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  1. Nice work. Those are great.
  2. This is really impressive. Amazing skills.
  3. spacedog


    Absolutely amazing skills.
  4. Really impressive skills on this. Congrats on doing such an excellent work. I find myself wondering if you applied a dye around the outline of the bones, and if so how?
  5. Nice start. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. Only thing that comes to mind without a border is you have to put holes in your work.
  6. spacedog

    Plague Mask

    That is timely, and looks good. Nice work.
  7. Thanks. I haven't made any more dice cups yet, but when I do I'll add them here. I thought about doing some for games that require lots of dice like Warhammer (they have different factions or armies so you could make a variety) or maybe with art inspired by the different D&D campaigns (they have published dozens to choose from). Table top gamers love their dice. Thanks very much.
  8. That looks awesome. Nice touch with the feathers at the elbow.
  9. Thanks. The vertical seam on this cup is different than all the previous ones. I posted photos of those earlier in this thread. This time I made a mistake though. I didn't measure the circumference of the bottom carefully enough and the barrel ended up too long so that it overlapped around. I had a dilemma whether to throw away the bottom or leave it overlapped and I chose the latter. Anyways, the seam overlaps. It's badly done. Ha! Dice cups are fun to make and my nerd friends like them. I look forward to seeing what you make.
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