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  1. She got me started in leather work, because she needed a sheath for the knife I made her. Then she wanted a carved sheath for the knife when I redid the scales and resharpened the blade. I'm retired these days, and all I have is time anyway.
  2. She liked it. Said if I wanted to do a tooled veg tanned so she'd have a "dressy" pouch, she wouldn't turn it down.
  3. A side by side Comparison The NEW leather pouch on the left, the old one on the Right. Just so's yah know... the patch on the NEW one, GLOWS in the Dark....
  4. I got the stitching done today. Went out this morning and cut the grooves, punched the holes that could be punched with the fork, then the ones with the awl. 23 on each of the four locations. Then sat down and started sewing by hand. I got halfway thru the one side and had to take a break, lower back issues. While I was resting, the Dump Truck showed up with Limestone for the stalls for the barn, and the second with Dirt for the new Range Berm. Nice Break. Back at it after lunch. I got the sewing done, all thru the process, made sure to pull the stitches tight and that they tracked correctly. After the stitches were done, dyed the groove red again. I am satisfied, though I see the errors and lessons therein. I'll take the project to my daughter in the morning, we are meeting her halfway to pick up something she snagged for her mom. She can critique the new pouch. If it works, I'll start on the green one. If not, I'll cut the green one into practice squares for use later and toss the template. I still could toss the green one and cut out a veg tan so I could carve and stamp patterns on it. But for now, call this done.
  5. I cut stitching grooves for the next practice session and tried to make sure they were better matched. Took more care to make sure the stitches were tighter and straight. I cut both lines at the thickness of the leather. This time the stitching came out much better and the result was much tighter. Still just a bit off. I'll put the top line in the center of the thickness. The bottom will still be at the width of the thickness but the awl point will come out in the center of the edge rather than the bottom. The second practice for the day was nearly right. I'm good with practice.
  6. Almost time to hand stitch the piece together. A new technique for me. Box stitch. Time to practice. Mark the spacing and use the fork on the top piece to punch the holes. Butt the side piece to the top and align them, then mark the holes with the fork, but don't punch them thru. They are angled thru with the awl. The side piece is butted up from the bottom at 90 degrees. Once they are butted, you sew them together using a standard saddle stitch method. I didn't align my spacing correctly, but that's what practice is for, to learn the spacing and angles. I'll practice a couple more times before attempting the stitching on the actual pouch.
  7. Got out yesterday and sat down at the machine to sew down the D-rings. Small space to sew, but got er done. We are getting close to the end here. Things left to do, but close. I started with the Red pouch because the kid liked the green one better. This was my first, so it was practice as well as a pouch she would be able to use if it worked. I have learned some valued lessons. Don't treat the edges with dye, it bleeds badly on chrome tan. I can only say that the sewing was harder than I expected, but it's getting there. I had the edges still to burnish and the patch arrived and I sewed that on, pics to follow. I treated the panel with mink oil after dying the thread where appropriate.
  8. Now that the sewing on the flats is completed, I can attached the D-Ring assemblies. I waited as I didn't want them to interfere with sewing on the flap or more importantly the front panel. I marked their position and coded each one to the marking in case of (BECAUSE OF) minor differences. I then added a dab of contact cement to the pouch panel and the assembly. Clamped them, and left them to cure. I'll sew them tomorrow. Once that is completed, I will sit this part aside, while waiting for the RED CROSS patches due Wednesday, and either start on the green one or work on other projects around the farm.
  9. Next was sewing the velcro loops on the outside of the front panel. Again, the thread will be dyed to match when I am done with all the sewing. Inside stitches. Not too bad, but not perfect. Things I need to learn. I'll burn and trim and all when all the sewing is done. I did stain portions of the inside of the front panel, and all the edges. I didn't stain all the way down. When I am staining the holes punched for hand sewing, I may finish the inside or not. You won't see the inside but ... I have normally finished the insides.
  10. Well, I waited all day for the call, but nothing. NO idea what might have happened. At about 3pm I gave up and went out to the shop to work. I started by sewing the velcro HOOKS on the flap portion of the pouch. This way if they get weak they can be cut off and replaced. It's unlikely they will wear out before she wears out the pouch itself. This is really only the second time using the new machine... so I don't feel like it was too bad. Here is a view of the inside of the flap. You'll note that I dyed the inside of the flap as well. Once I have finished all the sewing to be done, I'll dye the stitches. I have ordered a Red Cross Medical Patch for the flap To cover the outside stitching. Once that is sewn on, I'll dye this thread black. This will be covered with a Red Cross Patch that Glows Green in the Dark to help Jess Find Pouch in an Emergency.
  11. My daughter picked up a dozen reptile skins for me at a good price. Some are as soft as suede, some are a bit stiff, the two rattlesnake skins are stiff as cardboard. How do I condition them so I can work with them as inlays on a sheath, holster, and gunbelt? Then keep them pliable.
  12. I remember the first year COPS was on the air, the officers are dispatched to a dispute in a bar. Redneck is acting stupid at the pool table, and the patrol boys are trying to get him under control. Drunks can be as slippery as cats. To make it more difficult, his four eyed forty ish drunk gal pal keeps trying to interfere. The female Sergeant warns her two or three times to stop the slick as snot the sap appears from her slash pocket on her right uniform trouser leg, pop, perfect. Woman's glasses fly off she drops like a stone. The Sergeant returns the sap to the slash pocket without looking as smooth as a Doc Holiday shuffle. you'd think she had done it before. Then, remembering, she shoots an "Oops" look over her shoulder directly into the camera. Can't take it back, so she turns to her guys: "Charge them both," she says.
  13. I like the second one better, the crown on the first did look off to me too, but then, I'm more traditional. Very nice.
  14. Hopefully will work on this tomorrow. Watched vids on box stitching if I get that far. The Cowboy and I will sew the D-Rings and velcro at least. First, I have to wait for my mechanic to call. I am in the process of building my private shooting range. The berm wall is done, it will contain the dirt berm. The dirt berm will have a base of dirt filled interlocking used tires. None of the tires will be exposed, they will be covered with dirt, but will help strengthen the base. I'll go pick up a trailer full of used tires tomorrow. No charge. Drop the trailer back by the berm. Then, back to the leather.
  15. Next I refold the pouch and mark where the flap hits so I can apply glue to the two pieces of velcro, AND the locations on the pouch. Yeah, good luck with that. I make my marks and hope for the best. I will glue the squares down now, and when I sew on the D-rings, I'll sew down the velcro as well. This way I don't have to try and HOLD the velcro with pins nor worry about it pulling or shifting if it was only sewn. Of course, I glued the front panel as well. This was enough for now. I shut down the shop and let the work set up. I got some inspiration from my pup, Princess Fiona when I went inside. She had a great idea.
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