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  1. I’ve got a couple different patterns depending on the type of holster you are wanting to make. boisey foundry has aluminum molds available I think they run about $45 I know they have The 629 mold.
  2. I am in search of parts for a pfaff 145 that I am rebuilding if anyone has surplus parts or a parts machine I’m interested. I’ve got a list of the parts I need and a description of the parts.
  3. Salaman yes I recently upgraded my bevelers to bk steep bevelers and I noticed the difference right away. Wish I had done that 2 years ago. thank you all for your compliments.
  4. Thank you all for your gracious comments. samalan: to your question regarding the boarder stamp I found that the particular stamp I was using didn’t like tight corners. Plus I kind of like the way it added some diversity to the pattern. I’ve seen it done somewhere else before and I thought it worked well I that situation. I later learned that if you run a beveler down the inside edge of the meandering boarder it’s helps a ton. yin: I spent a lot of time on those leafs. I drew them as rounded tips. I think if I ever do a pattern with that many oak leafs again I’ll go with a more pointed leaf tip. I do like the way they turned out though there’s a lot of depth in them.
  5. So I haven’t posted in a while which means I’ve been busy. Business is going good I’m hoping if thing keep growing like they have this time next year I can quit my day job. Only time will tell. ok so this is a rifle scabbard I finished about 2 months ago. It was made for a Kentucky long rifle. The customer wanted something he could hike with up in the pacific north west cascade mountains. It was definitely my most ambitious job so far. I did a lot of head scratching trying to get all my assembly steps in order and plan out all my tooling designs. The hardest part was I only had measurements to go off of for the rifle. I never was able to find a rifle in my area to compare to my pattern. it was made from 8-9 oz w&c with a bark tanned shearling liner. Stitched with my cobra class 4 using 277 white bonded thread. Fiebings saddle tan dye, And dark brown antique paste using fiebings pro resist as my resist for the antique. please give me critique if you something I can improve on. thanks.
  6. Mutt I am as well. Don’t get me wrong traditional tooled belts that stay in the border are wonderful but they also look very framed to me. I think moving in and out of the border helps with the personality of the piece your working on each one will have its own unique feel.
  7. Thank you. No I started with the tooling when I first got into leather last year. And try and challenge my self more and more with each new project. The thing I’m trying to iron out is the flow of the design when drawing my artwork. It’s getting better the more I do. So I guess like most things practice is key. I’m definitely looking forward to more tooled belts.
  8. So this is my first Tooled belt I was very happy with how it turned out. 8oz w&c with a 4oz liner. Machine stitched. My hats off to those that hand stitch belts. I don’t know if it’s just me but there seems to be quite a learning curve with carving and tooling w&c compared to other veg tan leathers.
  9. Is there a way to change your screen name or do I have to register a new account if I want a new screen name.
  10. Well it’s not my revolver. I just built the holster. I don’t know the specifics of that firearm. As long as the holster does it’s intended purpose safely that’s all that matters to me. I can build you one for your ruger or S&W.
  11. If you look at the second picture you can see how it’s attached to the back of the holster. It’s sewn on before the liner is glued. The wing as you have now dubbed it really makes a huge difference in how the holster feels and hugs your torso. It gives you a lot more freedom in movement compared to a rigid attachment point on the holster.
  12. So my latest custom holster is by far one of my favorites. All veg tan holster is 6-7 oz wit 1-2 oz liner. Padded suede inlays on shoulder strap and rear yoke. With an adjustable cobra style buckle. All machine stitched on a cobra class 4. My new best friend. The most challenging part of the whole process was finding a mold gun for the holster. They don’t exist for that model. Had to work with a custom 3D printer adnfd then cross reference those cad files to the actual firearm to make sure everything was correct.
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