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  1. Hello my fellow leatherworkers, Living here in rural ohio there’s not many options for suppliers other than Tandy (2 hour drive) and weavers ( 1.5 hour drive) to obtain materials. The Tandy I go to up in the Cleveland area has drastically dwindled down their stock compared to a couple years ago. I was wondering if anyone here on the forum may know of some suppliers in ohio that aren’t as mainstream as Tandy or weavers. There’s a lot of Amish villages within a couple hours from where I live, perhaps maybe some small leather suppliers within the Amish communities? Just a thought but any input is greatly appreciated ! thanks
  2. Unfortunately highpower I got out bid on the old 97-10, I was doing it from my phone and didn’t refresh it in time but I was in it down to the wire. I did however buy quite a bit of other stuff
  3. It was a preview tonight, the auction is Saturday morning but I am going to try and buy both the 97-10 and the landis 1 and there is 2 more ancient cylinder arm singers that if they go for a decent price I’ll buy them as well
  4. Quick update guys, I went and looked at these machines tonight and got the full scoop. The shop consisted of a father and daughter, the father passed and the daughter is auctioning off everything and retiring. She is still running the shop til the end of the week, the machines have been used daily since they opened in 1959. the machines come with a plethora of new parts in package and old parts in a separate box/crate plenty of everything (needles,bobbins,thread) highpower I am a hobbyist and new to machines, I do not know the names of everything but I’m learning with the help of this forum. I collect antiques and love anything with mechanical workings. I have plenty of experience in restoration work. If parts are available or a part can be used to copy my neighbor owns a machine shop and usually charges me case of beer and a pizza. the story on the 97-10 I was told tonight I’d like to share. Her father bought the machine used from an army post in 1967 when he left the military he was able to purchase it. Her dad used it to start the leather shop that is for sale to date. She fired up the old 97 and it sounded soo smooth and was extremely quite for such a large machine. I got my hands in there and sewed a couple layers of skirting scrap and it was a dream! So smooth, felt comfortable and the stitches on both sides looked fantastic. She explained to me she had three more belts to make and finish up a set of saddlebags and she was done for good! truly an amazing experience running that old 97 tonight!
  5. Thanks drmca when bob mentions tension spring, is that referring to the spring on the take up lever?
  6. Hey Bob, I am going around 5pm this evening to take a look at these machines and other items in this leather shop liquidation sale. how does one know if the shuttle is good? And tension spring? What do I look for/at ?? I’ve been into leather working for a few years now but I’m just to the point that hand sewing big projects is for the birds and now am getting into machines. I literally know very little about sewing machines but I do a lot of mechanical work, and without tooting my own horn I am great at taking things apart and repairing them I just need to know what worn parts to look for? also the leather shop liquidation sale is due to a local fella passing away about a month ago. So the equipment has been in a heated shop and used frequently up until about 4 months ago. Although they may be a bit dusty , there’s hardly any corrosion thanks dave
  7. I’m going to look at these machines this evening, I know not a thing about them other than I love old iron and want them haha
  8. Thanks for the input, honestly I don’t know what they’re worth but I may buy both the 97-10 and the landis
  9. Hello all, I have come across a singer 97–10 for sale locally in a shop sell off. The machine looks like it is in pretty decent shape. I have seen a lot of topics on issues finding needles and such for this machine back in the early 2000’s but my question is has any of that changed since then? Are parts available for these any more than they were then. It seems extremely heavy duty and the shop made saddles and tack and that’s something I’d like to try my hand at. The machine comes with bobbins, needles, different presser feet, spare parts, and a couple manual/ parts books. any input is greatly appreciated on this old beast of a machine. thanks, dave
  10. I have for sale a Taurus JK2628 cylinder arm walking foot sewing machine. I just purchased it recently and had Ryan neel at neels saddlery and harness repair, clean, lubricate, adjust and fine tune this machine the day I bought it. It is a great machine setup currently with #22 needles and 138 white thread and sews veg tan leather approx three layers of 4-6oz with ease but it is not the correct machine suited for my needs and rather than throw several hundreds of dollars at it in mods and parts I’m just going to part with it and re-coop my loses and buy the machine I want/need. The machine comes with needles, thread, plenty of bobbins, tools, paperwork,manuals, receipts. I am located in alliance, oh and the machine is currently set up in my heated pole building I use as my hobby shop. You are more than welcome to use my scrap pieces and try it out before purchasing. I can also deliver the machine within a reasonable distance. PM me for more information and phone # or email the price is $1300 obo thanks, Dave
  11. Wiz thanks for the link. I live here in ohio, so for me Toledo is only a few hours away. I may have to make the drive over and check it out
  12. Knowledge is key! sometimes it’s free and sometimes an education is expensive haha. being able to hang out at Ryan Neels shop for a few hours while he worked on my machine. I was able to stand over his shoulder and learn a lot and I am so thankful for that!!! dikman if my ol’lady wasn't on my hind-end all the time I’d have 4 or 5 machines that I’ve had my eyes on hahah
  13. Kgg thank you for the YouTube link that helps greatly! much appreciated!
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