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  1. Always nice to see someone re-purposing old gear. When I've used those pulleys I had to drill and tap them for setscrews to tighten against the shaft. I also noticed that 120mm appears to be the largest most of those sellers have, once you start looking for bigger ones they're harder to find - and considerably dearer!
  2. Wiz beat me to it. The way that machine works the thread is dragged under and around the bobbin during the stitch cycle and I doubt there is sufficient clearance within the bobbin assembly for thread that thick.
  3. Just curious, what size thread are you using?
  4. Thanks mate, that looks very useful, better than trying to find various washers etc with the correct radius.
  5. I really like that approach, it looks very smooth and elegant.
  6. That definitely has a knock!! Makes me itchy to pull it apart and find out what is knocking.
  7. Not on a clicker but I have a VFD on my lathe and on my belt grinder. I replaced the single phase motors with three phase, running on our standard 230v single phase, and they work well.
  8. Yep, done that too with a pulley off my old Honda Accord, worked well.
  9. I'm still trying to get my head around the US voting system but it appears that Trump may still have a couple of cards up his sleeve (and aces at that ). I wonder if the Demoncrats are getting nervous? The release of the forensic audit on the Antrim County voting machines proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the machines were rigged to allow fraudulent counts to occur.
  10. Same as I bought, works fine for my needs.
  11. Nice to think that dealer was open enough to try out something he hadn't heard of, although I'm surprised he'd never heard of it before. And was prepared to help out.
  12. Most of them are pretty much the same generic types as found on ebay and aliexpress. I bought two from aliexpress but had to make mounting brackets to fit my two machines. No big deal as all it needed was a bit of aluminium cut to shape and drilled. Mine have a slightly different shaped straight guide. If you pay the big money then I would expect them to be a straight bolt-on fit, if not you might as well save some money.
  13. Do you know anything about the age and condition of them? I must admit though that I tend to agree with Constabulary (of course, I must admit to some bias as I have a Seiko.).
  14. I would give this guy a wide berth!! He has no idea what he's talking about.
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