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  1. I love the colour you got on that first one. Nice work.
  2. Nice looking work space, and excellent work.
  3. Thanks Gezzer. I don’t know what the stitches are called. Ha. I tend to sew the seam to make the tube first, then I sew in the bottom. The needle to sew the bottom is going diagonally thru both pieces so I don’t have to reach into the cup until I want to tie it off. Which makes the last stitch a real pain in the butt. I was thinking of making another one soon. I will post it here if and when it is done.
  4. I haven’t posted for quite a while, but then also haven’t done much leatherwork either. I did, however, make another dice cup for gaming tables. The method is very similar to what I have posted here previously. Tooled leather, dyed and then finished with acrylic paint.
  5. I haven’t been doing much leather work lately, and then mostly practice stuff. I have been needing to finish a bag I started for my wife so I will see what I can get up to. Here are a few scraps I’ve been banging on, trying out border textures with different tools.
  6. It looks like you are making great progress, Gezzer, in both the tooling and the dyeing. Keep up the good work.
  7. Wow, that is top notch craftsmanship. Well done sir.
  8. Those oak leaves are great.
  9. I thought about putting something on the inside of the guitar strap, but decided not to do any tooling. Instead I put the first verse of the song, Surly Joe, that Buster sings in the saloon. At the end of the song everyone throws their hats in the air so I put some of those on the inside too. I just used some of the Bordeaux dye to paint them on.
  10. Thanks Gezzer. I might try that option the next time I attempt something similar. Thanks Battlemunky. I gave it a shot. (Ha) Thanks Chuck. No worries, just looking for ways to keep improving. There are a bunch of clips from the movie on YouTube if you are interested.
  11. Wow! That is very nicely done. Just excellent work.
  12. And finally, the end. This bit got the better of me. I could not think of a way to represent the strings on the harp and also use the background tool. So I left it blank behind the harp. Again, if anyone has a solution or thoughts on how it could have been done, please comment. There might be someone else wondering how else it can be done, besides me.
  13. Nearly done. Spoiler Alert! There are a lot of deaths in this movie, and I wanted to portray it with graves spreading to the horizon, which has “the dead man’s hand” above it. It works, but feels like I rushed it a bit, like not fitting in all the words on the ace of clubs. It should say, “Well that ain’t good”. Not sure if that qualifies as irony, or not.
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