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  1. Hello everyone, This is a two part question. I'm trying to find the most secure way to close jump rings for things like harnesses (that you'd essentially be using in the bedroom). I'm attaching chains to solid steel and brass Dee rings. They'd be used for pulling and tugging more than hanging. I brought them to a welder for tigging but the jump rings just melted. What are some of the ways you guys do it for any of your projects? I've tried soldering but I noticed it only holds to a certain extent. Also, what ways you recommend I match the color of antique brass, so the silver doesn't stand out sound much? My second question has to do with foil stamping leather. What temperature do I typically set the machine to get the foil into the leather without it "bleeding"? I noticed that if I apply to much pressure I lose the design of the stamp and the foil just sort of melts onto the leather. If I don't apply enough pressure, it doesn't transfer. Any advice helps :)
  2. Hi everyone, Question - what is better, burnishing or edge painting? I’m still learning constantly and i wanted to know if there’s a method that works best for veg tanned, or if either can work veg tanned and chromed tanned. Also, if there was a better method between the two, if its a matter of preference, and what do you do get the best possible outcomes? Thanks
  3. Haha, definitely not the type to judge weight, but their waists are typically small. Usually a size 4 to 6
  4. Hi everyone, I know it's also a matter of preference, but I'm curious. I've used 6/7 ounce leather for some gorgeous corsets I've made in the past. It gave a decent sturdiness to the body without being too thick. Curious what other people use, and the type of leather they'd recommend. I'd also like a recommendation for an ounce and leather on harnesses. I've used a 4 ounce in the past and it was comfortable for the wearer. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, This Is my first post here on the site, but I've used it for awhile now. When it comes to lining leather, whether it's pig skin, lamb skin, etc., how is it that I burnish the edges without the lining mushrooming or crumpling when I go to bevel? I've read that you should cut the lining smaller than the leather piece it'll be attached to... but I've also read that to get a full contact with lining to glue it down to the leather, than cut down to the needed size. So, I'm not too sure. Any advice helps. Thanks
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