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  1. Nice work....your knives ? Roger
  2. yuma

    Last ones..

    No, I always put in a 2 or 3 mm thick, 10 to 12 mm wide welt on the outside edge. It protects the stitching from the blade and the blade from the rivets. A bit hard to see in the pics..... Roger
  3. yuma

    Last ones..

    Finished the last two sheaths for this bloke...top one is a small of the back sheath for a camp knife, the other is a second sheath for his " Lion Killer " knife. Here are all four ready to go... Roger
  4. yuma


    Working on it Chuck, working on it ...
  5. yuma


    Finally getting some gear finished... Roger
  6. yuma


    Just finished a couple knife sheaths for a bloke...
  7. Cheers, all my leather is veg tanned. Roger
  8. Thanks, I'm making some sheaths for a bloke who makes these fancy handmade knives and I was a bit concerned about the possible effect on the blades. Roger
  9. What do you use inside a knife sheath, other than a lining, to protect the knife blade from leather...rust wise, etc?....wax, dubbin ? Roger
  10. yuma

    Bowie sheath

    MW, yes, once I removed the brass base from the plastic case I knocked the primer out, ground away some of the brass to make it thinner and used a 6mm eyelet to attach to the leather and then pushed a used large rifle primer back into the hole. Roger
  11. yuma

    Bowie sheath

    Western style skirt sheath for a bowie, can be worn left or right hand... Roger
  12. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    A bit over 4" square and an inch deep not including belt loops... Roger
  13. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    Just finished an ammo pouch for a blokes 458 Lott... Roger
  14. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    I accept the praise and I welcome criticism...constructive criticism Roger
  15. yuma

    Ammo pouch

    Made an ammo pouch for a mate of mine, for either 22's or air rifle slugs. First of this type of pouch I have made so there was a few mistakes....should have used a magnetic catch instead of the Sam Brown stud, wet molded the ends which was good but found that my fingernails scratched the soft leather when I was sewing..a few other things I would do differently but thats for the next one... Roger
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