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  1. spacedog

    Tiger and water

    Amazing work. Just amazing. Wow.
  2. spacedog

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Absolutely amazing. This must have taken a lot of patience and practice. Very cool.
  3. @Rockoboy Thanks. I find keeping letters the same size the tricky part. The suckers are tough to photograph, but they are there, so the answer is yes and no.
  4. I made this for friend that wanted a pocket notepad. It's meant to be humorous, as he's a real character, and since he is using pen and paper instead of a cellphone to take notes. I used a black antique gel on the un-dyed leather.
  5. spacedog

    Horse Padfolio

    Nicely done.
  6. spacedog

    Embossed Skull

    Always amazed at how your figures practically jumping off the leather. Very well done.
  7. spacedog

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Wow. Nice work PerniciousDuke. That turned out great.
  8. spacedog

    Dice cups

    Thanks. Thank you. I've given them to my sons and friends.
  9. spacedog

    Viking raiders WIP

  10. spacedog

    Dice cups

    Thanks. Well, here is the end results. I am pleased with the outcome. If anyone has any critiques or questions, they are welcome.
  11. spacedog

    Album cover bag

    I really like this. Nice work on a very unique item.
  12. spacedog

    Dice cups

    Thanks again for the feedback, @kiwican It is always fun when you can turn an idea into something you can hold. For this dice cup I want to go over the top and make the lid something other than tooled leather, something closer to, well, something creepy or strange. I crunched all the photos into a single image to show how I did it, but first I'll give you a rundown. I painted an "eye" on a piece of paper, glued it to the back of a glass bead, and then glued that to the leather lid. I have some scraps of black pigskin and cut one to fit over the bead and two more as folds to put around it. I glued those in place in stages, meaning I only put glue, contact cement, on small areas of the leather parts at a time. That way I could pull on the leather to stretch it to where I want it. Once the contact cement grabs hold you can't move it, so if I had tried to glue it all in one go, it would take a lot of luck to get it the way I wanted it. Anyway, this lid is a long ways from done, but here is what it looks like for now. I would love to know what you think, and thanks for following along.
  13. spacedog

    Dice cups

  14. spacedog

    Dice cups

    The dye worked out pretty good. I used a fine brush to add the black dye in the details, once the green was dry, and the copper is acrylic paint. Next I have to make the lid.
  15. spacedog

    Dice cups

    Thanks. Yours is very cool too. It is fun to make these small projects and do some figure carving. I've decided to go with green, which I find a bit difficult, but Cthulhu is watching...