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  1. I'm sure you won't regret buying the bigger machine. Don't forget to get the narrow plate from RockyAussie, it's a must-have for this machine. As for the very kind lady, I reckon a custom holster, maybe - or a leather corset?
  2. I agree. If you want a machine for leatherwork this really isn't the right one. I have a similar Singer straight stitcher that was given to me, it needed a little bit of work to get it working but once it worked I covered it up and put it in a corner. Never used it. My advice, look for a "proper" leather machine.
  3. I'm confused. Garyak, are you using the Chinese patcher, loaded with #207, to sew a belt? That's what it sounds like you're saying.
  4. I couldn't find out much about it but yes, it's a high speed straight stitcher and appears to have an oil pump, which means it probably needs to run at a reasonable speed to keep the oil circulating. It's not an ideal machine for leatherwork. It should be pretty easy to replace the existing motor with a servo and if torque is a concern then fit a speed reducer pulley too. It will likely be too slow for the oil pump but just oil the machine manually (like most of us do ).
  5. There have been a few posts about people making their own.
  6. More likely the thread end was held by a pair of pliers while someone overtightened what's left of the wingnut?
  7. That makes more sense, there is a shoulder in there that the washer under the wingnut should tighten against. It should be possible to fix that thread with either a fine hacksaw blade or a suitable file (at least enough to get the nut off) and heat should be enough to break the roller free of the gunk inside. Mine, btw, has a nylon roller.
  8. That looks a bit odd, it appears that the wing nut tightens up hard against the roller?
  9. The stitching looks good, just curious why you didn't burnish the edges? Nice pussy cat, looks like a long-haired bitsa.
  10. WD40 has it's uses but I would only use it for "emergency" oiling on the machine. As Wiz said it's time to pull the cover off and have a look at how it works.
  11. That's a nice little rig. Wouldn't be hard to make if you've got a lathe.
  12. You're right, I got the number wrong (I wrote it from memory, not a good idea for me these days ). kgg, are you sure about that? The thread I've bought here has always been labelled M***
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