would be floating inside the bag. So I'd like to have your opinion on what to do and also, if I stitch them separately, which looks like the best option, how can I attach the lining so it is not floating. Did I missed something somewhere?
  12. Well it's the first bag I make so I am also learning as I progress. I've been thinking a lot about how to continue from now on: should I stitch the sides first and then the zipper or first the zipper and then close the sides and I've came to the conclusion that I have to install the zipper first as it does separate I will be still be able to turn the bag inside out to stitch the zipper from the inside and the outside. If I close the sides first I will only be able to stich the zipper from the outside. Well I still have to think about it :-)
  13. Hey folks, here are some pictures of the weekender bag in progress. https://imgur.com/a/cLtmBiW
  14. Thanks a lot for all your advices. I will keep you updated with project.
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