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  1. Be aware that hack/mod doesn't apply to most, if not all, of the newer servos as they no longer use that method to vary speed.
  2. Very impressive! Regarding removing the plastic from around the copper, what about soaking it in acetone to dissolve the plastic?
  3. My approach too. It is usually possible to tweak the settings to some extent but this seems to be a common issue with most of the digital servos on the market.
  4. I opened it with Cura and it showed 190.5mm, so about 8". I tried Slic3r, same result.
  5. Very nice indeed! The carving is excellent. I assume you have a matching belt?
  6. Just my opinion, of course, but I think the rivets spoil the look. Other than that, great job, the feathers look good.
  7. Is it advertised as a stitching awl? If so you were using it for the advertised purpose (which it obviously isn't fit for). Sounds to me like it's only fit to use as a scratch awl. Referring it to their "professional craftsman" made me laugh. Weasel words indeed, they're trying to make it sound like they know what they're talking about.
  8. Perhaps, if you know what you're doing, however it appears the OP has little choice. As Handstitched said here it would be the dealer's responsibility to fix and the buyer may have the option of a refund in this particular situation.
  9. dikman

    A new knife

    In my earlier comment I thought it had a fancy brass bolster but I see now it was an optical delusion, a trick of the light. If I ever get motivated enough I'll have to pinch your design and make one.
  10. Nice stamping pattern, there's a lot of elements in it but they blend in well (not always easy to do).
  11. dikman

    New holster.

    Very nice, you did a great job on the tooling.
  12. Interesting solution. I can guarantee that would get you arrested here.
  13. In other words it was just all gunked up. At least it turned out to be an easy fix.
  14. dikman

    A new knife

    You couldn't resist making one, could you? Looks good, interesting bolster design.
  15. They look like they belong in a fancy collector's case! Must be rare finding a complete set.
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