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  1. thanks for your input had no idea were to start with a price factor  


    Gday Dikman based on your advice i think i will purchase it....... I have seen a US website selling new belts for 24 USD plus shipping to Australia....unless you know some else ??????  for similar machines  and i need to factor in  restoration etc  so was thinking in the lines of $100 considering hours already spend on it and future hours needed  could you flick me some photos of your configuration  i will manage with the clutch motor as it will mainly be for canvas and upholstery  as it was originally intended and yes i agree it most likely was a GMH machine so Ideal for the Hobbyist (couldn't stitch a fart before LOL) 

    I sent this message to DonInRemo 

    ((((G'day mate if you refer to the photos (on my original post) (photo of canvas hand sewn)  i managed to get a good stitch after much freeing up of many years of grim and loosening everything up and getting  timing spot on I also just needed to tweak the pickup point with a thin angle grinder blade ......just made it pointier and very small tolerance in the Scarf of the needle and adjusted needle height by eye  and hand turned the flywheel never missed a stitch after that  it went through 8 layers of 6 or 8 oz canvas so very happy with that .....next job is to free up the stitch length ....something is not budging and as mentioned and a  new belt and I think I am good to go  and some extra bobbins (only have one) so not too worn that it cannot be salvaged ......think i will buy it off the owner ......132k6 is too big for upholstery work anyway  so will be good as a smaller walking foot for  slightly finer work then a old domestic  for real fine stuff))))

    if your still thinking of selling yours I would be interested (head only for spare parts etc ) no hurry but definitely interested 

    cheers Glyndon 

    PH: 0403022318


  2. yes but i am on a limited budget i have 132k6 which is a huge beast and was able to reduce the speed(clutch motor 2850 RPM) by using a 40mm pulley and works well for me so thinking i will do the same or smaller pulley on the 111W
  3. Hello this is the first time on here so please bear with me ....not sure how to use this website yet but learning fast i was asked to sell this machine 111WSV77 was mounted in an old kitchen table with bits of wood for a for a foot pedal and it wouldn't stitch at all a was extremely out of time with a little you tube research and good old Google was able to service it enough to get sew a decent stitch from my gleanings i have found out that this machine is a USA made ....... walking foot leather machine with possible hardened parts The problem is i have grown attached to it and want to keep it I demolished the table as it had seen much better days there was no foot petal only a slab of wood with door hinges attached and lets not even discuss the electrical configuration (worse than night mares ) hence that got lopped and chopped it desperately needs a new timing belt that will be interesting fitting that i am sure how ever i did manage to sew through 8 layers of 8 oz canvas by hand so am pretty happy with that (see Photos) 80+ years of grim has yet to be cleaned off I guess what I am trying to say what would someone pay for a machine like this that was out of time needed a new table and new motor and new belt (price???????and were from ??????????) although (old motor still works) and extremely poorly kept any idea guys there is a fellow by the name of Dikman who from my readings (LEATHERWORK)has this same machine I would like to know how much he paid for his and what condition it was in when he got it As I want to pay the current owner a fair price ......SO I CAN HAVE ME SOME FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS the bottom photo is only a toy 132k6 haha i want add to my collection and i did score a clutch motor(for 70 dollars ) looks worse than it runs (whisper quiet) and if do decide to buy the machine it will get an upgrade and i will make my own table etc anyone welcome to comment cheers Glyndon
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