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  1. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    Just finished an ammo pouch for a blokes 458 Lott... Roger
  2. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    I accept the praise and I welcome criticism...constructive criticism Roger
  3. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    Made an ammo pouch for a mate of mine, for either 22's or air rifle slugs. First of this type of pouch I have made so there was a few mistakes....should have used a magnetic catch instead of the Sam Brown stud, wet molded the ends which was good but found that my fingernails scratched the soft leather when I was sewing..a few other things I would do differently but thats for the next one... Roger
  4. I have a question that's a bit like hotdogs and buns...why is it that stitching punches are spaced in a metric size and stitching wheels are measured in spaces per inch ?? I cannot find a stitching wheel that matches any stitching punch.....or is it just me ?? Roger
  5. yuma

    Key clips ?

    From an Australian mob....Makers Leather Supply... Roger
  6. yuma

    Key clips ?

    Cheers, looks like I've found some ! In steel. Roger
  7. yuma

    Key clips ?

    Thanks anyway...item no longer available.... Roger
  8. yuma

    Key clips ?

    Does anyone know what these are called and where I can get some ?? Can't find anywhere in Oz that sells them !! Roger
  9. yuma


    That striped elastic that is used to under a horse to hold the saddle on.....girth strap.... Roger
  10. ...you'd be surprised how handy it is !! Roger
  11. yuma


    Thanks to all for your help. Frodo, I would agree with you but the customer specified elastic....I'm using girth elastic so it should last fairly well, and at the very least I'll learn something new. Roger
  12. Thanks Dikman, back in my mid 20's I worked as a maintenance fitter for a timber yard and they made mallet heads, paint brush handles, hence the little hammer, and Jarvis Walker fishing rod handles among other things...the owner did a bit of a shonky on me, so when I left I loaded the back of my ute with as much as I could....luckily a mate of mine bought him out so there was no drama over the " aquisition of goods " Roger
  13. yuma


    I want to make some ammo belts and pouches with elastic bullet loops. Can you sew them by hand or do you need a machine ??....if by hand , how ?? Roger
  14. Made a couple of pocket ammo holders and a fly wallet.....first ones, ( buggered up the stud hole ) a bit rough but getting better....I think...I hope !!
  15. yuma

    Leather handles

    I've started doing a bit of leather handled tool restoration. This is my geologist pick I've had since I was 10, cleaned it up, re-pointed it and replaced the plastic spacers with brass and leather from an old pony club saddle I picked up at the re-cycle shop for $4.
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