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  1. Yep, you did a very nice job on those.
  2. Nice. From the outside it looks to be in very good condition.
  3. Looks great to me, yes, the handle is pretty "hefty" but given that it carries petanque balls it needs a bit of strength. It's not meant to be a ladies handbag.
  4. Read Wiz's sticky, it's THE starting point to understanding leather sewing machines. Note that if you want to make holsters with a sewing machine then that straight away puts you into the heavy machine class, usually a 441 clone.
  5. I bought an open frame too because of the flexibility of sliding things under it, unfortunately I soon realised I needed to enclose it and use an exhaust system because of the fumes!!!!! Mine didn't come with software, normally I tend to find free software that generally works but in this case I ended up actually paying for Lightburn and consider it money well spent, it's an excellent piece of software for laser engravers with lots of user guides on youtube. These things have lots of creative potential for leatherworkers.
  6. That's what I did, so I could move the lifter pedal to the left of the go pedal - but it took a bit of fabrication!!
  7. If it uses brushes then there should hopefully be some sort of screw fitting where the brushes are mounted, there will be two on opposite sides of the motor housing.
  8. That's a shame, but I can understand you being wary when it comes to very old machines as parts can be a problem. Me, I would have grabbed it as walking foot post beds aren't exactly common. But then, I can be a glutton for punishment!
  9. Have a close look at the motor, if it uses brushes then yes, a simple speed controller should work (although I would suggest an electronic controller rather than a simple rheostat), if the motor doesn't have brushes then it is an induction motor and the controller WILL NOT work. Vintage sewing machines used brush-type motors to allow for rudimentary speed control.
  10. If you have an ac motor belt sander (most likely) then no, a dimmer switch or rheostat will not work. There is no easy way to control such a motor. Variable speed grinders/belt sanders generally use a 3-phase motor with a Variable Frequency Device (VFD) used to control the speed. These can be run off the single phase household supply.
  11. dikman


    Awww, what a little cutie! Patch cutter - when loading a black powder muzzle-loading rifle a cloth patch is placed over the barrel, the round ball is put on top and pushed/tapped down to just below the end of the barrel and the excess cloth is cut off before the ball is rammed down the barrel.
  12. A walking foot post-bed for $250! No mistake, I reckon you've done well! Just ditch the clutch motor and you'll be laughing.
  13. I've always said the worst thing you can do is having to deal with customers.
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