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  1. dikman

    Singer 29-4 usable?

    Gunnarsson, if all you want is something to get into tight places and only for occasional use have you considered one of the cheap Chinese patchers? Might be good enough for what you want?
  2. dikman

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Just had another thought, if the pulley part itself is intact just trim off any bits left by the broken off rim, patch the damaged edges with an epoxy and smooth down. Cheap way of getting it working while you decide what to do.
  3. dikman

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    Unless you're anal about the looks, why not just replace it with a suitable large pulley? Anything else damaged?
  4. I've bought a few generic Singer feet from Chinese sellers and have found I sometimes have to mix'n'match the feet to get them to line up!! Plus a bit of grinding here and there.
  5. dikman

    COWBOY 3200

    Re- the 3200, I could only go by the photos on Gumtree and it didn't look too bad. Not so good in real life, huh?
  6. dikman

    COWBOY 3200

    Viable? It's certainly viable, assuming you can find a dealer in the US who will ship it. Whether it's cost effective is another issue, taking into account the mediocre Aus$ to US$ rate, the shipping costs, adding the GST and who knows what else our government might want to add. Don't forget you won't necessarily need the motor as you could source one here if necessary. A few weeks back there was a used, but in very good condition, 3200 for sale on gumtree, located in Qld. If it hadn't been so bloody far away I would have grabbed it.
  7. Photos always help, shoeboy, then we know exactly what you're talking about.
  8. dikman


    I can't help you with the feet but generally with industrial machines unless the particular machine is designed to have an onboard bobbin winder in the first place then the chances of fitting one are pretty slim! Quite a few on here have made stand-alone bobbin winders, using various motors and drills to power them.
  9. With a lot of the servos having separate "switch" modules it's probably feasible to figure out some sort of linkage to operate one via a knee control rather than the foot pedal.The beauty of the separate module is they don't have to be mounted in the "normal" position. But I don't know of anyone who has done this.
  10. dikman

    Oil on my 31-15 needle

    You both beat me to it, Wiz and Mike.
  11. Biker, I was thinking the same thing. The 3200 appears to rate well with those who have one and appears to be a good fit for kbarker's needs ( the next step up is a 441 and that would definitely be overkill in this case).
  12. dikman

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    That plate looks like it's reversible itself and can be fitted the other way? At least now its obvious that the knob is a rheostat to control a heated foot. Wiz is right, although I'm not sure I'd use the word "customise"! That terminal strip for connecting the wires is functional but not very professional, in fact the whole box looks like a home-made job. If it was mine I'd remove all the wiring and fit a servo. Keep it simple. It's an interesting machine though.
  13. dikman

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Mike, I agree, that is why I asked for more photos. Whatever that knob is I'm a bit surprised that there aren't any markings around it. I assume the OP has tried it to see what it does? (He hasn't said).
  14. dikman

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    The reason I asked is that a speed control for a clutch motor (which you have) requires complex electronics to provide variable speed, and would likely be in a rather large housing. That doesn't appear to be the case here, as to what that knob does without opening up the switch box I have no idea, sorry.
  15. dikman

    Adler 205 MO 25 SF Questions

    Do you have better photos of the switch box and motor?