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  1. Wow tequila I’m really digging the flush fitted inlay. Looks awesome man!
  2. Thanks tequila that’s great idea I will have to try that on the next one
  3. Pastor bob thanks for the skiving tip I never even gave that a thought but i think it’s a great idea definitely give it a try on the next one. Thanks everyone for the kind words and tricks of the trade!
  4. Forgive me Lees, could you elaborate a little more i’m a newbie and not quite sure I follow. If you’re referring to the 8 adjustment holes I did punch the holes from the face downward into the flesh side, but my hole punch set that I have are a cheap set I got in a kit and when I punch through I have to wiggle and pull on them to get them out which in turn lifts the leather around the edge of the holes.not sure if it’s cheap punches or user error
  5. Okay I’ll give that a try, I like the groove cause it gives me a line to follow as I’m still very much a greenhorn on the sewing machine haha but I will give the dividers a shot
  6. I was thinking the same, any suggestions on a good way to do a stiching groove around the inlays other than free handing it?
  7. Here’s my first belt with embossed lizard inlay and a Tandy shield buckle I made for my cousin. Also the first completed piece using machine sewing. Please give me some pointers!
  8. Yes sir I know the brew house you’re referencing. I’m about a half hour south of akron. I shop the Tandy store in middleburgh heights near Cleveland area. Just an FYI once you work past the Econ veg at Tandy, weaver leather is in ohio near the city of Wooster has great options for a higher quality leather.
  9. Very cool cryptid! Neat design
  10. Wiz I must say you never disappoint! Your ingenuity reminds me of my grandfather. Simple, quick, and effective!
  11. Good deal! When I was there last week he had about 30 of each machine in the cowboy line up. There’s more than plenty to get your hands on
  12. Hey rubicon , how was your interaction with Ryan Neel???
  13. @Rubicon04 you won’t be disappointed! I have never sent an email, but his phone number is 1-330-692-1418 Time and time again I have called and left a voicemail he has called me back within about an hour or less. If memory serves me correctly his business hours are 8am-6pm but I was just there last week to buy a new servo motor and he met me after hours to help me out like a true gentleman. If you don’t get a prompt response to your email, pick up the phone and give him a shout. I guarantee his response will be in a timely manner.
  14. if my memory serves me correctly, Ryan Neel has been in the business of distributing machines since 2003. And before that was in the business of making saddles and tack since he was in his teen years. He holds the patent for the invention of the hand operated cowboy outlaw. So I must say he’s anything but new to business and customer service. I think what sets him apart and gives him the ability to shine is the fact that his business is family operated. When I’ve made the drive over to his shop, I’ve met in person a few of his workers/family members and they are all equally talented and helpful as Ryan himself. Also I must say, I’ve walked thru the shipment room of his shop. The amount of packages that are waiting to be picked up by UPS/FEDEX postal carriers is absolutely amazing! I say amazing because that to me proves how busy he is, but yet still able to provide great customer service as if I was his only customer! Truly amazing! and to my fellow forum craftsman I in no way shape or form have any benefit by promoting Ryan’s business. Just an extremely satisfied customer that wanted to share my numerous interactions with the rest of you!
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