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  1. I like that design for a horizontal carry sheath, looks very nice!
  2. That's a great looking sheath!
  3. I carved it, wasn't too difficult.
  4. I just finished up a notebook cover for a friend. All critiques are welcome.
  5. thawk8541


    I drew it up, I haven't done too many of my own patterns yet.
  6. A friend sent me a knife sheath and wanted a holster and belt made to match it. He wanted quite a few bullet loops but didn’t want them to go too far back and wanted some in front of the holster. Take a look and tell me what you think.
  7. thawk8541


    I haven’t posted much here but have been learning a lot from everyone. I finally decided to post a couple things. Critique is welcomed
  8. Thanks everyone! It’s a huge sword for sure. Chuck123wapiti- that bracket is actually leather covered with the stitching one the outside, no rebar. Spacedog- I did manage to unsheath it (outside of course), I can’t imagine having to carry something like that around.
  9. A friend of mine made a sword and needed a back scabbard made for it. I mostly make belts, holsters and and sheaths, so I figured I could give this a shot.
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