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  1. Koreric, that's a super nice offer, but I happen to live on the other end of the state, down in Baton Rouge. Thanks for being so stand-up though. I appreciate it.
  2. I am interested. Would you be able to send me any pictures of it and/or any accessories that come with it? Also, do you have a ballpark on what shipping would be? If you would find it easier to send pics to an email address, feel free to send them to lazyjdleatherworks@gmail.com Thanks! -Joseph
  3. No need to apologise at all. Your point was correct! A stitch line alone does not definitively ensure a toe plug. I myself have made holsters with a stitched bottom edge that did not have a plug. I was just clarifying that I guessed at it, and wasn't saying it for sure had one. Although, like you said, the point is moot now that we have Northmount's source. But again, no need to apologise at all!
  4. You are absolutely correct! What I was getting at is that with a stitch line, the POSSIBILITY of a toe plug existed. If there was no stitch groove, then there would be no chance of a plug. Add to that the fact that all the reproductions I have found have had a plug made me lean towards the probability that it did, but as I said, that would only be a bet on my part. BUT... Northmount's links went ahead an put that question to bed, at least for me. The second link basically says the original had a toe plug. Good research, Northmount!
  5. Very cool holster you have there. I didn't realise there was a holster out there still in existence with provenance that showed ownership by Teddy Roosevelt! I fell down a rabbit hole looking at pics of Teddy's 1883 Colt and holster. Unfortunately, the only hanfway decent pic of the holster I could find showed the holster in the background, with the camera focused on Teddy's Colt. And to add insult to injury, the holster is displayed in such a way as to not show the toe! But I was able to see a line along the very bottom on the holster that looks suspiciously like a stitching groove, which indicates the distinct possibility of a toe plug. Also, all the reproductions I have found have toe plugs. This is circumstantial, and very inconclusive, but if I had to put money on it, betting for or against a toe plug... I'd bet it had a plug. Good luck!
  6. Bikermutt- Thanks! The handle is a long story, but I'm actually no longer displaced. Been going by that handle for about 10 years now on various internet forums though, after my wife dragged me to Florida in 2008. Originally from Natchitoches, spent several years in Alexandria. Currently in Baton Rouge. Family is still all around the Cenla area. I get up to Alexandria about once a month.
  7. Thanks, koreric! I actually owe it to a guy that goes by Moon in CFDA. He commissioned a fast draw rig and wanted a bullet deflector. I never made one until he asked, and I'm no metal worker. So I figured I needed to figure out how to make an effective one out of leather. The customer is always right, ya know? If it wasn't for him asking about 10 months ago, I never would have sat down to figure it out. Because of him, I've sold 8 or 10 rigs with that feature, now.
  8. JD62- Thanks! I learned a lot by browsing through Will Ghormley's work. Looking at his stuff is what got me interested in Sheridan Carving. Gary PL- the cup is a wax bullet deflector... odd, I know. There is a group called the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, that does fast draw shooting, but the bullets are wax and the charge is just a shotgun primer- no actual propellant. Apparently they get to really cranking on those 6-shooters (the serious competitors all draw, cock, shoot, and hit the target in less than half a second) and sometimes send a wax bullet down the leg. Not fatal, but embarrassing, and it can leave a bad blood bruise. Anyway, most of the companies that make holsters for their game have metal bullet deflectors. I got to playing around to see if I could make one entirely out of leather that can stand up to repeated wax bullets being fired into it. The cup you see is the final iteration of that design. Thanks for asking!
  9. New member here! Been lurking around for a few months, and figured it was time to make an account. I've been doing leatherwork for about 5 years, but got serious about it as a hobby about 2 years ago. I haven't made the jump to full fledged business, but it's starting to pay for itself and provide me with a little bit of excess to throw in the "new gun fund". I enjoy the hell out of the hobby, and really like all the diverse topics and interest that are represented on this forum.
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