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  1. Thanks guys, that explains why I couldn't find it - basically, long gone. The extra couple of posts in Latigo's latest link are a bit more explanatory, they're using tallow, mixed with lard. The tallow is fine but I'm not sure about adding lard as it could tend to turn rancid over time. I think a blend of tallow and neatsfoot oil may be a better option.
  2. My bad, I was referring to the forum you mentioned (APWA), it doesn't seem to exist. I wanted to look at the other recipes.
  3. Mike, I think you're right about the Oakwood. I don't normally use it on anything I make as I bought it for my car seats (I actually hate leather seats in a car, hot in simmer and cold in winter!) and it is pretty thin. Air duster nozzle is a good enough description, souflette sounds like something you'd bake in an oven . I've got a few ideas to work with, just need to do some experimenting (sometime). Latigo, that link doesn't work, the site doesn't appear to exist?
  4. Mike, I normally use a beeswax/tallow mix that I made but I was in a bit of a hurry and grabbed some Oakwood leather dressing. Chris, I didn't try brushing it first because I had no idea this was going to happen. I'll have to experiment a bit and maybe try an old toothbrush first. Latigo, again it may be worth a try, thanks for that link I intend to have a look at it later. Locating pure ivory soap may be an issue here so I'll see what other recipes are on there.
  5. My latest effort was engraved/burned onto veg which was left natural (no dying). I gave it a coat of neatsfoot oil and then a couple of days later applied some leather dressing. This caused the dark burned residue to smear and leave dark stains (fortunately most of it wiped off). Anyone else had this problem and if so how do you stop it from happening again?
  6. dikman

    Tension problems

    What was the solution? Just for anyone who searches and finds this thread.
  7. dikman

    what kind of leather is this

    If you want to replicate that look the best bet is to try and find something equally old and beatup that you can re-purpose. Don't use chrome tan as the chemicals used are likely to react with the gun if left in the holster. If you can get some pre-dyed veg it may stay supple.
  8. dikman

    machine - belt or bench sander edges?

    I use a 2" belt sander (originally built for metalwork/knifemaking) and yes, it is very messy sanding leather!!! You need a light touch, however, or you will remove too much leather and too much pressure can burn the edge of the leather. But it's a very useful tool.
  9. I forgot to get back to you about the cap, sorry about that. I ran the machine, no funny sounds or signs of scraping so I guess it fits ok.
  10. dikman

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    Attaching photos is pretty easy, the main thing is to make sure they're not too big or the site will not allow you to post them. About 100 kb. is a good size.
  11. dikman

    Knife Sheath Template

    I used to meet Morrie every year at the Adelaide Knife show, real good bloke. Shouldn't be too hard to find another knifemaker to work with, there's always plenty from Qld at the shows, and I suspect many would love to work with someone who can do the sort of stuff you do Brian.
  12. Got kids? Raid their Lego set. There should be all sorts of things in hardware stores that might work with a bit of tinkering, just got to think outside the box, so to speak. You should even be able to find bearings that will slip over the rod, if you want to get hi-tech. As I said, the rod is a great idea as it gives you the flexibility to try different ideas.
  13. Looks good. Your idea of the horizontal threaded rod with the discs sandwiched between nuts and washers is nice, simple but effective and easily adjustable for odd size spools. Much simpler to make than my effort requiring bearings and welding (I tend to over-think and over-engineer things a bit!).
  14. dikman

    Round knife cutting mat.

    Unfortunately my son-in-law has my router (along with a few other tools ).
  15. dikman

    Durkopp Adler 205-370 Handcrank

    Well done cd, you probably saved it from certain demise.