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  1. dikman

    3D printed floral tracing pattern

    I suppose you could glue it to a backing board for greater rigidity when tapping it?
  2. Ah, so it's not just me...... Brian, you may notice that my cap seems to have pushed in a bit further than yours (not that it makes any difference) so you could probably make it about 3mm longer, I guess?
  3. dikman

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    No argument from me re-PayPal, but I do find it very useful with ebay purchases. My mistake (because I didn't know any better) was that I lodged a claim with ebay and they suggested I claim through PayPal. Once I initiated that claim ebay said they couldn't help because it was now with PayPal, although one of their supervisors said that in good faith they would refund my shipping costs once I sent them the receipt (would have been about $200). I refused to "return" it to the UK because Australian Consumer Law said it was the seller's responsibility to recover the goods. Anyhow, if you ever have problems try and stick with ebay's resolution process.
  4. Care to give a bit of info on your leather ageing process? Looks good.
  5. dikman

    3D printed floral tracing pattern

    Very clever, Chakotay.
  6. dikman

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    Be careful with ebay's return policy, it is 30 days. PayPal is 180 days BUT to claim a refund they require you to return the goods first, at your expense. I recently bought a mini metal lathe off ebay, sold and shipped from within Australia. It was not what was advertised but even though it shipped from here the return address given by PayPal was the UK!!!! It took me three months of fighting and it wasn't until I involved the Financial Services Ombudsman that they grudgingly gave me a refund. The Juki sounds like the better machine, plus you're dealing directly with the seller. Me, I'd be very wary spending that sort of money on ebay.
  7. dikman

    Xmas came early

    I decided to have a closer look at the stamps. The geometric ones are all Porter and Co. stamps, a couple are Leathercraft NZ and the rest Craftool. I have a few Craftool that I bought recently and compared them to the old ones - there's a world of difference! The old ones have better definition and just look better. I also found a .pdf chart from Tandy that lists the old and the new stamps and it's obvious that Craftool have severely reduced the number of stamps that they make. Many of mine are no longer made.
  8. They look nicer than mine - but the plastic one will be fine, it cost me almost nothing to make and I can easily make another if I need to.
  9. Done. Looks much neater than the original (well, my original, at least).
  10. dikman

    Needle positioner acting up

    Good that you got it working. The needle position when the light is on is most likely the answer (which is why I referred to section 3 in my instructions). That light indicates where it will stop. As for the belt tension, it goes without saying that you don't want a slack belt when sewing.
  11. dikman

    Needle positioner acting up

    These are the instructions from my motor. Note section 3 about setting it up.
  12. dikman

    Shoulder Holsters

    You've got a nice collection of stamps there - and you didn't even use them on the holsters! That small maul looks interesting, could you post the dimensions of the head?
  13. Very nice indeed! I really like the border stamping, it's very uniform and neat.
  14. Mate, you never cease to amaze me! I wouldn't mind the Pfaff 335 version as my cap has been modified slightly so a spare would be nice.