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  1. I really like the carving. I have been practicing, but your leaves come to life. Mine still look flat and dead, though I am getting better. I'm watching a lot of videos, and working on the edging and lifting...
  2. Nice work on a large job.
  3. I finally finished the sheath for the Shawnee with the cocobolo scales as well. It took four tries to get it right. I didn't risk the Cowboy 3200, did the stitching by hand. I am still learning the 3200, don't have enough time on the machine to chance it. I did okay on the first, but the dark brown dye turned black on the second coat and looked awful. I thought the second looked good but my friend wanted the maker's mark on the front of the sheath so people would ask about it... and he could explain where the knife and the sheath came from. Since I have a duplicate blank to make for Miss Tina, I told him no problem, and asked if he liked the Basket Weave I used or wanted a different pattern. He chose a smaller basic pattern. We discussed a few other mods and I got started. I blew the third when I lost focus and the Basket weave pattern fell apart. As most of you know, that's not hard to do. Number four was a charm. I took my time and laid out the pattern around the maker's mark. Worked slowly on the tooling and hand stitched everything. She is done, and all that remains is waxing the sheath after the mink oil dries.
  4. I finished the Damascus knife, went with HORN for the scales.
  5. I spent most of my career as an aviation electronics tech, working on just about anything that had a wire running to it. The military figured out it was way cheaper to retain those with experience in technical jobs, than to train new people with no experience and wait for them to gain it. Hence, reenlistment bonuses. Some were higher than others based on additional certifications. For example, an airframes tech might receive $xx to reenlist. The same tech with (NDI) non-destructive inspection certification might get double, add upper level welding, triple. I don't know about now, but in my day, NDI techs could write their own contracts in the civilian aviation community, so they were hard to retain once they gained experience.
  6. The Damascus blade barely started: I cut the birdseye scales, and laid them in place, but haven't formally started on them yet. I'll take another hard look at antler possibilities tomorrow before deciding. Then make my move. This friend has done a lot for me and I want to repay him with a gift that will knock his socks off. Good Guy. The Shawnee will be a knife he will use. The Damascus can be used, or displayed.
  7. A good friend across the country was always commenting on the knives I put together. (I don't forge the blades, too many surgeries.) I kept telling him to choose a blank and I'd build him one. He finally chose, but I was disappointed as he originally said he wanted damascus and cocobolo. But the prices had doubled and tripled on damascus. He chose a modestly priced blank. Miss T and I drove down and I picked up TWO of the blanks he chose, in case I blew it, two bolsters, the Corby Rivets, and a few other things I needed. I also picked up a damascus blank as a surprise. I have the Shawnee Skinner and cocobolo done except for waxing, took it to 800 grit. I'll start on the sheath tomorrow, and finish the damascus blank out while the dyes and the glues are drying in the sheath process. I told him the sheath might take a few days. He knows I take my time, and he's excited. The damascus will get either the birdseye scales or I'll fit antler scales, haven't decided. The Shawnee:
  8. Back in the early 80s, I got a nice bonus to reenlist in the Corps due to my specialty. I bought a pair of Pythons, sequentially serial numbered. Miami Vice was all the rage, my dealer got me a Zero Halliburton aluminum briefcase with the pullout block liner for the two guns. A year later, my daughter was born. My ex (yup, ex) had to have Ginny Lind furniture for the kid's room. The quality stuff from the exchange wouldn't do. So, the two pythons and custom case went, as did the Ovation Custom Legend 12 String... Never got back to playing. I was just finger picking John Denver for myself anyway... A friend gave me this shot... I took it.
  9. Luckily, I'm retired. The watch will ride in a shirt or overall pocket. The fob should outlast ME. But, I have a couple Christmas gifts ahead of personal projects. Isn't that always the thing? Plus three knives on the "other" bench.
  10. My Seal Team Luminox took a beating, working patrol, teaching on the range, and a few years at the desk until we retired. I replaced the strap four or five times. They never held up. I bet yours do.
  11. Love the design, just picked up a pair of 6" Colts today. A Diamondback and a Python. That carving Rocks! I would have to make a two gun rig, if I was going to carry them. They are unfired 1980s models, but not for long. . I could make a presentation case, with a dual carving on leather inside the top.
  12. Just like that. But looking at the watch again, I think I'd go with black or navy blue leather and orange thread. The watch is one of the Citizen's that you don't wind, it's powered by light, any light. Overhead interior lights, sunlight, whatever. The Blue Face, black bezel, and orange second hand would pop with the right fob. I might make a flap to cover the face to keep the scratches down. Another project for the leather bench. Priority goes to the tooled pouch for the Granddaughter, a Christmas Present "Request."
  13. That looks great! I bought a very nice watch a couple years ago to replace my Luminod Seal Team Watch that finally died after fifteen years. Then fell and fractured my left wrist in two places badly enough they put a plate in it. Now I lost about 20% range of motion. Can't wear watches any more. Think I'll mount the new one on a fob, to carry in my pocket. Your stitch and leather combo is beautifully done, and would show off my watch nicely.
  14. Went to Tandy and got what I needed a few days ago, will be starting soon.
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