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  1. Very nice work. Somewhat better than my first effort. I notice that, like me, you haven't quite mastered the pear shading. I thought mine was ok - until I took a photo! It's not as easy as I thought, it requires a light touch. How about a bit of info on dye used and finishing? We like to know these things.
  2. Thanks Viking, kind of you to say so. It does impress people when they see it, but that's because they don't understand the subtleties of carving leather so don't look too close! I must admit it was a lot of work but I found it very satisfying to make.
  3. Hi Glyndon, sorry mate it's long gone. I realised I was accumulating too many machines so decided to stop looking and rationalise things. I've kept the ones that I'll actually use - flatbed, postbed, edge binder and, of course, the harness stitcher (should cover anything I'm likely to do). Glad you got it working, they're a good solid machine, and I admire you for being able to use the clutch motor, that was something that had me beat.
  4. Thanks for that link, I was curious about it too. Very nice, but shipping would probably be a killer to Australia. As for re-tapping that thread, I thought of that too but you might need to go the next size up?
  5. Good video, Brian, the only thing different I would have done is mount the speed control unit just underneath the table, rather than on the edge where it might catch on something. I was wondering what the baseplate was made of, that would make for a pretty heavy table!
  6. There ya go! Guess it's true, great minds think alike.
  7. Looks pretty good to me. If you hadn't seen the other one first you wouldn't be disappointed. One of the "complications" with metric screws is they have several different thread pitches they use.
  8. I built my own table , a heavily modified "standard" table, and placed the lifter pedal on the left, as you say it feels more natural. But it was a lot of work! You can't just swap pedal positions because you'll need to make up new linkages for the lifter. Looking at the base of your machine, moving the upright towards the front and shifting the pedal assembly towards the back might make it more comfortable but I'm not sure if it would affect the overall balance of the machine on the base. Moving the head assembly is possible but you'll probably have to extend the belt slot and drill a new hole for the lifter chain, and it probably still won't be close enough for you.
  9. Somewhere underneath all that 3D printed stuff lurks a sewing machine! Good job, kgg.
  10. It's good that you got it working, but there is a lesson here too. You omitted to mention, at the start, that you had a custom (lighter) pressure spring fitted and had bent the hook spring too. This made it "non-standard" but anyone offering advice wasn't aware of this, which doesn't help when trying to solve problems. If something goes wrong the first thing to do is put everything back to standard and eliminate any possibility that any changes made are causing the problem.
  11. Just send him a PM, he's shipped a few across the pond to the US so it shouldn't be a problem. I fitted the plate to mine and the only time I'll take it off is if, for some reason, I'll need the holster or stirrup plate, other than that it will be the default plate. My little shed was originally built for my sewing machines but it didn't take long to move my reloading/casting gear in too. I doubt you will regret getting the bigger machine.
  12. I got a bit sea-sick at times with the camera movement! Seriously though a very informative video, stitching those handles was interesting. I notice you don't need to hold the thread when starting the stitches? I'm waiting for someone to ask if it will sew holsters.
  13. Congratulations! Now order the modified needle plate/feed dog from RockyAussie, it's a must have for these machines, you won't regret it.
  14. tt, that is a brilliant idea! Wish I'd thought of it when moving my 4500 (I just managed to lift the head!!!). Flatcapper, scary stuff, glad the damage isn't worse and consider yourself fortunate you weren't badly injured.
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