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  1. What's to say except very nice. It goes well with the colours of the gun and grips.
  2. dikman

    Sewing Machine Reliability

    Maybe you should sell chain mail blankets!
  3. Nice for you, but fine-thread US screws are not that common here, unfortunately. I remember when I was working on one of my black powder guns I had to order in a specific tap from Track of the Wolf because it wasn't available here. I guess that's what I get for living in the "other" colonies.
  4. Sometimes I am so dumb (something to do with getting old, maybe?), anyway I had cause to adjust the feet on my 4500 so got out the "manual" that came with it. Wasn't any help BUT the parts list is very comprehensive, listing all the screws used, and they're all what I would call American thread sizes, fine pitch. No metric, which still surprises me.
  5. I'm really surprised at this, I know all about the older machines having oddball screw/thread sizes but I just assumed that when the Chinese copied the machines they would have used standard, probably metric, threads. Who'd have guessed......
  6. Or you could contact Cowboy Bob and ask him. I recently had reason to check the size of the screws holding the bobbin winder plate on and was very surprised to find they're not metric. They're not Whitworth or BA, my best guess is 3/16" UNF.
  7. dikman

    Servo motor noise

    Hmm, none of my servos make much noise. Is it the same whether it's run flat out or very slow?
  8. The screw is obviously loctited in. Only thing I can think of is to drill a hole in the screw, apply localised heat to the screw using a small pinpoint flame then use a small easyout (or perhaps try gently tapping a small flat blade screwdriver into the hole you drilled?).
  9. dikman

    Servo motor noise

    Hmm, was the sewing machine working ok before (I assume it had a different motor fitted)?
  10. dikman

    Servo motor noise

    A lot of the generic servos tend to have that characteristic low speed "issue". That's one reason for fitting a small pulley on the motor and a speed reducer. As for the noise, does it make it with the sewing machine belt removed?
  11. dikman

    Bag hangers, bangle hangers etc

    So you're into face masks, I wondered if you would use your resources for that. There are quite a few down here making them, even though we don't have to wear them - yet (as long as we can keep the bloody Vics out we'll be ok!). Do you make them out of croc skin too?
  12. I've been asked to make some 1911 mag holder/pouch(es) for a friend (for competition shooting). I'm thinking two per slide (or maybe four on one slide?). Anyone have any suggestions, photos or plans for such? What weight leather would be best?
  13. dikman

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    I use headband magnifiers - a lot! I have 4 pairs, one in each of my sheds and one in my "computer" room. I love them.
  14. dikman

    Bag hangers, bangle hangers etc

    Damn! Brian, you never cease to amaze me! Those hangers are very clever, I reckon a lot of shops would love them.